Life force generator JU99

Model Junior 99

It creates a very healthy environment in a bedroom with some electronic devices. It was designed for cleaning the harmful energies produced by electrosmog in the baby's room,


Chi Shooter ogone generator

Chi energy shooter

A portable Chi generator to create a revitalizing environment anywhere. It was designed to shoot Chi to people after a massage for example but also to pets,  beverages, and food.


Orgone generator Ju1000

Model Junior 1000

Cleans harmful energies produced by Electromagnetic pollution that deteriorate the body, and imbalance the mind and spirit. It creates a very healthy energetic environment. 



Model LPOG Deluxe

Cleans the depressing atmosphere generated by Electrosmog and dirty electricity in an area of 10 square meters. The chosen presets influence the mind of the staff in a positive way.


orgone generators PFC 2000

Model PFC 2000

Eliminate the harmful energies produced by Electrosmog in an area of 14 square meters and keep it vibrating at the frequency of your choice. It is also a radionics device.


Life force generator

Model LPOG 10X

Removes  the harmful ambiance generated by Electrosmog and dirty electricity in an area of 16 square meters. With presets to influence the mind of the staff in a positive way.


Radionic Machine RAD1000.png

Model RAD 1000

Radionic device that cleans pretty well in a room regular size the energies produced by Electrosmog that deteriorates the organism and imbalance the mind and spirit.



Model RAD 5

Cleans the harmful energies from Electromagnetic pollution in a whole company. It has 5 different generators and each one can pulse the energy in the frequency of your choice.



Model RAD 2400 

Radionic device with the capacity to cleanse a huge office from energies that deteriorate the organism, imbalance the mind and promotes negative feelings.


Chi generator Pfc 2400

Model PFC 10X

Produces a very healthy energetic environment that keeps your body in good conditions and it can emit the frequency you choose in the meter to saturate your place with that vibration


Chi generator Performer 2400

Model Performance 2400

Removes the harmful ambiance generated by Electrosmog and dirty electricity in an area of 35 square meters. It has a frequency meter to choose the exact pulse of the Chi.


atg 12.png

Model ATG 12 

Cleans the toxic ambiance generated by Electrosmog and dirty electricity in a huge area of 60 square meters. The Chi can be sent to 60 people by using transfer cards.


Water Optimizer small

Aqua Optimizer  XS

Activates the molecular movement that water has in nature and creates a beautiful structure by placing a bottle in the top for at least 5 minutes. Designed to clean babies' beverages.


Water Optimizer Deluxe

Water Optimizer Deluxe

It was designed to saturate the water you drink with Life energy as it is on nature. Creating a beautiful structure on your beverage after placing it in the top for at least 5 minutes.


Chi generator RAD2000

Model RAD 2000 

Creates a wonderful structure in beverages and charge them with Chi.  It was designed to introduce into wine cellars.  The longer wine stays near to the generator, the more Chi is stored.


Why would I need a Chi generator ?

The Chi generators clean toxic energies produced by Electromagnetic pollution that deteriorates your organism by creating a healthy energetic environment optimal for your body, mind and spirit with an harmonious vibration. It is possible to feel the revitalizing atmosphere they create and they even improve the taste of the water, which becomes softer when is saturated with Life energy and hydrates more! The generators should be placed in bedrooms and other places where you spend most of your time to maintain your self in a high-quality environment. They revitalize any place with a continuous pulse of vital energy, something similar to how the Life force is on the Forest for example. Such atmosphere makes us feel balanced, positive and facilitates deep sleep.

How is the orgone generator used ?

Very simple, just turn on the generator in the area you want to revitalize and leave it there on, 24 hours a day. By turning the dials the pulse of vital energy is chosen, a slow frequency induces an alpha mental state and relaxes. Any pulse reduces the stress and anxiety generated by electromagnetic pollution. To create living water just place any beverage close to your generator. For more information about how to get the most out of your new device, write us by email to book a virtual meeting with one of our experts to show you how to use it.

What exactly happens after ordering ?

After placing the order, you will promptly receive an purchase confirmation via e-mail. After the order has been processed in our database, the package will leave the warehouse in Atlanta, USA, next business days no later than 3 days.

What are the shipping costs ?

Inside United States the express delivery is completely free in orders up to $300 below the shipping cost will be $10 And for the rest of the world we use express shipping with a fee of $70 for each model If you want to purchase more than two devices contact us if you want to see if the fee could be reduced, our email is or request a call below.

How long will delivery take?

The shipping we use is DHL express Delivery to United States takes less than 6 working days. Delivery to Europe takes less than 7 working days. Delivery to Mexico and Canada takes less than 6 working days. Delivery to the rest of the World takes less than 14 working days.

Do I have to pay a customs duty for the goods ordered ?

After a shipment reaches your country it might be subject to import duties and taxes. Additional charges for customs clearance must be paid by you; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they might be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country, contact your local customs office for further information. To facilitate the customs process, we reserve the right to inform customs of the value of goods within the packages. For the same reason, customs officials are permitted to open packages. Pranachy Store has no influence over this procedure.

What is a water optimizer ?

It is a Chi generator with a pad where the life force emanates in an optimal way to cover any bottle as soon as possible. In the square, a bottle should be placed for a minimum of 5 minutes to revitalize the drink. It charges the liquid with vital energy and it cleanses the toxic frequencies stored in the water. This device recovers the natural shape of the water, improves the taste and load it with life force. It is best to leave drinks near a Chi generator or water optimizer because water naturally absorbs the Life force.

How can I apply the money back guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with your generator, you can send it back to us 30 days after you received it. If the device is in excellent condition we will refund your money. The first step is to send us an email, then we will notify you to which address you can ship it back.

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 I just shared the Chi shooter with Mindo the founder of New Humanity , who has helped me and hundreds of other truth seekers to upgrade consciousness. It was Mindo who introduced me to your website as he found it in his research and after trying it He described the Chi shooter as "fantastic" and as "like liquid gold". Many thanks !


Jan ,  based in Malta