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Life force generator JU99

Model Junior 99

Extra small orgone generator designed to clean toxic energies produced by electrosmog in the baby's room. It pulses the life energy at the Schumann frequency.


Chi Shooter ogone generator

Chi energy shooter

A portable Chi generator to create a revitalizing environment anywhere. It was designed to shoot Chi to people after a massage for example but also to pets,  beverages, and food.


Orgone generator Ju1000

Model Junior 1000

Cleans harmful energies produced by Electromagnetic pollution that deteriorate the body, and imbalance the mind and spirit. It creates a very healthy energetic environment. 



Model LPOG Deluxe

Cleans the depressing atmosphere generated by Electrosmog and dirty electricity in an area of 10 square meters. The chosen presets influence the mind of the staff in a positive way.


orgone generators PFC 2000

Model PFC 2000

The most affordable generator that allows you to see the exact pulse rate of the life energy. That you can use to perform a radionic operation, create living water and clean toxic energies.


Life force generator

Model LPOG 10X

Removes  the harmful ambiance generated by Electrosmog and dirty electricity in an area of 16 square meters. With presets to influence the mind of the staff in a positive way.


Radionic Machine RAD1000.png

Model RAD 1000

Radionic device that cleans pretty well in a room regular size the energies produced by Electrosmog that deteriorates the organism and imbalance the mind and spirit.



Model RAD 5

Cleans the harmful energies from Electromagnetic pollution in a whole company. It has 5 different generators and each one can pulse the energy in the frequency of your choice.



Model RAD 2400 

Radionic device with the capacity to cleanse a huge office from energies that deteriorate the organism, imbalance the mind and promotes negative feelings.


Chi generator Pfc 2400

Model PFC 10X

Produces a very healthy energetic environment that keeps your body in good conditions and it can emit the frequency you choose in the meter to saturate your place with that vibration


Chi generator Performer 2400

Model Performer 2400

Removes the harmful ambiance generated by Electrosmog and dirty electricity in an area of 35 square meters. It has a frequency meter to choose the exact pulse of the Chi.


atg 12.png

Model ATG 12 

This is the most powerful orgone generator that exists in the world with 12 orgone generators that you can operate separately to balance the 12 houses of your natal chart.


Water Optimizer small

Aqua Optimizer  XS

Activates the molecular movement that water has in nature and creates a beautiful structure by placing a bottle in the top for at least 5 minutes. Designed to clean babies' beverages.


Water Optimizer Deluxe

Water Optimizer Deluxe

It was designed to saturate the water you drink with Life energy as it is on nature. Creating a beautiful structure on your beverage after placing it in the top for at least 5 minutes.


Chi generator RAD2000

Model RAD 2000 

Creates a wonderful structure in beverages and charge them with Chi.  It was designed to introduce into wine cellars.  The longer wine stays near to the generator, the more Chi is stored.


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 I just shared the Chi shooter with Mindo the founder of New Humanity , who has helped me and hundreds of other truth seekers to upgrade consciousness. It was Mindo who introduced me to your website as he found it in his research and after trying it He described the Chi shooter as "fantastic" and as "like liquid gold". Many thanks !


Jan ,  based in Malta
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