Water Optimizer Deluxe

Water Optimizer Deluxe


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This product is strategic to create a healthy environment in the kitchen, in a restaurant or in a wine cellar. It was designed to create living water, which is the water in its natural state. When you place a liquid near this optimizer the beverage is loaded with life force and the structure becomes beautiful like that of the water flowing in a river. As a result, the taste of water improves, it becomes softer and the benefits for the body are tripled.


In minutes you can enjoy the benefits of living water (water in its original state) The water acquires a beautiful molecular structure after being in contact with the Water Optimizer for a few minutes. Dead water is the one that has no life force and is the one that most of the people drink. When the water does not flow for a long period, it rots, which means, its internal structure changes, it becomes horrible and It is possible to change this condition in any beverage with life force pulsed by this device.


It has a pad where the life force emanates in an optimal way to cover any bottle as soon as possible. It cleans the harmful frequencies stored in the water as electrosmog and revitalizes it with life force. It leaves the water as pure and alive as the one that flows through a river. The longer the water stays near the generator, the more vital force will be stored. The food near the device will be charged with the life force as well. It cleans up to 3 liters of water in 5 minutes and pulses the vital energy in the frequency of 7.83 Hertz. In that vibration is found the vital force on nature. 


It is advisable to keep it on 24 hours a day to maintain the kitchen flooded with life force. 


It dissipates as well the depressing atmosphere generated by Electromagnetic pollution and cleans the stagnant Life force generated by artificial frequencies on the environment producing a very healthy environment. It creates a revitalizing environment where people feel good as in nature where there is an abundant flow of clean life force, which is the reason why we love being there.


It pulses the same amount of Life Force as the Chi Generator model JU1000. The amount of vital energy generated by the Water Optimizer Deluxe can be tripled leaving a Potency Booster disk nearby. Carrying this disk with you is a method to bring the life force of the Water Optimizer wherever you go. 


Size: ca. 7 x 6.25 x 1.75 


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