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Water Optimizer Deluxe
  • Water Optimizer Deluxe


    Orgone generator to create structured water easily and fast. On this state water hydrates more, and it is much more beneficial for you, your family, pets and plants.


    The Water Optimizer Deluxe dissipates the toxic and harmful energies produced by wireless communications and artificial EMFs that deteriorates your body and unbalance your mind and spirit. It produces a revitalizing environment where you feel good, peace and relaxation.


    It is advisable to keep it on 24 hours a day to maintain a healthy atmosphere at home, in the kitchen, or restaurant, and even inside the wine cellar to saturate your drinks with life force.


    It was designed to create living water, which the state that water has in nature where is moving and saturated with clean vital energy.  In minutes you can enjoy the benefits of living water (water in its original state) just by placing your beverage close the device or at the top for a few minutes. More time is optimal.


    When you place a drink near the water optimizer the beverage is saturated with life energy and it is maintained molecular movement even if the liquid is immobile. As a result, the water is alive, the taste improves and the benefits are tripled for your health, longevity and beauty.


    The water that most people drink is dead with a rotten structure and lack of vital energy. When water is without movement for long periods of time its internal structure becomes hideous, and it is not beneficial, but the Water Optimizer can be used to create highly structured water to drink.


    It removes the harmful frequencies stored in the water and revitalizes it with life force leaving the water as pure and alive as the one that flows through a river. The longer the water stays near the generator, the more vital force will be stored. 


    It cleans up to 3 liters of water in 5 minutes and pulses the energy in the frequency of 7.83 Hertz which is how life force is found on nature.


    It pulses the same amount of Life Force as the Chi Generator model JU1000 but it can be tripled by leaving a Potency Booster disk nearby. This disc can be used to bring with you the energy pulsed by the device wherever you go. 


    If you have questions feel free to contact me in Telegram @Pranachy or by email.




    - Water Optimizer

    - Adapter

    - One Year Warranty

    - Very Fast Delivery in USA


    The measures are:

    Size: ca. 7 x 6.25 x 1.75 


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