Chi Generator JU 99

Chi Generator JU 99


This generator dissipates the depressing atmosphere generated by electrosmog quite well in small places, It is perfect for creating a wonderful and healthy ambiance in the baby room. It produces a flow of vital energy on the environment oscillating in the neutral frequency of 7.83 Hertz. Is how the vital force is found on the nature.


It is possible to clean the toxic frequencies like the Electrosmog stored in the water by placing a bottle near the machine. With the same process it is possible to load beverages and food with vital energy because the water absorbs and accumulates the vital force of the environment.


Its power is weak but can be increased with the Power Booster Disk. It is possible to bring to any part of the world the Chi energy generated by this device by carrying a transfer disk with you. The capacity of this device is for personal use only.

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