RAD 2400 HD
  • RAD 2400 HD


    This model is a Life energy generator and Radionic device. It has the capacity to cleanse a huge office with many computers operating from energies that deteriorate the organism, imbalance the mind and promotes negative feelings. It produces a very revitalizing environment that promotes positive feelings, relaxation, fast learning, and inspiration. This atmosphere is optimal for the body, mind, and spirit.


    It has 2 dials to chose the pulse of the Life energy. The first one has certain presets with frequencies beneficial to the mind and the other to select the pulse of energy randomly.


    When the Life energy is pulsed at a low frequency the brain waves adjust to the frequency of the device. So, you can set up this model to emit a low pulse that stimulates the alpha state of your mind which is strategic for inspiration, meditation, and fast learning.


    The next are the frequencies you can choose by using the first knob


    Delta 3.5 Hz - Induces relaxation, recommended for meditation

    Theta 6.3 Hz - Helps to improve fast learning. It boosts memory

    Theta 7.0 Hz - Improves extra sensory projection

    Theta 7.83 - Induces creativity, recommended for invention & art

    Alpha 10.0 Hz - Optimal for general purposes

    Beta 14.1 Hz - Advisable for daily and physical activities


    The second dial can be used to set the pulse of the energy randomly.


    It also contains other 6 dials, that you can use for radionic operations. If you never heard about it you can read this tutorial where it is explained in detail the concepts you need to understand to operate a radionic device but you can meet our specialist after you purchase this model to get an idea of how to operate it.


    You can use this generator to re-program your subconscious mind in complete silence during sleep by connecting affirmations from your computer, CD or MP3 player to the audio input. These affirmations are transformed into pulsating life energy and generate a direct impact on the subconscious mind because they are not rejected by conscious beliefs. 


    Also, you can create living water is by placing a glass bottle on the gray square or just close to the generator for at least 5 minutes, but more time is optimal. As a result, the beverage will keep a molecular movement that will maintain the water alive, saturated with Life energy, and free of toxic frequencies that water stores from the environment. What improves the taste, the benefits, and this water hydrates much more.


    The Life energy pulsed by this device can be with you in any part of the planet by bringing the transfer disc included for free close to your body, even if you are miles away from your generator.


    With this model, 4 people can be supplied with enough life force energy if each one of them carrying with them a transfer disk, and It is possible to double the life force produced by this device by connecting a Power Booster disk.


    It has a 3 year warranty



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