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    This model was designed for empowering business and maintain the whole team at their best performance. It creates a wonderful environment in the whole company with clean Life energy in movement. What promotes good feelings and inspiration.


    It can be used for large warehouses, gyms, homes, spas, indoor pools, huge aquariums and wine cellars since water attracts Life energy naturally. What maintains the wine with a better taste and energetic vibration until they are drunk.


    You can use it to create "living water" by placing it inside the donut for at least 5 minutes. The taste becomes softer because the water hydrates more. When you saturate water with life energy, toxic frequencies are diluted and a molecular movement is maintained that keeps the beverage alive, what is pretty beneficial for your organism.


    We are 70% water and High-quality water makes you more beautiful, energetic and healthy. We highly recommend you to drink water saturated by the Life force energy produced by this device.


    This model is basically 5 different generators inside a box and each one can emit its own frequency that you can choose. For example, you can tune in frequencies to balance 5 chakras you need to maintain in a good vibration for your quality of life, or you can use them to perform 5 different radionic operations at the same time. If you are new to radionics, check this tutorial with some basic concepts that can help you to operate this model and boost your goals.


    It has a frequency meter that allows you to choose the desired frequency of the pulse of the energy of each generator. Certain frequencies are beneficial for the mind, physical training and to improve spirituality. On this page, we have compiled a list with the most favorable frequencies for our optimal development. All of them can be pulsed in silence by this radionic device.


    How to reprogram your subconscious mind successfully ?


    A lot of people listen to affirmations during sleep to build confidence, new beliefs, and other positive qualities for our success. But is quite annoying to sleep deeply with noise. But you can connect your phone or mp3s player to this model to convert audio in a pulse of life force energy to reprogram your subconscious mind in complete silence.


    If you purchase this device you can meet our experts on skype or What's App and they going to show you how to operate your radionic device successfully and they can answer all your questions.


    It includes a transfer disk that allows you to bring with you wherever you go in the world some Life force energy produced by your radionic device even if it is miles away from you. 


    3 - year warranty



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