The PFC 2000

The PFC 2000


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The Precision Frequency Orgone Generator cleans the depressing atmosphere generated by Electrosmog in a few minutes. Human beings are bioelectrical systems. Our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals. Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body. The Life Force created by this device cleans all the nocive frequencies that interfere with the cellular communication and fortifies cells quite well.


It has a frequency meter to choose the exact waveform of vital energy. This is a great way to influence your mental state because when a person is surrounded by a field of low pulse vital energy, the brain waves tune into the chosen frequency almost instantly. Therefore, it is possible to choose a certain frequency that helps to improve the performance of the activity you do. As for example, the frequency 6 hertz is good for quick learning while the 3.4 is optimal for falling asleep. The frequencies that you can set up are between 0.6 Hz and 1000 Hz.


Water stores frequencies so it is recommended to eliminate toxic information such as Electrosmog before drinking it, by placing a bottle with water for a few minutes above the gray square. The longer the bottle remains the more life force is accumulated. This generator throws the double of vital energy that the model Ju1000.


Bring to anywhere in the world the energy generated by this machine with the transfer disk included.


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