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The PFC 2000
  • The PFC 2000


    It is the most affordable orgone generator with a digital frequency display that allows you to see the exact frequency of the life energy pulse. That you can use to perform a radionic operation, clean toxic energies produced by electromagnetic fields, and create living water to drink.


    It removes in a few minutes the depressing atmosphere produced by electromagnetic pollution. Cleaning the toxic energies that are constantly produced that deteriorate your body and unbalance your mind and spirit. Creating a healthy energetic environment beneficial to your well-being.


    It has a digital display that allow you to choose the exact frequency you want to broadcast in the environment. Some specific frequencies are beneficial for your body, mind and spirit. And we have put together this list with some of them that you can emit in the environment with this orgone generator.


    The frequencies that you can set on this device are between 0.6 Hz and 1000 Hz 


    You can use this device to create living water to drink, which is the state that water has in nature where is moving and saturated with life energy. What improves the taste and benefits. You only need to place a bottle with water in the gray square or close to the machine for a few minutes but the more time is optimal.


    Living water is the type of water that you, your family, and pets should drink every single day. It has a milder flavor and hydrates much more.


    It is also a radionic device that you can use to make an operation and for more information about radionics, check out this article from our blog or contact us in Telegram, our username is @Pranachy but do not worry because after your purchase we can teach you how to use your device if you write to us.


    It includes a transfer disk that allows you to bring with you the life energy produced by the device to wherever you go in the world. It is a pair of discs and when one is inserted into the orgone generator tube, the life force instantly reaches the second disc, even if it is in another country, miles away.


    Includes free US shipping and a 3-year warranty.



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