The PFC 2000
  • The PFC 2000


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    This model cleans the depressing atmosphere generated by Electrosmog in a couple of minutes. The atmosphere they produce is optimal for your body, mind, and spirit.


    Electromagnetic pollution produces harmful energies that deteriorate your organism causing imbalance, headaches, negativity, fatigue, depression and lack of inspiration, those are cleaned with this device and it maintain the whole area in a positive vibration.


    It has a frequency meter to choose the exact frequency you want to predomite in your place, there are specific frequencies that are beneficial for your mind, physical training and spiritual development and Here is a list with some of them that you can tune in on this generator. 


    The frequencies that you can set on this device are between 0.6 Hz and 1000 Hz.


    With this generator you can saturate the water you drink with Life energy to dilute the toxic frequencies stored in your beverage. Because water stores frequencies, it is recommended to eliminate them before drinking it. By saturating the water you drink with Life energy the taste is improved, it becomes softer, the beverage is more beneficial, and it hydrates more.


    You only need to place a bottle with water in the gray square or close to the device for some minutes. The water attracts the Life energy. Living water is the water that you, your family, and your pets should drink every single day.


    This is also a radionic device, which you can use to make operations if you have the knowledge. After you purchase this device you can meet our experts on skype or Telegram to show you how to use it.


    It includes a transfer disk that allows you to bring with you wherever you go in the world the Life force energy produced by your radionic device even if it is miles away from you. 


    2-year warranty

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