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Low Pulse Orgone Generator DL

Low Pulse Orgone Generator DL


It cleanse the toxic energies produced by wireless communications that damage your health by signaling genes of disease, unbalance the mind and spirit and have a very negative impact in consciousness. Specially because of the 5G.


Staying long periods in areas with those toxic energies makes you feel tired, negative and has a very deteriorating effect in your body.


It is possible to change that environment and create a stimulating atmosphere by turning on this generator. It will revitalize any place with a constant flow of clean vital energy. It was designed for large restaurant kitchens or small offices.


Water acquires a beautiful molecular structure after being in contact with the life force produced by this device. Dead water is the one that has no life force and is the one that most of the people drink. It is possible to charge any liquid with life force, however with wine or water in crystal glasses you can create excellent elixirs. The longer water stays near to the generator, the more life force is stored. The food near the device will be charged with vital energy as well if they contain water as fruits or soups.


It also cleans the harmful frequencies stored in beverages; because water keeps Electromagnetic pollution, it is recommended to clean it before drinking it. The Low Pulse Orgone Generator cleans up to 5 liters of water in less than 5 minutes, leaving the water as pure and alive as the one that flows through a river.


This water optimizer creates a healthy environment where the negative impact of Electrosmog is greatly reduced. Large amounts of Life Force create a magical environment where people feel in balance and harmony, something similar to a forest or a sacred temple. Turning on a Low Pulse Orgone generator is great a help to achieve a quiet mind, necessary for study, meditation or to find inspiring ideas and solutions. However, for daily activities or sports, is possible to feel energized if the life force is pulsed in a high frequency. It is only necessary to choose the desired frequency with a dial, its use is quite simple.


With two knobs for choosing the wave frequency of the life force. You can use them to achieve a desired mental state because when you are surrounded by a field of life force with a low-pulse (0.5hz - 33hz), the brain waves tune in the waveform of the vital energy. So, you can choose the wave you want to predominate in your brain during certain moments with this device. 


Were reprogrammed in the first dial the best wave frequencies...

Delta 3.5 Hz - Induces relaxation, recommended for meditation

Theta 6.3 Hz - Helps to improve fast learning, boost memory

Theta 7.0 Hz - Improves extra sensory projection

Theta 7.83 - Induces creativity, recommended for invention & art

Alpha 10.0 Hz - Optimal for general purposes

Beta 14.1 Hz - Advisable for daily and physical activities

All these frequencies are beneficial, none stimulate the dream, but some achieve deep relaxation, consider it.


The second dial can be used to set the pulse of the energy randomly. The life force generated is enough to revitalize 3 persons and could be distributed to them with the help of 3 pairs of transfer discs. We give you the first, which we gladly include in your order. The potency of this generator could be increased if is connected to a Power Booster on it. The disk doubles the energy and you can bring it with you to any part of the world by carrying the disk.


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