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Chi Energy Shooter

Chi Energy Shooter


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This portable orgone generator is popular in spas where masseuses saturate the client's body with Chi energy after a massage to remove negative energies stored in the body that people living in big cities and away from nature accumulates often what generates health and emotional issues. Blocking the natural flow of energy within the body and important body functions.


It works with 2AA batteries and its design allows you to transport it everywhere and charge everything you want with chi energy like a pet, an aquarium, food, beverages, or any area of your body. But as well you can keep it as on to saturate an area with abundant life energy to remove the toxic energies produced by electromagnetic pollution and maintain the energetic atmosphere of the forest.


It has the same potency as the orgone generator JU1000, the Water optimizer Deluxe and the Rad 1000 and it broadcasts the Chi energy at the frequency 7.83 Hz which is how the life energy is found in nature.


Like any generator, you can create living water by placing your beverage close to the device that will maintain an energetic movement that keeps the structure of your drinks beautiful as it is found in nature and saturated with life energy as the water in a river. What improves the taste and benefits.


It has a 2-years warranty

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