Chi Energy Shooter

Chi Energy Shooter


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The Chi Energy Shooter is a portable orgone generator. Its design allows you to transport it to everywhere and charge everything you want with chi energy as an area of ​​the body, a person, a pet or plant. You can clean water and charge food with life force also. Do you need more ideas? You can charge the fishes of your aquarium. This generator throws the prana energy like a hose throws the water, It is why you can charge faster everything with life force. Many therapists end their session by throwing life force to the customer using this device, it is the favorite for spas. It needs only 2 AA batteries for its operation.


Water acquires a beautiful molecular structure after being in contact with all the life force shooted by this device. In minutes you can enjoy the benefits of living water (water in its original state) It leaves the water as pure and alive as the one that flows through a river. Dead water is the one that has no life force and is the one that most of the people drink. You can use this hand-held to purify liquids anywhere, It casts the life force in a cycle of 7.83 Hertz. On this frequency is found the vital energy in nature.


It has the same power as the Orgone generator JU1000 or the Water Optimizer Deluxe and can be on for long periods. It is friendly with children but it is not a toy. It is strong but it was not designed to withstand falls.


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