with an orgone generator to cleanses the harmful energies produced by radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications that deteriorate your body. This is the best method to produce a healthy and magical environment.
Saturate Any Place With Life Energy
The chi generator
is the only device in the market that pulses clean life energy in harmonious vibration. They are handmade in small amounts by a family company based in Atlanta. Invented by Karl Welz the inventor of the orgonites.
lower your electricity bill
extend the life of equipment
eliminates voltage distortions

Create an environment that allows you to focus on what you are doing.

The best ambience to feel inspired, for making art or music but as well to work and sleep.


 will help you to...

To clean harmful toxic energies 
To accelerate sprout germination 
To create  a healthy ambience
To facilitate deep  sleep
To create living water to drink
Chi Generator Performer 2400
Chi Generator Performer 2400

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Chi Generator JU1000
Chi Generator JU1000

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