is the secret ingredient to create a healthy environment. Because in nature this energy is flowing, we feel great there. While in places with electromagnetic pollution, the life energy stagnates, and it is harmful for the body, mind and spirit 
life energy in movement
A chi generator
cleans the harmful and depressive environment produced by electromagnetic pollution which deteriorates your orgnism and causes insomnia, fatigue and diseases in long-term exposure 
lower your electricity bill
extend the life of equipment
eliminates voltage distortions
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to create a comfortable energetic environment that allows you to focus on what you are doing

This healthy atmosphere facilitates

high-quality sleep, deep meditations, and it is positive for working out



 at home or anywhere else 

  • to create a revitalizing environment
  • with only clean energy flowing
  • ​where people are revitalized
  • good ideas can arise,
  • a sense of well-being is perceived
  • and it is easy to meditate and sleep

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