The Rad 2000

The Rad 2000


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It cleans an office of the depressing atmosphere generated by electrosmog in some minutes, creating a lovely environment with enough vital force to the mind and body of those present. An excellent way to protect your work team from electrosmog because it reduces the impact of electromagnetic pollution in the body and forties the cells with Life Force. The Chi energy in abundance creates a wonderful environment, where people feel in balance, something similar to a forest or sacred temple. Definitely, It is a great way to achieve a calm mind need it by your work team to find excellent ideas and solutions.


It also cleans harmful information stored in the water, because water stores electromagnetic pollution, it is recommended to clean it before drinking it. Clean up to 3 liters of water in less than 5 minutes. Leave the water as pure and alive as the one that flows through a river in nature. The longer water stays near to the generator, the more life force is stored. The food near this device will be charged with life force also.


With this device is possible to program the subconscious mind connecting affirmations from your computer, CD or MP3 player to the audio input and throwing the life force in a low frequency while you are sleeping. These affirmations are transformed into pulsating life energy and generate a direct impact on the subconscious mind. On this way, the affirmations have much more powerful effects. This is so because these affirmations arrive directly into the subconscious mind and are accepted with much more ease!


It has one dial to modify the speed of the Life Force and other 3 for radionic operations.


The life force generated is enough to revitalize 3 persons and could be distributed to them with the help of 3 pairs of transfer discs. We give you the first, which we will gladly include in your order. The potency of this model could be increased if you connect a Power Booster on it. The disk doubles the energy and you can bring it with you to any part of the world by carrying the disk.


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