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Performer 2400
  • Performer 2400


    Powerful radionic device with 3 orgone generators inside that you can operate separately. In the first one you can tune in the frequency you want, the second has presets with frequencies that increases your physical, mental and spiritual abilities and the last one transform audio in to a pulse of life energy to broadcast subliminals in the environment.


    An excellent device to remove the toxic energies produced by electrosmagnetic pollution that deteriorate your body and unbalance your mind and spirit. 


    It can be used in a gym, restaurant, or office to create a very healthy energetic environment that promotes, relaxation, inpiration, wellness and positive feelings.


    It was designed to meet the requirements of people who actively participate in competitive sports, physical training, and bodybuilding helping to improve performance in any physical activity.


    With the first generator you can perform a radionic operation or broadcast the life force at the frequency you want. The 3 dials you see in the picture and the meter included allow you to choose the exact numerical value between 0.6Hz to 500Hz


    The second generator has a dial that allows you to choose selected configured frequencies for the following purposes:


    1. Relaxation ("Endorphin frequency"), strengthens the lower back, positive organ-muscle resonances.

    2. "HGH-frequency", helps develop muscle in general, rejuvenation effects and rapid recovery.

    3. Reduces exhaustion, additional energy for extra reps

    4. Concentration and Precision, especially for golf, target practice, etc., reduces fear.

    5. Vitality, focus on Arms, Shoulders, Upper Back, Chest

    6. Vitality, focus on Abs, Legs, Glutes.

    7. Grounding improved stress tolerance; feeling revitalized like you have spent a day in the country; enhanced learning and acquiring of routines, mind-body coordination.

    8. Coordination, mood elevator, sense of well-being & decreased pain, especially for hangover & jet lag, improved learning, centering, increase physical strength, especially for weak muscle groups.

    9. Mind/body unity, enhancing and activating supplements.

    10. Energy and vitality.

    11. Strength the confidence of victory in sports, “energetic steroid”.

    12. Enhanced vigor & alertness, stamina, and endurance.


    The third generator transforms audio into a pulse of life energy to introduce commands and new beliefs to your subconscious mind. They will go directly to your subconscious without being filtered by the conscious mind.


    It is easy to use, you need to connect the audio affirmations you want to be broadcasted as subliminals from your computer, CD or MP3 player to the audio input and then turn on the generator to emitt them in the environemnt in complete silence. 


    A lot of people listen to affirmations during sleep to build confidence, new beliefs, and other positive qualities for important for success. But is quite annoying to sleep deeply with noise or headphones what make this method a very good option. 


    Also, you can use it to create living water to drink by placing a glass bottle with water in the gray square or near the device for 5 minutes, but longer is better.


    As a result, the beverage will maintain the molecular movement of the water flowing in a river and all the vital energy stored from the device. What improves the taste and benefits.


    The orgone energy produced by this device can be brought with you wherever you go by carrying one of the included transfer discs. They are easy to use, just keep the disk inside the donut of the generator and the other will receive the life force instantly if the device is on.


    This model can supply enough vital energy to 4 people if each of them carries a transfer disk, and It´s even possible to double the life force produced by this device with a Power Booster disk.


    After buying this device, you can meet our experts on skype or What's App to show you how to operate your new radionic device successfully and if you have questions contact us on Telegram, our username is @pranachy


    3-year warranty.


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