Chi Generator JU1000

Chi Generator JU1000


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It revitalizes a bedroom in approximately 20 minutes, creating a wonderful atmosphere with enough vital energy for those present. Abundant and clean life force generates a feeling of wellbeing and harmony, as we feel in nature. It is undoubtedly, an excellent way to protect your family from the Electrosmog because reduces the impact of electromagnetic pollution on the body and strengthens the cells with vital force. 


For some clients, it has been the solution for insomnia because it generates an environment conducive to sleep when the vital energy is pulsed in the frequency of 3.5 Hz. The slow frequencies are recommended to rest, on the other hand, the life force eliminates the mental imbalance generated by artificial frequencies that hinder a night of deep sleep.


It has 2 dials to chose the waveform of the Life Force. If the vital energy is pulsed in a low frequency the brain waves adjust to the frequency of the energy almost instantaneously. So, you can set up your Chi Generator to emit low pulse life energy in the exact frequency of brain waves of your choice: Alpha, Beta, Theta, or Delta. This is an intelligent method to induce relaxation, creativity or fast learning. If the Life Force is in a high frequency the flow is continuous in the body and one can feel energized, ready for daily activities or sports. This has been proven with the help of EEG devices over and over again.


You can choose the following wave frequencies using the first knob ...

Delta 3.5 Hz - Induces relaxation, recommended for meditation

Theta 6.3 Hz - Helps to improve fast learning. It boosts memory

Theta 7.0 Hz - Improves extra sensory projection

Theta 7.83 - Induces creativity, recommended for invention & art

Alpha 10.0 Hz - Optimal for general purposes

Beta 14.1 Hz - Advisable for daily and physical activities

All these frequencies are beneficial, none stimulate the dream, but some achieve deep relaxation, consider it.


The second dial can be used to set the pulse of the Chi energy randomly. The vital force generated is sufficient for a person and a room. It is also possible to revitalize water and charge it with life force if the liquid is placed in front of the outlet tube. With abundant life force, the water acquires order and beauty. We remind you that we are mostly water. 


This model is about 70% stronger than the Orgone Generator® JU 99, with a lot more flexibility. The vital energy created by this generator could be triple if a Power Booster Disk is connected, that energy can be with you anywhere in the world by carrying the disk with you, or any other available in Chi Transfers.



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