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Chi Generator JU1000
  • Chi Generator JU1000


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    It cleans the toxic energies produced by Electromagnetic pollution that deteriorate your body and imbalance your mind by maintaining a continuous pulse of abundant Life energy in harmonious vibration.


    It creates a healthy energetic environment optimal for your body, mind and spirit in approximately 20 minutes. Producing an ambiance where you feel good, in peace, and harmony.


    This atmosphere created is an excellent quantum shield that protects your family from the Electrosmog because reduces the negative impact that electromagnetic pollution has on the body and strengthens the cells with vitality. 


    It promotes deep sleep quite well by relaxing brain wave activity if the chosen frequency is 3.5HZ or lower and it also removes toxic energies that disturb the mind and make it difficult to sleep. On the other hand, the energetic environment created promotes relaxation and well-being.


    It is very easy to use, basically you turn it on, and with one dial you select the frequency of the pulse. When the vital energy is pulsed in a low frequency the brain waves adjust to the frequency of the energy. So, you can set up your Chi Generator to emit low pulse life energy in the frequency you want to predominate in your brainwave activity.


    It is an intelligent method to induce relaxation, creativity, or fast learning. But if the pulse chosen is a high frequency a person can feel a bit revitalized what is optimal for daily activities and sports, however, for athletes is better to use the performer 2400 for great results. That device was designed for them.


    You can choose the following frequencies with the first dial


    Delta 3.5 Hz - Induces relaxation and deep sleep

    Theta 6.3 Hz - Helps to improve fast learning. It boosts memory

    Theta 7.0 Hz - Improves extra sensory projection

    Theta 7.83 - Induces creativity, recommended for invention & art

    Alpha 10.0 Hz - Optimal for general purposes

    Beta 14.1 Hz - Advisable for daily and physical activities

    Right - When choosing this preset, the button on the right is activated and this is turned off.


    All these frequencies are beneficial, none stimulate the dream, but some achieve deep relaxation, consider it.


    The second dial can be used to set the pulse of the Chi energy randomly. When one dial is active, the other is off.


    It can be used to create living water, which is the state that water has in nature where is moving and saturated with life energy. Just by placing your beverage close to the device the liquid will attract and store the orgone energy that will increase the benefits of your drinks and improve their taste.


    It is recommended to leave it on 24 hours a day and it works with very little electricity and vital energy produced is enough for one person and one room.


    This model is about 70% stronger than the Orgone Generator® JU 99, with a lot more flexibility. The life energy created can be tripled by connecting a Power Booster Disk is connected, which you can also use to bring the energy from your generator to any part of the world by keeping this or any other transfer disk close to your body.



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