Did you know that ? 
Most of the water people drink is dead. When water has no movement dies, it rots. In this state, it is not very beneficial and delicious as the living water that you can create with a water optimizer saturating your drinks with life energy.
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The Water Optimizers 

Help you to create easily and quickly the healthiest water to drink by keeping the molecular movement that it normally has on nature, what improves the taste, and the benefits for your body, mind, and spirit. On this state is called...

L I V I N G  W A T E R


Was designed to create living water and a healthy energetic environment in the kitchen, even inside your fridge because the life energy can be teleported there with a transfer disc. Water and some food attract the Life energy and store it.

Water Optimizer Deluxe
Aqua Optimizer


Was created to revitalize the baby and family water at an easy price. Revitalize means devolving to the water the molecular beauty that posses in nature and saturates it with life energy. Which is very beneficial for your organism, health, and spirit.


Is a model to introduce inside your wine cellar to saturate your beverages with Life energy. Since wine and water store life energy, the longer they remain exposed to the generator, the more life energy they will contain when you drink them.

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