L I V I N G   W A T E R

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The Water Optimizers 

Remove the toxic frequencies stored in the water from the environment and charge it with life force. They return to the water the beautiful molecular structure that possesses in nature and flood the kitchen with clean vital energy as well.


Creates living water, water in its natural state because of its molecular movement. Most of the water people drink is dead. The Chi from this device makes the water recuperate its molecular beauty. It was designed to create a healthy environment in the kitchen.

Water Optimizer Deluxe
Aqua Optimizer


Designed to revitalize the water of the baby and the whole family at an easy price. Its power is only for one person and the vital energy can be brought anywhere through a transfer disk.


Is perfect to revitalize the wine in the cellar of the home, was designed to wine lovers. Wine and water store the Qi energy, the longer they remain exposed to the Chi generator, the more life force they will contain.

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