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The ATG 12
  • The ATG 12


    This is the most powerful orgone generator in the world with 12 potent generators that can be operated separately. Designed for the people into astrology that wants to improve the 12 houses of the astrological chart. This is why the life energy is pulsed on a big ring made of orgonite where can introduced your natal chart printed in paper.


    It has the capacity to saturate with life energy a big home with 10 rooms or a big auditorium. It can empower a business by maintaining the whole team at their best performance.


    It removes in a few minutes the depressing atmosphere produced by electromagnetic pollution in a huge area. Cleaning all the toxic energies that deteriorate your body and unbalance your mind and spirit. Creating a very healthy energetic environment that improves your physical, mental and spiritual performance.


    It has a digital display that allow you to choose the exact frequency you want to emit on each generator. The frequencies that you can tune in on on each generator are between 0.6 Hz and 1000 Hz 


    Some specific frequencies are quite beneficial for your body, mind and spirit. And we have put together in this list a few of them that you can emit in the environment by using this device.


    Without doubt a powerful radionic device that you can use to perform up to 12 operations, diffuse subliminals in the environment in complete silence, create living water to drink and clean the toxic energies constantly produced by the electromagnetic fields that surround us.


    Also, you can create living water to drink by placing a glass bottle with water inside the ring where the life force is pulsed for 5 minutes but longer is better. As a result, your beverage will be more beneficial to your body, it will taste smoother and will hydrate you more.


    It has an audio converter that allow you to reprogram your subconscious mind in complete silence. Which is very easy to use, you only need to connect audio affirmations from your computer, CD or MP3 player to the audio inputs for broadcasting them in the environment as subliminal messages. 


    They will go directly to your subconscious without being filtered by the conscious mind. Which is one of the best methods that exists to introduce new beliefs and commands to your subconcious succesfully.


    The energy produced by this powerful device can be distributed to up 60 people throw a transfer card that should be placed inside the the ring and the other cards with the same image should remain close to the body of the people to pull up the life energy to them.


    After buying this device you can meet our experts on skype or What's App to explain you how to operate to show you how to use it to get the most out of your investment. But if you have any questions right now contact us on Telegram, our username is @Pranachy


    Includes 2 pairs of transfer discs that you can use to teleport the life energy produced by this machine to you, no matter how far you are from it. Even if you are in another country miles away.


    Includes free US shipping and a 5-year warranty.


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