The ATG 12
  • The ATG 12


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    It is the most powerful device we have. It is possible to revitalize up to 60 employees in your company and a huge room or auditorium at the same time. It creates a healthy environment that generates a positive state of well being and improve the performance in any area, It is like introducing the forest inside your place. With 12 orgone generators in the same box pulsing the Chi energy in different frequencies generating a wonderful atmosphere in a whole company.


    It has a frequency meter to set up each generator to emit a pulse in the exact frequency of brain waves of your choice: Alpha, Beta, Theta or Delta. Each generator can be turned on separately, so you can choose the desired power of the machine.

    Even if it seems complicated, It is very easy to use !


    The ring you see in the picture is where the energy is shooted. In the center of this circle could be located a transfer card that will distribute the energy to up to 60 people. Those people should have with them a transfer card close to the body to pull up the vital energy from the generator to them.

    A huge space could be flooded with vital energy in a continuous flow with this generator. The cost of the transfer cards is not included in the order and they may include the logo and design of your company. If you are interested, please contact us right now !


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