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Low Pulse Orgone Generator® Heavy Duty
  • Low Pulse Orgone Generator® Heavy Duty


    This model is a very powerful Orgone Generator. One of the best protection devices against electromagnetic pollution that you could buy. It removes toxic and harmful energies produced by wireless communications in minutes.


    It perfectly cleans large offices with working computers and creates the best environment for a work team that promotes inspiration, good ideas and solutions. The ideal atmosphere for meditation, Yoga, work, art and sleep.


    It has 2 dials to chose the pulse of the Life Force. When the orgone energy is pulsed at a low frequency the brain waves adjust to the frequency of the device almost instantaneously. So you can set this device to pulse low to induce an Alpha or Theta activity has been associated with improved sleep, cognition, and less anxiety.


    If the Life Force is pulsed in a high frequency the body is a bit energized and could be great for daily activities or sports. This has been proven with the help of EEG devices over and over again.


    The next presets can be selected using the first knob


    Delta 3.5 Hz  

    - Induces relaxation, great for meditation

    Theta 6.3 Hz

    - It boosts memory and fast learning

    Theta 7.0 Hz

    - Improves extra sensory projection

    Theta 7.83 

    - Induces creativity, for invention & art

    Alpha 10.0 Hz

    - Optimal for general purposes

    Beta 14.1 Hz

    - Great for physical activities


    All these frequencies are beneficial, none stimulate the dream, but some achieve deep relaxation, consider it.


    The second dial can be used to set the pulse of the energy randomly.


    The Life energy from this device can be with you in any part of the planet by bringing the transfer disc included for free close to your body. There the energy will be teleported even if you are miles away from the generator.


    It can supply enough life energy to 4 people if each one carries a transfer disk, it emits enough energy for a family and it is possible to double the potency by connecting a Power Booster disk.


    This orgone generator can be used to reprogram your subconscious mind in complete silence during sleep by connecting affirmations from your computer, CD or MP3 player to the audio input. These affirmations are transformed into life energy and are assimilated directly by the subconscious mind because they are not filtered by the conscious mind.


    It is a water optimizer too. By placing your drinks on the gray pad for a few minutes, the internal structure changes. It returns to the water the highly ordered state that possesses in nature. The longer the bottle remains, the more life force the beverage accumulates.


    If you purchase this device you can meet our experts on skype or What's App and they going to show you how to operate your new device successfully and they can answer all your questions.


    3-year warranty



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