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The PFC 2400
  • The PFC 2400


    This is one of the best EMF protection devices against electromagnetic pollution that you could buy.


    It cleans the harmful energies that deteriorate your body and imbalance your mind in minutes. Was designed for offices with many computers operating.


    It is a great help for maintaining a peaceful environment that will achieve the mental calm needed to have excellent ideas and smart solutions.


    This generator creates a wonderful environment where people feel positive and balanced because generates a revitalizing environment, with a positive and harmonious vibration, something similar to the environment from nature where we feel great.


    Could be used to improve your insomnia condition. When the chosen frequency is low the brain relaxes and allows you to sleep deeply. 


    - Create High-quality water to drink:


    Use it to create water that hydrates more your body, improves your health and beauty, and it is much more beneficial for you, your family, employees, and pets.


    When water has no movement it dies, it is rotten, the structure is horrible, and this low-quality water is the beverage that most people drink.


    When you place your beverages close to this device the water is saturated with life energy and maintains a molecular movement that maintains the liquid alive, as a result, the taste is improved and hydrates much more.


    We are 70% water and High-quality water makes you more beautiful and healthy. We highly recommend you to drink water saturated by the Life force energy produced by this device.


    - Maintain your place in a powerful vibration


    This model has a frequency meter that allows you to choose the desired frequency of the harmonic vibration you want to predominate at your home, office, or spa. Certain frequencies beneficial for the mind, quality of sleep, physical training, and improving spirituality.


    On this page, we have compiled a list with the most favorable frequencies for our optimal development. All of them can be pulsed in silence by this radionic device.


    - Reprogram your subconscious mind in silence 


    A lot of people listen to affirmations during sleep to build confidence, new beliefs, and other positive qualities for success. But it's a bit difficult to sleep deeply with noise. But you can connect your phone or mp3s player to this model to convert audio in a pulse of life force energy to reprogram your subconscious mind in complete silence.


    If you purchase this device you can meet our experts on skype or What's App and they going to show you how to operate your radionic device successfully and they can answer all your questions.


    It includes a transfer disk that allows you to bring with you wherever you go in the world some Life force energy produced by your radionic device even if it is miles away from you. 


    It is recommended that it is on 24 hours a day and needs to be plugged on electric current but consumes little electricity.


    3 - year warranty


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