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The RAD 1000
  • The RAD 1000


    Radionic device for manifestation that cleans electromagnetic pollution and creates living water, which is the state that water has in nature where is moving and saturated with life energy.


    This device can be used to amplify certain thoughts to speed up the manifestation of a certain intention. And the life energy can be transferred to a person to promote energetic balance, improve the inner state and spiritual abilities.


    It perfectly saturates a room with abundant life energy cleaning the toxic energies that deteriorate your body produced by Electromagnetic pollution and maintain your place in harmonious vibration


    They create a healthy energetic environment optimal for your body, mind and spirit. It is undoubtedly an excellent tool to protect your family from Electrosmog.


    For some people, it has been the solution to insomnia as it creates an environment that promotes sleep when the energy is pulsed at a low frequency. It relaxes the mind and facilitates a slow brain wave which generates a deep sleep.


    It has 3 dials to choose the pulse of life energy randomly with a led bulb that allows you to get an idea of how fast or slow the life force is pulsing. At a low frequency, the atmosphere created is relaxing, suitable for sleeping, meditating, or practicing Qigong and Yoga while maintaining a fast pulse is recommended during the day and for practicing sports.


    You can revitalize the water to drink and charge it with life energy if you place it close to this device to create living water, which is more beneficial with order and beauty. Food can be saturated with life energy as well.


    This model creates 70% more vital energy than the generator JU 99 and has much more flexibility. 


    The vital energy created by this device could be triple if a Power Booster Disk is connected, that energy can be with you anywhere in the world by carrying the disk with you, or any other available in Chi Transfers.


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