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Aqua Optimizer

Aqua Optimizer


The Aqua Optimizer cleans a glass with water in minutes. You can enjoy the benefits of living water (water in its original state) and charge food and drinks with Life Force.


It shoots the life energy at 7.83 Hz  which  is how prana energy is found in nature. It is recommended to leave it on 24 hours to keep the kitchen clean from toxic energies produced by EMFs and maintain your foods and beverages with a positive charge.


You can bring with you the energy of this device to any part of the world if you put any transfer disc on it and you bring with you the other pair. This device has the same power as the Prana Generator® JU99. Its power is weak, that is, it throws very little chi energy but enough to clean a kitchen of electrosmog in less than an hour.  It is possible to triple the energy with an amplifier disk, in "Chi Transfers" you can look at them.

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