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Why the law of attraction does not work for some people?

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

The law of attraction is not a way to manifest what you want in your life, it is just a simple law of the Universe operating all the time and by understanding it, we can take control of the moments that will be experienced, we literally can cook these events. Everyone is creating their reality all the time but for people in a low frequency with a distracted mind focusing on many things, this is not obvious. The best way to know if you are vibrating at high or low frequency is by observing your feelings, people with a low frequency are depressed and are negative most of the time, a person in high frequency is happy from morning to night, from a Low frequency is very difficult to co-create. A person in a high frequency is who has a spirit so big that is more light than physical matter, this is the purpose of any spiritual practice, for achieving that, meditation is a shortcut, when you stop thinking your body start to attracting cosmic energy. Working out in the gym make the muscles growing up after a year, with meditation your body of light grow up after a year too, with many years of practice, the body of light could grow up so big that can cover 15, 20 meters or even more this field can be measurable.

Around you there is only a black space and, depending on the energies inside the body is how the moments on life develop, those energies are interpreted by your body/mind and are reflected, the story of your life is just a projection of those energies. It's how reality is created, I know it's confusing, I'll delve into this in the following text and I will share a secret that nobody talks about, even Abraham Hicks, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton or Neville Goddard. It is the second most important ingredient for manifesting faster, and the lack of it, make the process so slow that people start to believe that will be not possible and this new belief is what they manifest. Before talking about it, is important that you know that also many people do not manifest because they have the wrong program in the subconscious mind.

How to reprogram the subconscious mind in our benefit ?

If you are a person that already tried everything to bring to your life the moments you want to experience and is not working, probably the program on your mind is stopping you, it is your mind who create the story of your life. So the first step to manifest with success is to reprogram your subconscious mind in a positive way. This should be during the night because your brainwaves are at a low frequency but you can use a chi generator to induce those brain waves anytime, The devices that you can use to reprogram your subconscious mind are the Performer 2400, The PFC 2400 and the Low pulse generator HD. On these machines, there is an audio input where you connect a mp3 player, cellphone or computer with affirmations in audio. These affirmations going to be transformed in a pulse of vital energy and they going to arrive directly in your subconscious mind because your ears will not listen to them. This method is great because you can reproduce the affirmations during the night in complete silence during the sleep. But those generators cost some money, so the second option to reprogram your mind right now for free is with the hypnotic audio available on this link.

I am listening to this audio before sleep and relaxes me, I love it is why I recommend it. This process must last at least 21 days. If you are struggling for manifesting and you lost hope or you do not believe it anymore is because your subconscious mind is destroying your creations or your own beliefs that this is not real. Remember that you are creating your reality and if you believe that this is not real, it will be like that. It is important to delete all the toxic programs that society, family, religions, TV, music, and movies introduced in the subconscious mind. This is the part of the mind that creates the moments you live. After cleaned your mind I recommend you to avoid toxic news, gossip and stressful movies, those reprogram your mind in a negative way.

How to discover the wrong beliefs ?

There are two methods to have an idea of how much polluted is the mind, the first one is by listening to the beliefs of your closest friends and family members, When your mind is changing you going to affect them also or other people will come closer to you, what surrounds you is only a mirror of what you are, a lot of people think that Karma is a punishment, but is not true, We are one, around you is just a mirror of yourself, so what you do to other you literally do it to yourself, in a very similar way, the beliefs you have are reflected around. When I changed my beliefs most of my friends disappeared, and because X or Y was impossible to arrange a meeting with them again or they just stopped texting me when I texted them. I felt bad until I understand that, around is just a reflection of who you are. Another strategy to have an idea if your mind is contaminated is by observing your inner dialog, Neville Goddard talks about it in this video, check it out before continue reading.

Some people have wrong beliefs, if you do not know if you have them the easy way to discover it, is by listening to yourself with detail. One of my friends said often after an error, so stupid. This is a wrong belief she had, no one is stupid. Mistakes everyone commits, if you listen often your inner voice you can discover them and change them by repeating the opposite. Every morning or before sleep, you can say I AM So smart and lucky. Your words emit energy and they are powerful to reprogram your beliefs during a relaxed state of mind. I am talking about this because is important to delete what is not real. No one is stupid, everyone is in a process of learning, even children have different capabilities and there are children that are old souls or children that were cooked with more Orgone energy because their parents did not waste it before doing them with passion. Is different a baby that born with a lot of vital energy because their parents did not waste it, because this energy is accumulated in the fluids of the body, especially in the semen and this energy is transmitted and used by the child.

How to manifest faster ?

The Orgone energy is the secret of secrets to manifest with success or faster. If you already tried to manifest something, it going to be manifested only if you do it well but also will take time, a lot of time if you have very little vital energy. When I was in Vancouver I want a cruiser bike. I was living in Kitsilano and those bikes were popular there. I wished to have a blue one, after Vancouver I lived in Montréal and there I had bicycles, but 9 years later in Berlin arrived to me a cruiser bike exactly as I want when I was living in Vancouver. In this city those bikes are not popular, rarely an equal is on the street, so it was my own creation and it came to me after 9 years. I did not do anything for manifested it, during my life this process has been working automatically until I read the book Think and Grow rich, by Napoleon Hill. After reading that book I started using techniques to attract what I want in my life.

Years ago, I was watching every day a picture with a lot of bills of 500 euros to manifest the sale of a home. On that time, I did not know that the secret for manifesting with success is “the emotion”, so I was watching often those bills that were the same amount of money I would get from the commission for the sale of my father's house. I did not sell it but 3 years later next to the cashier of a supermarket, I saw a huge bill on the floor. I was thinking that was a fake one because was very big, but not, was a 500 euros bill and was kind of obvious that was the result of watching that picture often. Your attention is very powerful for manifesting also, you can bring very bad moments in your life by watching the wrong content, Be careful!

Some people do not manifest anything and they stopped trying it and even they delete all the advances by believing that is not possible; to bring in this reality the moments you visualize clearly is important to feel AN EMOTION THAT IS HAPPENING IN PRESENT TIME. Also watch out your inner dialog, because if you think often "I want", you send to the Universe the signal of absence and more absence is manifested, the right thought should be "I AM grateful because I have". Every time that you visualize something is created on the mental plane, literally already exists and you only need to wait for it. It requires time and some action, is not possible to manifest a great job without looking for it. I know that during a party you can meet the right person that will give you the best opportunity but at least you went to that party instead of staying at home.

The second most important ingredient to manifest successfully

No one is talking about the vital energy and it is the second most important ingredient, it is the vital energy that makes the shape to the reality and Wilhelm Reich proved in a laboratory when he discovered the Bions. The Bions order the reality, they create from dead matter living matter, and they are commanded by the Orgone energy, a kind of intelligent energy by its own, but this energy can be commanded by our mind, imagination or words. It is possible to send the vital energy by distance to family members, just keep them in your mind during the meditation and use your hands to expel the energy to them as if they were in front of you; is how Reiki healers work.

It is strategic to have enough Orgone energy and most of the people have not vital energy reserves because they wasted it ! Before talking about how people waste their energy by their habits let´s listen to Bruce Lipton about how to reprogram the subconscious mind, this step is very important before starting any process of manifestation.

The most important ingredients for manifesting with success are:

1st The feeling that is already happening, in the present time.

2nd The orgone energy (also called Life force, Vital energy, Chi or Prana)

3rd The visualization

The Life force is accumulated in large amounts on the fluids, especially in the semen, and the vital energy accumulated there will be used by the baby, if big amounts are accumulated is better for the child, if the amount is very low there is a risk that the baby cannot be created completely inside the mom or the child could be not very awake as the other children at school. If the father has not orgasmed for a month before making the baby, the child going to be more energetic, smarter and healthier. A lot of people will not believe this because there is a lot of ignorance about the Orgone energy because the FDA stopped the research of Wilhelm Reich, creating a lot of damage to society, especially on this topic. And even if many people are still investigating Orgone energy, they are doing it in a very superficial way. Wilhelm Reich as Joe Dispenza was a mystic, the Orgone generator is an invention rejected by many people, even the supporters of Wilhelm Reich because they are not geniuses like Wilhelm Reich, they understand him a little or at least not like us, this is because our experience in Magick practices. The ignorant thinks that Magick is supernatural, but the reality is, that it is completely natural. Karl Hans, the inventor of the Life force generators discovered that Chi energy can be sent at a distance due to his Magick studies and practices.

How to charge your body with the fuel of manifestation ?

The way to co-creating faster is by recharging the body with vital energy with the right habits. The shortcut to having large amounts of vital energy is to avoid losing it by having many orgasms, in the fluids are accumulated a lot of vital energy stored by the food, the breathing, the exercise, water, and spiritual practices as Qigong, Tai-chi, yoga and meditation. Also having sex without condom and without reaching the orgasm will help to accumulate a lot of Chi energy. The fluids should be mixed between a man and woman to rotate the energy between the couple. Sex with a person of the same gender and masturbation generate waste of Vital energy, there are only 2 natural genders, man and woman. Even if you do not have an orgasm during the masturbation the fluids released contain Life force and it is wasted.

Tantra practices are only between man and woman, and there is not other option even if there are a lot of people talking about the opposite. It is like saying that you can create a baby if a woman have sex with other woman. Should be 2 different polarities to make the vital energy rotate between 2 bodies, in other way there is energy waste, also with sex using condom, it is like masturbation, because there is not a mix of fluids and is there where the Vital energy is accumulated in great quantities. Of course, laughing and rubbing hands can generate Orgone energy, in the same way, it is possible to generate a little Vital energy with a sexual relationship with the same sex, but there is also a lot of waste of Vital energy. I recommend this practical guide to sexual transmutation with the perspective of someone else on this topic.

Food is strategic to accumulate Orgone energy and when people eat garbage or food cooked by the microwave oven, they not only avoid the opportunity to introduce the life force accumulated in vegetables and fruits, but also the garbage they eat generates energetic waste, their cells waste their vitality by removing that rubbish out of the body. It is even worse for those who drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, there are many people with exaggerated bad habits that cause their own cells to waste a lot of vitality. Is why many people are dying by strange diseases, because they ignore how important is to have vitality in the cells, in the body, in the spirit, in ourselves. When the cells have not vitality any illness will appear, kind of logic; imagine a company where the employees are very tired every day. Otherwise, when we have vitality, we feel happy, positive, we are smart and able to have great ideas and smart solutions. The lack of vitality generates depression, the depression is cured with meditation.

Many people can not manifest because of their bad habits, the weird thing is that for most of society the bad habits are normal ones.That's why it's important that everyone knows about vital energy and once again I tell to the US. Federal Drud Administration Get Fucked! Because of the enormous damage that it caused to the society by stopping the great investigation that Wilhelm Reich was doing. The cells of the people with bad habits are using their vitality to maintain the body alive and for cleaning the garbage introduced almost every day, because of that there are no reserves of energy available to build the reality they want and they are disappointed because they cannot create the moments they try to attract. Everyone is manifesting all the time but by reflection, that means you create that your girlfriend is a smoker because you have other addiction.

There is a lot of pollution on the planet as a reflection of the contaminated bodies of the people from society, they are projecting that pollution around, on the world, is what they are manifesting, for sure is the easy thing do not believe it. That is the real reason of the Chemical Trails in the sky. If you like conspiracy theories, let me tell you that those toxic chemicals are a reflection of the bad habits of the people, especially from smokers. About this Wilhelm Reich wrote on his books:

Man himself is responsible for desert making and desert breaking. Man has the tools of knowledge and the tools of technology at is disposal today to combat desert development, and even to turn existent deserts back into the green, rich pastures for man and animal alike. The first obstacle in the way of OROP Desert is not the outer desert, but the inner, emotional desert of man.

Is why I know he was a mystic, a big man between small people. He said that on the planet there is a process of expansion of the deserts because of the negative emotions in the people. There is only one reason of global warming and it is lack of trees, the solution is planting trees or more positive emotions, but you should be so big as Wilhelm Reich to see this in your own reality. Literally, Wilhelm Reich was saying that the reality is a mirror and it is. So, do not try to manifest a loyal partner if you are a liar, in front of you is only you. When you arrive in a higher frequency, where your spirit is so big that your physical body is just a tiny part of your self, what I am talking about right now going to be evident, so evident that if a Nobel price winner said "that is not true", you will know how small person is.

When the body has vital energy, this energy is used for manifesting everything faster. After an orgasm, you released a lot Chi energy that was accumulated during days, weeks or months, even the best Chi generator will not help because after an orgasm you have not a container, the released fluids are. This information I learned by the Kabbalah and fits perfectly on the research of Wilhelm Reich and my own experience in life. Having sex without orgasm is much better, the sensations are more pleasant and deep, can be for much more time and when you want. Also, you can store a lot of Vital energy in yourself to use it in your body and life. If your partner is not fit going take energy from you, so find the right person. If you do not have enough vital energy your manifestation could arrive in the next lives literally. A chi generator helps in the process of manifestation because they give you the vital energy necessary; you can manifest by your own, but with a life force generator is faster, the difference is like going to the market by walking or with a car.

The reason why people do not manifest what they want is because they do not have reserves of vital energy for a quick process and, because it comes very slowly, they conclude that it will not happen and that belief destroys the manifestation. Well basically the negative belief is stronger and is what is manifested, so they are manifesting but the wrong thing.

When you thank each day for the manifested (even if it is not yet in your life) you are charging with energy the manifestation. The people in a low-frequency only co-create slowly, in a low frequency everything happens very slow, is why people can not discover that they are creating all the time the moments they live, also because they are distracted or without control of thoughts. To maintain a good source of vital energy and be in a high frequency is important:

Eating raw food, fruits and vegetables every day and different types of fruits and vegetables, it is important to avoid canned food, pastas, bread, meat, candies and sodas. Those contaminate the organism and the cells waste a lot of energy cleaning it. A lot of people is ugly because they eat all this garbage and is funny because they spend a lot of money in creams and makeup. When you have a lot of Vital energy, you looks beautiful and young, and the people that has no vital energy looks ugly and old. In case of the meat, the cells take a lot of time and effort to absorb the nutrients, this process generates energy waste. The meat not only has a bit of vital energy, the digestion makes the cells waste a lot of vitality. I am vegetarian, and if I eat some meat I feel so sleepy during the digestion, something that does not happen when I do not eat meat, even if the meal is huge.

Meditation is the cultivation of light by stop thinking, for that, closing the eyes is mandatory. Remember that this light will be stored in your fluids. Avoiding orgasms often is the most important fact to create faster. Meditation will bring you in a higher frequency when your spirit become much bigger than your physical body. After meditate for years you going to be more light than physical matter. The vibratory frequency of the light is higher than the frequency of matter. When your spirit is very big things happen faster in your life. The Life force energy can be accumulated in the area of the abdomen by imagining the process during the meditation. Just imagine a lot of energy directed to that part, also in the next video Mantak Chia shows some funny exercises that could help.

It is strategic to reduce energetic waste not only to manifest faster, also to be healthier, feel energetic, be more attractive, charismatic, and young, below I attached a list of things that make people waste energy...

Avoid the news will give you a lot of energy, is not very important what is happening far away as what is happening around you, at least until you have enough potential to make big changes in the world, as investing money in reforesting a large area to reduce the climate change, provide employment and create life. A lot of people feel sad due to what is happening far away but the reason of that negative emotion is that they got addiction of those feelings, the body can be addicted to negative feelings with easy. They are addicted to the injustice because the emotions they feel after see that garbage on the news make them segregate some toxins that the body is already used to receiving daily and the body constantly asks for them. These toxins are rubbish that cells clean out, for that they waste energy and time, is why watching some content could generate energy waste. Also, the movies that make you feel stress or in a state of survival are very toxic, they program your mind in a very dangerous way. Your mind cannot distinguish what is real and what is not, is why toxins are released during those movies. People can be reprogrammed subconsciously with easy with the movies, news, and other content. The movies that energize you are those that make you feel positive emotions like love, laughter, success, those emotions generate Orgone energy in the organism, even rubbing the hands generates Chi energy.

Electrosmog and water with artificial frequencies generate energetic waste also. In most of the fridges where the water and sodas are stored in shops, there is a compact fluorescent light next to the beverages, the water stores frequencies and those bulbs are very radioactive, this radiation is stored in the water. Cells waste energy cleaning that pollution, for that we recommend a Water Optimizer to clean beverages of dangerous information and charge it with vital energy. In the street or in a bar it is possible to clean the drinks by placing a Transfer disc next to the bottle for a few minutes. Xenoestrogens are very dangerous so I recommend to avoid beverages in plastic bottles and researching the subject.

The food can be charged with vital force also, on nature the fruits store the vital energy, an apple that you eat after cut it from a tree has more vital energy than an apple you buy in the supermarket. Is possible to charge the fruits with chi energy by placing a Life Force generator close to them, the water attract the vital energy and the fruits contain water, also soups or other dishes. Food cooked by microwave ovens generates a lot of energy waste, the radiation introduced on the food is cleaned by the cells and they waste a lot of energy cleaning that pollution.

Overthinking generates a lot of energy waste, really a lot ! The next is a list of things you can do to accumulate Orgone energy to manifest faster:

Laughing and thinking positive.

Breathing slowly and deep all the time.

Practicing aerobic exercise.

Practicing meditation, Taichi, Qigong, Yoga.

Sex without reaching the orgasm and it is a good opportunity to visualize what you want to manifest.

Learning, exploring and eating new things.

A chi generator will give you a lot of vital energy.

Eating and drinking fruits and teas.

Go to acupuncture or shiatsu sessions.

Charging water and food with life force energy using a Water Optimizer.

Sleeping at least 8 hours.

Having many plants in your bedroom, here is a list with some good specimens.

Been in contact with the sun and nature often.

Listen to music that makes you feel uplifting.

If you focus your mind, your emotions and your actions on the same goal, with the feeling that what you want is already in your life and you have enough vital energy inside you, your manifestations will come faster and it will be evident that you are molding the reality. Energy is equal to matter, Vital energy is the most important ingredient to shape the moments you want to experience, do not waste it and maintain strategic habits to accumulate it.


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