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An Amazing Method to Get Results With the Law of Attraction

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

If you're not getting results with the law of attraction, one thing that can help you succeed is having an accountability partner. Which is a person that you meet each week to plan the necessary activities for the next days that will lead to the manifestation of your goals. Someone that holds you accountable but as well believes in you. Most successful people have one. This is the best way to get results with the law of attraction and I will tell you why.

The law of attraction is nothing new, throughout history, there are always a few people who know about it and a vast majority who ignore it. Most people I know ignore of their potential to manifest what they want with their energy and it is amazing how many celebrities are aware of this and use this knowledge to their advantage by taking consistent action.

So, if you're really motivated to make your dreams come true, speaking about them with someone will speed up results. However, it is not advisable to talk about your big goals with everyone, but when you talk about them with the right person, you'll attract to yourself whatever you're talking about, including opportunities and it can be very fast.

For example, after living 5 years in Berlin, I never found Reishi Mushroom in a store, and once that I met a friend in a cafe and I recommended it to her because she felt tired the same day we go to another random cafe, and Reishi mushroom was available there. That was the result of talking about it, I have many examples like that. So, imagine how beneficial it can be to talk about your goals with the right person and create an action plan together.

The Best Way to Get Results With the Law of Attraction

Why is it recommended having an accountability partner ?

Because it's easier to stay motivated and keep track the achievement of your goals when you have a dedicated accountability partner who provides advice, support when you need it, and holds you accountable for the actions you need to take for making your dreams alive. Most people can't maintain that level of discipline to manifest the things they want, and working in a team makes things easier and more fun.

It is very easy to feel demotivated when you do not see results in what you want to manifest. For getting outcomes in any activity you need to work on long term, every day, this applies to anything you want to achieve and not just in manifesting with the law of attraction. But the accountability partner motivates you, holds you accountable and keep you focused on taking the necessary steps to achieve the manifestation of your goals as you work on them.

Choosing the right partner is very important because should be someone who is working in manifesting their dreams just like you in order to motivate and understand each other. This person should have the best interest in mind and be strong enough to hold you accountable without accepting any excuses and giving you the encouragement you need to stay on track.

It is best to choose someone who is not very close to you, who is neutral and objective so, can help you keep reaching your goals as a priority no matter what is going on in your life. It's best if you find a person who is also actively pursuing their own goals. And there are many activities that you can plan together on a weekly basis and then measure the results.

These activities can be acting as if it is already true, making visual boards and look at them every day, journaling in present tense your goals as if they already manifested and feeling grateful for that. Also, mind movies work pretty well according to testimonials I heard from people who visited the seminars of Dr. Joe Dispenza. And for strengthening your beliefs can help listening often famous people talking about the law of attraction as in the following video.

How Do I Find An Accountability Partner ?

If you have no idea what are the best activities to manifest with this law, it is better that you hire a coach to guide you and hold you accountable. Above all to avoid the risk of starting something and not continuing it as often happens with many people. Not everyone is disciplined, but when you pay for it, the other person will be there for you. And if you do this with someone you know, this person may lose interest after a while and leave you.

In case you want to have a friend who believes in you and someone to share your goals and spiritual concerns, I recommend you book a coaching session with me. Together we can plan activities to accomplish your dreams, raise your vibration, open your energy fields and direct the energy of your thoughts and feelings in the right direction. I will hold you accountable and share with you holistic secrets that will help to maintain your spirit in the highest vibration.

If you want to know more about my services, do not hesitate to contact me on Telegram, my username is @Pranachy and also check other articles on this blog about the law of attraction to find more tips to manifest your goals, they are all available in this link. Another thing that can help you is using a radionic device, which are devices that increase the power of your mind and thoughts. They are available in my store and I wrote about them here.

It has been difficult for me to find people that already noticed that reality is influenced by the thoughts, feelings or emotions. If you find someone that wants to collaborate with you optimal results are guaranteed. If not contact me, I am waiting to be your accountability partner, and spiritual coach and please do not go without subscribing to my newsletter.

Thank you ! and I will be very grateful if you support my project by sharing this content.




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