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Meditation Guide for Beginners: The Benefits of Meditation and How to Meditate?

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

When I started to meditate I never imagine all the benefits that will bring to my life, It is literally the tunnel to a new reality. The practice allows you to perceive how your thoughts and emotions influence events in your life. When you move your energy to your heart, Oxytocin is liberated and you feel peace and happiness most of the time because of this hormone.

By practicing meditation is very possible to increase your potential and becoming a happier and peaceful person. It puts you into an unshakeable state of joy. When you feel this good, circumstances simply no longer influence how you feel, what is pure power. Also, your health improves and it helps to reverse your biological age and improve any health condition.

The daily practice help you look younger and positively influences the activity of your genes and energy field. It regulates the genes that keep your body healthy and many people who visit Dr. Joe Dispenza's seminars have cured deadly diseases by meditating his formula, which are a few meditations that he designed and I am sharing 3 of them on this article.

Some people who visit his seminars have never meditated before and never expected having such amazing results, like the one shared in the video below. Some of his of meditations make the body operate in extraordinary order, in harmonious coherence. Something corrupted in daily life because of stress, negative content in mainstream media and the toxic energies produced by EMFs, that I recommend you to remove with an orgone generator.

I hope this introduction motivate you enough to meditate 40 minutes everyday to empower your health and manifest a wonderful life. There are many people trying to manifest their dreams by doing law of attraction exercises or purchasing products like this one. Many of them do not have positive results because they work from a state of lack or because the electrical fields of their brains and hearts are small and meditation helps to expand them.

Meditation leads to enlightenment

Meditation is the practice of cultivating light in the Spirit. The Spirit is the invisible part of your body and when you meditate for years this area expands a lot and becomes shiny. When your spirit is huge and bright it is considered in a state of enlightenment. This is not clear to many people and just by meditating 40 minutes every day for years you can enter this state.

Buddha became enlightened just by meditating, right ?

Enlightenment ends suffering because in this state there is a powerful electrical charge created by your body that makes you feel amazing in any circumstance. The same state increases the production of oxytocin in your physical body, the love hormone. Which has a positive effect in how you feel and how you experience the events of your life.

Also after meditating for years it is more visible to you how your reality has an influence of the energies you broadcast with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. What motivates you to focus the energy strategically in certain outcome. Ignoring everything else and feeling that is already done. And this is how people that visited the seminars of Dr Joe Dispenza are manifesting wonderful things. Just check out all these testimonials available on youtube.

A lot of interesting things are happening in Joe Dispenza's seminars, that's why the spiritual content of this blog is heavily influenced by his scientific work. In my articles, I am sharing many guided meditations from him available on Youtube, but if you feel that joining a program is the best way to learn how to meditate, one of the best, in my opinion, is this one.

How to meditate ?

Basically, you only need to sit comfortably with the back straight and close your eyes. Meditation is introducing yourself in a peaceful state of mind where thoughts are not there anymore. When thoughts stop the body attracts the light around you naturally, this light has its own intelligence and will heal your body and remove energetic blockages and traumas.

You can cross your legs or sit in a chair, but your back always straight. Place your palms on your knees and begin to take long, deep breaths. This is Transcendental meditation, a type of meditation that is about stop thinking with your eyes closed and for better results practice it in the darkness. But if it is hard for you stop thinking meditating after waking up is a great help.

It is a good method for attracting great things, feel awesome and inspired during the whole day. But something that may change your life is placing your energy from the lower energy centers to the heart and brain to activate a huge magnetic field around these organs. Who do not meditate has the energy mostly in low energy centers and no spiritual power.

In this article, I talking in detail about it in order to activate your pineal gland to produce an electric field around your head that boost the power of your mind. Something more potent than a radionic device, which are machines that people use to connect a certain intention to a frequency to influence the subconscious each time the frequency is felt which is a good alternative for those who cannot perceive yet that we influence the reality every single day.

The daily practice fills your spirit with light, expands it and makes it bright. For that it is important to stop thinking, have a straight back and turn off the senses. For best results, it is important that you reach a state where you lose your identity, forget your body, your friends and family and become nobody, just one with the black empty space that surrounds you.

There are all possibilities exists. Any event you wish to manifest must be mentally and emotionally written from that place. It is important to meditate every morning before doing any activity and visualize a great future full of abundance, adventures, and you helping a lot of people. That going to bring success in your life, and peace and joy in the whole planet.

Meditation for Beginners: How to meditate ?

How to control your thoughts during meditation ?

If it is hard for you to meditate even during morning after waking up try it after smoking 2 puffs of Marijuana or a bit of Hashish. The THC which are the tiny crystals in the flowers of the plant have a very powerful effect in your health. In this article, I am talking about how many people have cured cancer with THC extract after doctors considered them terminal ill.

There is a lot of ignorance about the topic, it is just impossible to not recommend the most powerful medicinal plant in this holistic blog that has the intention of improving and extending people lives. I highly recommend to smoke a small dose of flowers of Marijuana to achieve powerful meditations and reduce alcohol consumption, which is detrimental for your spirit.

Another method is listening binaural beats or audio with the Solfeggio frequencies as the one of the video below. Burning incense or essential oils in air diffusers can help create an atmosphere that relaxes you. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to slow down your thoughts and until then, the true meditation begins, the one that will give you amazing benefits.

If you want to take a nap to relax there are guided meditations to listen for influencing your subconscious mind to achieve certain outcome. One of the guided meditations I listen often to reprogram my subconscious mind during a nap is this gratitude meditation available for free in Youtube. Which is not precisely a meditation but it is a good alternative. You just need to lie on your bed with your whole body straight and listen to it with headphones.

Using an orgone generator emitting a low frequency can also help by cleaning the toxic energies that promotes negativity and anxiety. I have already visited meditation centers infested with those harmful energies that unbalance your mind and spirit. They promote a state where it is difficult to meditate. If you meditate at home introduce some plants in the area that you uses to improve the environment. Here is a list with some good specimens.

But from all these tips what really help me to have a very deep meditation and cultivate a lot of light in my spirit is smoking a small dose of Marijuana. I do not do it often but when I am very dark and negative or stressed this is what I do to greatly increase my frequencies. It is just ridiculous that the most powerful medicinal plant is demonized, and forbidden.

Meditation tips for beginners

Just like the physical exercise that you normally avoid after meals, do not meditate after consuming a meal. The Digestion process reduces the flow of energy throughout the body and spirit. Instead, I suggest you taking a nap listening to some guided meditation to reprogram your subconscious mind like this one available on Youtube for abundance.

Two things are very important, closing your eyes and maintain your back straight. If there is a a curve the energy cannot flow properly to centers and you will get little positive effects from your practice. I have seen many people making this mistake. Also note that meditation is always done with eyes closed without exception. In complete darkness is even better.

Don't try to stop thinking, just surrender and visualize a tunnel between your eyes and try to go all the way through it while breathing deeply and slowly. If you want to place your energy in an area of your body, just touch it and visualize white light reaching that part. Also, you can send love and light to another person you visualize. The best thing is that you imagine the planet and send there your love and light with your hands and your heart.

Group Meditations gives you more benefits because more energy is available that can be harnessed in your spirit, but Joe Dispenza also observed something amazing that happens in his seminars. There are moments when the brain and heart of all the participants start working at the same rhythm and with a very harmonious coherence while they meditate. If you are a beginner the best is that you join a group to start having great results before.

Meditation exercises for beginners

It is important to focus your energy in the future to have an idea where you are walking every day to avoid wasting time walking pads that do not lead you to the desired destiny. So, instead of sitting and meditate, write before the things and outcomes you want to have in your life. The experiences you would like to live and how you want to be, and then sit down, close your eyes and meditate on these events, take control of your thoughts.

If you want to meditate to manifest a specific event in your life, first visualize past events that made you feel amazing, grateful and successful. You need to remember the feelings result from these moments, some funny situation can help. Then, visualize your goal as something happening right now to combine an elevated emotion with a clear intention.

All this do it while you try to stop thinking, in this way you are controlling your thoughts instead of your mind controlling you. If you do not like your present reality, you need to focus mostly in your future in your daily life and while you meditate. If you observe that something someone said or some new from the media are hogging your mind, I recommend you taking distance from them. Very often some news can drain your energy and distract you a lot.

That's why I don't watch the news, also I observed that mainstream media are just tools to control people's opinion and behavior. For example, in this article I am talking about my experience living in the same apartment with a person with covid-19. I didn't get sick even though I shared the flat without using any type of protection. I even didn't wash my hands more often. This is a virus that your body can easily control if you have a healthy lifestyle.

Meditation greatly increases the strength of your immune system and the fear promoted by the mainstream media causes the opposite, be careful. But if you already tried to meditate and it is difficult, listening to these Isochronic tones may help you. Well, it is time to say good bye but before you go subscribe to my newsletter to keep in contact and feel free to reach me out in Telegram if you want to know about my coaching services, my username is Pranachy.




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