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Easy and Powerful Radionic Operation to Manifest Abundance With the Law of Attraction

I found a very potent and easy radionic operation to manifest abundance with the law of attraction. Well, it is one of the exercises used in the seminars of Dr Joe Dispenza that catch my attention because can be boosted with a orgone generator pulsing a low frequency that influence your brainwave activity and creates the right energetic environment for the ritual.

This operation is called mind movie, and it is about watching a video with a kaleidoscope that introduce you in state of trance and then images that present events that awake emotions of abundance. I listened surprising testimonials talking about the results. Also the dimensional meditation is something that catch up my attention. People are creating events using energy.

I hope this exercise bring you a lot of abundance. It is simple, you need to relax before bed close to an orgone generator pulsing the frequency 3.5Hz and watch the video below. Only by watching the next movie without a generator gives a result, but I want to share with the people who bought a radionic device in our store, a very simple but potent operation.

How you manifest by watching a mind movie ?

Basically everything that your subconscious mind really believes is reflected on the external reality. So your job to get whatever you want is to really believe it, sometimes action is necessary to really believe it. Sometimes not like the healings done in less than 20 minutes in Dr Joe Dispenza seminars. But the mind of the participant was prepared before for days.

It is not about watching a movie and all your dreams will become true. It is just another tool you should try out to influence your environment by introducing successfully certain information to your subconscious mind which is reflecting your reality all the time. Of course part of the game of life is to contribute, keep progressing and help as much as possible.

But it is important that you move your energy from the lower centers to your heart and the brain, every single day before any type of manifestation. Which is what activates your spiritual power. When you move your energy through meditation from your lower center to the heart and then to the brain a huge field of energy is built around you that can be used to create what you want. Many people just do not create because they do not have that energy.

This enormous energetic field comes from your heart which is the organ injured with the covid-19 vaccine that caused the dead of thousands of people. So, if you took it, you can heal any possible injury with the nutrients I am describing on this article I wrote. All them are natural and can help to build a powerful field of energy around you, as well if you meditate.

In the video below, there is an initial exercise to move your energy from the lower centers to the brain, to activate an electrical field around your head. The same exercise can be used to expand the field from your heart to have enough energy you can use to build reality. Just move your energy first in your heart, keep it there, and visualize this field in expansion.

How an orgone generator helps to manifest your goals?

These machines produce life energy which is a type of energy present in living beings and absent in non living beings. So, imagine that all living beings are white color and everything without life black color. In environments where there is a lot of living beings more life force nourish your bodies and empower your spirit and thoughts, speeding up any manifestation.

They also influence your brainwave activity when the pulse is slow. Which is optimal to access to your subconscious mind while you watch the kaleidoscope, and better if you are falling asleep or you are in a bedroom where you usually does not sleep. It is not necessary but is a tip I want to share with you, probably sleeping in other room could help.

These machines restore the energetic environment of nature, which is the best ambience to do any manifestation exercise, to meditate and practice yoga or reiki. They clean pretty well the toxic energies produced by EMFs that unbalance your spirit and perturbs your mind. Many people cannot stop thinking just because of these toxic energies that surround us that can be removed with ease just by keeping an orgone generator on the 24 hours.

I am following Dr Joe Dispenza because I think that is very possible to extend you lifespan and reverse your biological age through meditation and visualization. In my opinion living in your future during meditation can help to extend the healthspan, especially if you visualize yourself having 150 years old and also if you thing that this can be possible.

Easy and Powerful Radionic Operation to Manifest Abundance With the Law of Attraction

Easy and powerful radionic operation

These are the steps. Before sleeping take your computer, reduce the blue light and watch the mind movie with headphones on your bed. It is the video shared before. Keep close a radionic device pulsing the life energy in a low frequency and watch completely the mind movie, and then sleep. You can also listen affirmations instead of the video's audio.

For better results open your heart with the meditation shown in the second video from this article and practice often the meditations from this article. Your subconscious builds events by using the energy from this field from your heart that shrinks with negative emotions, fear, anger, stress, by drinking alcohol, consuming junk and ultra-processed foods, or cigarettes.

To manifest faster you need to have a healthy lifestyle that allows you to live longer as well, so keep reading this blog where I am sharing strategic information you can apply to extend your healthspan, look younger and empower your spirit. I hope this activity help you to manifest abundance in your life and if you like my content subscribe to my newsletter.

I have more articles here with tips to manifest faster with the power of your mind. This advice has a lot of influence from Dr Joe Dispenza because I already listened a lot of testimonials from people who got great results by applying his formula. The mind movie is one of the exercises people do in his seminars, it is simple and I hope, it can give you great results.




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