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All About Electromagnetic Pollution & The Best EMF Protection Tools

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Electromagnetic pollution has been found to have an impact on the organism at all levels of organization, from the molecular to the cellular, physiological, behavioral and psychological levels. It has been shown to cause systemic detrimental health effects including increased cancer risk, endocrine changes, increased free radical production, DNA damage, changes to the reproductive system, learning and memory defects, and neurological disorders.

During the first pandemic wave in the United States, COVID-19 attributed cases and deaths were statistically higher in states and major cities with 5G infrastructure as compared with states and cities that did not yet have this technology according to this article from the European Society of Medicine. A clear evidence of the weakening caused by this pollution.

According to the Bioinitiative report, bioeffects are clearly established and occur at very low levels of exposure to EMFs and radio-frequency radiation. Bioeffects can be observed in the first minutes of using a cordless phone or cellphone close to the head and they can also occur from just minutes of exposing the body close to cell towers, WI-FI, and wireless utility ‘smart’ meters and the frequent exposure may result in illness.

All this because your body is made of different layers, your organs are made of cells, your cells of atoms, the atoms of subatomic particles and those, from energy, frequency and vibration. Everything in the universe has a vibrating frequency, properly called a resonant frequency that is unbalanced from the contamination propagated by the wireless communications and as consequence we have all these conditions already described.

And next, I am going to talk about some devices that can help you avoid all the damage caused by this invisible pollution. Two of them are gadgets to administer pulsed electromagnetic therapy. Which is a modality to improve health through harmonic frequencies. Healy Resonance is the most famous product to apply this therapy through pads that you have to stick into your skin or wrist straps but there are two devices that emit the frequencies through harmonic electromagnetic fields that cover a large area, where it is healthy to be.

How does electromagnetic pollution affect us?

Our bodies are bioelectrical systems, our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals. Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the body and Spirit. In some cases, this may cause discomfort, problems for sleep, headaches, anxiety, depression, memory problems, weight gain and sometimes, even a dread disease like cancer or Alzheimer’s disease.

The main reason why microwaves are especially damaging is probably because of the ease with which the currents that they generate penetrate cell membranes. Calcium loss from cell membranes explains most of the adverse health effects. Cell membranes have a very high resistance to direct currents but, because they are so thin (about 10nm), they behave like capacitors so that alternating currents pass through them easily.

Alternating electromagnetic fields can induce alternating currents to flow though living cells and tissues. They can interfere with the normal direct currents and voltages that are essential for the metabolism of all cells. Virtually every living cell is a seething mass of electric currents and electrical and biochemical amplifiers that are essential for their normal function. Microwave currents pass through the membranes of cells and tissues more easily than radio waves of lower frequencies and can therefore do more damage to the cell.

Higher frequencies such as the microwaves used in cell phones, WiFi, and DECT phones, are the most damaging. Our present exposure to man-made microwaves is about a million billion billion (one followed by eighteen zeros) times greater than our natural exposure to these frequencies. We did not evolve in this environment and we should not be too surprised to find that at least some people may not be genetically adapted to it.

What are the dangers of electromagnetic radiation?

The exposure to electromagnetic fields from cell phones, cordless phones and WiFi can have serious effects on your health. These include early dementia, DNA damage, loss of fertility, cancer, damage to glands resulting in obesity and related disorders like chronic fatigue, autism, an increases in allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities.

Long-term exposure to radiation causes visible damage to glands and loss of their proper function. Just by living within 100 meters of a cell phone base station, a person can develop hypothyroidism, obesity and chronic fatigue due to the damage caused to the Thyroid. Side effects of obesity include diabetes, gangrene, heart problems, kidney failure, and cancer.

It also affects the adrenal glands and stimulates the production of adrenaline and cortisol. Excess adrenaline causes headaches, heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure, tremors, and inability to sleep, all of which have been reported by people living near the base stations. Cortisol production weakens the immune system and could make people living near base stations more susceptible to disease and cancer.

According to this article from Andrew Goldsworthy a renowned expertise, the Cell phone radiation damages DNA indirectly, which effects include an increased risk of cancer and a loss of fertility, sperm quality and, in some cases DNA fragmentation. It may be interfering with ones’ ability to become pregnant, or carry a child to full term, or result in brain development changes that are bad for the child.

There is good evidence that long exposures can damage the health of children born from parents now immersed in wireless exposures. They may cause long-term damage to the unborn children in their growth and development, tipping the scales away from becoming productive adults. So, f you are planing a baby is important that you know these products.

The best products against electromagnetic pollution

How can electromagnetic pollution be reduced?

By saturating the environment with abundant Life energy, the toxic environment produced by wireless communications is cleansed and the risk to health is reduced. It is even healthy to be surrounded by specific frequencies that you can broadcast with orgone generators. Which is the only machine on the market that produces clean life force energy at the frequency you choose. Many people expose themselves to certain frequencies for different purposes.

This is what is called PEMF, pulse electromagnetic frequency therapy. Which is a method to improve heal. There are even devices like the RIFE machines that allow you to kill dangerous microorganisms that cause disease as viruses, bacteria and cancer. The most used Rife machine is Spooky2 and thousands of people have been healed with this gadget. It is relatively easy to use, but you need to connect it to a computer to run the program.

Without a doubt, the best EMF protection on the market is the orgone generator. A device that emits a huge electromagnetic field where it is healthy to be no matter how many devices that produce toxic energies are around. It uses electricity, must be on 24 hours a day, and is easy to use. You have to turn it on, select the frequency you want that predominates in the area and that's it. Here is a list of frequencies with their benefits, but 528 Hz is a good one.

After turning on an orgone generator, the harmful environment produced by electromagnetic pollution dissipates within minutes in the area. It very easy to use, basically you turn it on and leave there the 24 hours a day saturating your home or office with abundant and clean life force energy where is very healthy to be. If you want to protect yourself wherever you go, you only needs to carry a small disc with you where the energy from the machine arrives.

There are different models but all them counteract the harmful energies and frequencies that wireless communications produce. The difference between one model and another is the amount of life force they emit. In large places or with a lot of pollution a heavy generator is necessary but in a single bedroom the model Ju1000 is enough. It is the one I used to cure the chronic insomnia I suffered for 18 years, I am talking about my story on this article.

It is the only device in the market that produces orgone energy and it works pretty well. The magnetic field produced has a better impact on your body compared to other devices or products because it is produced by the pulse of orgone. Which is the main source of energy for any living being, including your cells. That is why it is called orgone, the energy of organisms. A type of energy present in living beings and absent in non-living ones.

You, your family and pets are protected from the damage and deterioration caused by wireless communications by turning on an orgone generator at home. Also you can emit frequencies that have a very good impact like 528 Hertz which is well known for repairing DNA. Some models as the Performer 2400, allow you to select the exact frequency you want to be broadcasted in the environment, it is the device shown in the image above.

It was designed for people who practice sports or for gyms because the more life force is in the environment, the better and more energetic you feel. And although it has a meter that allows you to choose the frequency you want. Contains 12 presets beneficial for people who are into sports or bodybuilding. And they are easily chosen by turning a knob.

Many people told me that the price is high but these are machines hand assembled in the United States. Some even by Karl Welz himself who invented them and built the first orgonite in history. They are produced in small amounts and are the only orgone generators on the market. Other devices do not pulse the life force, they are attracted by using orgonites and if you have any questions feel free to contact me on Telegram, my username is @Pranachy.

With an orgone generator I cleaned pretty well the Electrosmog from my apartment. They create an invisible mist of life energy sparkling on a certain frequency that predominates on the environment, where is very healthy to be. They generate the revitalizing environment of the forest where there are large amounts of clean life force energy flowing continuously.

A cool perk is that you can teleport the energy they produce with a pair of Transfer Disks. By plugging one into the device, the orgone energy reaches the second pair instantly even if it is on another continent miles away as long as the machine is on. With devices like the RAD5 you can revitalize your whole family with the transfer discs and minimize the risk of radio waves from the streets and other places they pass through.

The device from the picture above is the most potent generator and can be used to cleanse the toxic energies produced by EMFs and apply pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. But the commander must know about the beneficial frequencies to be applied to the subject. For example, to increase testosterone, 144.7 Hertz may be selected and then send it to the subject. But not everyone knows the frequencies, however a list can be found in this article.

There are PEMF devices that sell you the frequencies you need to emit for a given result. One of them is Healy Devices, whose difference between one model and another is simply the list of frequencies that you can tune into the app from your phone where you connect it. Everything else is the same and with generator you don't have to pay for any preset because you select them manually, with the dials on the device and the range is 0.5 to 999 Hertz.

I recommend that you tune to the 528 Hz frequency, which is the best for DNA repair and body's regeneration because electrosomog damages both. But during the night 3.5 Hertz is ideal for having a soundly sleep. The generator emits many sparks life energy of pulsing at the frequency you have selected, saturating the area with this invisible mist of Chi energy in harmonious vibration that counteracts any incoming toxic energies or frequencies.

Not in all models you can choose the frequencies you want. You have to see which machines have a frequency meter that allows you to see the pulse rate. The most affordable generator that allows you to see the pulse rate is the PFC 2000, which is my favorite device. There is another PFC2400 that has the same design but emits out much more orgone energy and allows you to convert the audio from your phone or computer into a pulse of life energy.

Dirty Electricity Filter

This an excellent product because it is an investment, right now 15% of the electricity from your home or office is wasted and you paying for it and it is contaminating your building and the planet. This wasted energy is called Dirty Electricity and are fields from the wiring system that remains around the cables and electronics. This is because the electricity is not compressed in only one frequency what makes it arrive 99% of it to the electronic, instead only arrives around 85% and the rest remains on the environment and imbalance your body.

Then, by installing this box next to the breaker panel the electricity is compressed in only one wave and mostly going to be used it. As a result, the equipment runs more efficiently, operates cooler & lasts longer and your environment going to be completely healthy for your family, employees, or pets. It provides robust protection against electrical irregularities as well, and the investment return in 2 or 6 years, in energy savings, and you will keep saving money. Sounds amazing right ?

It is also easy to install directly to the breaker panel but a licensed electrician is required. It takes approximately 30 minutes, the installation and it has a 10 Year Warranty.

Dirty Electricity Filter

This plug compresses the electrical wave as the Power perfect box cleaning the dirty electricity but only from an area of the building. It is useful for areas with many electronics that are on because each time something is using electricity are created electrical fields that disrupt the organism and you can clean with this plug by connecting on it the electronics.

You going to save money from the electricity bill as well by using it because 99% of the electricity distributed to the electronics connected to the plug going to be used. There is no energy wasted and this waste is what contaminates, makes you pay more, and imbalance your body, mind, and spirit.

This is a good option if you only want to clean the electricity from a small area of you are renting where you live for a short period. For example, if you are a music producer and you use a lot of equipment you can use this plug-in to clean all the circuit by connecting the appliances to the Pure Power plug-in and this to the socket. By doing so you can enjoy the next benefits...

- The performance of your appliances is improved

- It is reduced the electrical consumption and electricity bill

- It is Extended the life and health of your appliances

- The Voltage is regulated and the whole system is protected

- It is created a Healthier environment with reduced Electromagnetic fields

- The electrical noise is cleaned and negative harmonics are filtered


The BioRing creates a harmonic resonance in your body, which means that anything that is not in harmony with that frequency cannot resonate with your body. It is something you can use mostly to reduce the negative impact of carrying a cellphone with you and being in contact with the Wi-Fi another radiation we found everywhere.

According to Olaf Baumunk from the Institute for Resonance Phenomena “The BioRing made by SWISS HARMONY generates a healthful energy field, which completely neutralizes the bad effects from electromagnetic and other pathogenic energy fields.

This company created other types of protection as the BioBracelet for Electrosmog that was developed especially for children, as they have found that children don’t like to wear rings. So this modern bracelet is an alternative to the BioRing and it is even more effective due to its size and material. The information that it contains this bracelet for children is exactly the same as the BioRing or the BodyCard.

The most beneficial use of Shungite, in our daily lives, is to protect against harmful, EMFs, and neutralize them. Shungite absorbs and neutralizes these frequencies. Studies of the effect of Shungite on electromagnetic fields showed that it can be used as protection against electromagnetic fields of cell phones, laptops, computers, and geopathogenic zones.

An increasing number of people with Electrohypersensitivity and long-term EMF exposure has been linked to the development of several health problems, including heart diseases, brain damage, poor digestion, weak immune system, arthritis, anxiety, depression, and increased blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar. This is why could be a good idea to carry with you a Shungite crystal and put some pyramids inside your bedroom.

I do not have pyramids but I have Shungite in crystals that I keep to my body and the water I drink. They are well known as the only natural material with hollow molecular carbon cages, known as fullerenes which is a special structure that makes possible to neutralize the EMFs. This is why it could be a good idea to carry with you a small Shungite stone wherever you go and have a pyramid in your bedroom or in the places where you spend long periods.

Plants and especially trees are very powerful tools to reduce the negative impact of electromagnetic pollution and they are so beautiful. Also, it is strategic to have some plants in the bedroom because they produce oxygen, clean the air, and maintain a healthy environment. The next are some specimens that I recommend for home if you want to reduce the impact of Electromagnetic pollution there or in another area:

It is very effective when it comes to absorbing computer radiation. So place some near your computer or other sources of radiation but observe them because those fields can deteriorate it. If the plant is happy there, keep it because scientists have found that the Snake plants are anti-pollutants that can be used as an antidote to certain forms of radiation. They have also discovered that they harmlessly absorb over 100 different types of poison.

Like the cactus, a snake plant does not require constant watering. You just need to check the soil about once a week to make sure that it hasn’t dried out. The snake plant prefers bright light and even some direct sunlight but also grows well in shady corners.

It is capable of absorbing high levels of radiation and like many other plants, the Aloe Vera cleans your air thoroughly, absorbing carbon dioxide and converting it into oxygen. Having several Aloe Vera plants throughout the house is an excellent way to protect yourself from radiation and keep your air clean and fresh.

Because of its radioprotective properties, you should place your Aloe Vera plant in a straight line from the electronic device that is emitting radiation. Make sure not to place anything between the two, as this will diminish the ability of the plant to absorb the pollution.

Caring for an aloe plant is easy and requires little effort since it does not require a lot of water. With a little effort, you can help your aloe vera plant survive for many years if it gets enough sunlight.

It has the ability to absorb a large amount of pollution, even cleaning out various harmful gasses such as formic acid and Aldehyde. Because of the spider plant's amazing abilities at cleaning out pollution, it is also believed to be effective at absorbing forms of radiation at home. And it is another one that requires very little maintenance.

Like the snake plant, it grows best in indirect light, making it the perfect indoor plant. Too much sunlight or heat will cause the leaves to burn. Then keep your Spider plant away from the sunlight in an area that receives plenty of shade or move it away from the window after several hours of sunlight exposure.

Having this plant is a great help to reduce electromagnetic waves wherever it is but will be the most efficient to place it near your electronic devices. The Rubber plant is a large, aesthetically pleasing plant that has many radioprotective properties. In addition to protecting you from radiation, it has plenty of air-purifying properties as well.

Keep it in an air-conditioned room that gets several hours of sunlight during the day, especially if you live in a hot climate. Windows with curtains can be great, as they will help it receive just the right amount of light. And when it is growing, you should keep it moist, by watering it regularly if you notice that the soil is drying out. But when it is not growing, you may only need to water it once or twice a month as it won’t be using up as many nutrients.

I wanted to talk about these plants because they are very effective in maintaining a healthy environment at home or office. Here is an article with more species that can be introduced for cleaning any type of pollution. They are beautiful and beneficial especially for Electrohypersensitive people that need to maintain their environment pretty clean from toxicity and if you never heard about this pathological disorder, check out this article I wrote.

Also, I recommend visiting Electromagnetic health and Bioinitiative these websites contain really good information about Electromagnetic pollution. And keep in mind that metals attract radiation and if you never cleanse your body from them I am pretty sure that your organism infested and attracting EMFS as result, they are everywhere and many people ignore it. So check out this article where I explain how to detox your body from heavy metals and also subscribe to my newsletter in order to receive news about the upcoming articles.




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