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Everything About Mind Movies, One of the Most Potent Tools to Manifest with the Law of Attraction

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Mind movies is undoubtedly one of the most effective exercises to manifest the events you want to experience in life by using the law of attraction. If you have already tried everything without results, I recommend you to create your mind movie, watch it every night and do everything possible to increase your vibration through your lifestyle by meditating, feeling gratitude, by having a strategic diet with super foods and avoiding negative content.

Some exercises people do for the law of attraction are not helpful due to interference from the conscious mind. This is why it can be difficult to get results with affirmations, journaling, and other techniques. But mind movies seems to be a good way to introduce information into your subconscious mind without interference from the conscious mind, and next I'll talk about how to create a mind movie, but if you don't have time, contact me and I'll make one for you.

I recommend using mind movies to the people who book my coaching services to help them manifesting their goals, it is in my opinion superior to any other method most people use. Just check out, the testimonials from people who manifested their goals through mind movies. One guy even received gold coins worth thousands of dollars from a woman who was not very close to him, just a customer of his store. This testimony is in the video below.

What is a mind movie?

It is a short video with a kaleidoscope to induce a trance state, where images of some goals that you want to manifest in your life going to appear later. The first few minutes of this movie includes a kaleidoscope, then some videos with your goals and affirmations, and the last few minutes again the kaleidoscope. It is advisable to include a music track without lyrics that you really enjoy to listen to for best results but it should not bring back memories of your past.

The mind movie is divided into 3 parts, the kaleidoscope, the videos with your goals and affirmations, and the kaleidoscope again. During the first kaleidoscope you going to introduce music that induces a state of relaxation and your favorite track without lyrics should start when the images that reflect your goals appear and keep it until the end. There are many software available for free that you can use, I did mine by using this one.

Even if the video is 15 minutes long, it took me about 4 hours to produce my own mind movie. I used videos from Youtube that reflect 6 different goals and I wrote on each image some affirmations to strengthen my beliefs. Something like I worthy of receiving immediate financial abundance and if you don't have time to produce your own. Contact me on Telegram, I can make your mind movie for some fee, my username is @Pranachy

If you want to manifest different things like frequent travel and a love relationship with a specific person, it is best to create 2 different mind movies but watch only one before sleep and alternate them every day. You can include in your video the important aspects of the relationship but even what you want your partner to look like. In this article that I wrote, there is a video with a mind movie, something like that you need to create.

If you are trying to manifest something with no results, I recommend that you start using mind movies as soon as possible because it may take some time to see results, but they can be shortened over time if you combine this technique with the meditations shown in this other article. But in addition by practicing intermittent fasting and reducing stress completely as well, and something that can help with that is avoiding watching any kind of violent content.

When is the best time to watch your mind movie?

Just before sleep, and for best results, do it in the darkness using an orgone generator pulsing the life force at a low frequency. Which is an excellent method of inducing alpha brainwave activity, and saturate your body with energy that can be directed to manifest your goals. This energy increases the power of your mind, thoughts and imagination. Many people use these machines to manifest, and I wrote about it in this article that I invite you to read.

After watching your mind movie go sleep and wait the magic happens. Something that can help as well is listening the music from your movie to remember your future, what you want to experience but this should be something that you really want to live. Something that motivates you to take the necessary action to achieve it, but just watching your mind movie going to help you speed up results as you can see in the testimonials shown in this article.

Many manifestation techniques many people perform do not influence the subconscious mind and if you practice them by feeling the wrong emotion you will be fortifying negative outcomes, as doing affirmations in state of lack. Your emotions is the most important part for manifesting, but as well introducing the right messages into your subconscious mind and mind movies is a very easy way to achieve it and not many people are talking about them.

In my opinion, it is the most powerful and easiest way to influence positive results with your subconscious mind. And if you read this text but don't take action, you just wasted your time. Make your mind movie ASAP or contact me and I'll do it for you. It can change your life in a positive way. If you know someone that who could benefit from this article, please share it with that person, and subscribe to my newsletter to keep in contact, my friend.

Thank you, you are amazing!




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