10 Tips to reduce Depression in 2020

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Depression is a symptom of having a dark spirit, the field of light around each person. When this invisible area of the body is unhealthy we naturally feel low emotions like sadness and hopelessness. On the other hand, when it is robust and shiny we feel happy, we are positive and energetic. We were born with a bright spirit, that's why children are usually vibrant and vigorous, in fact, sometimes they have too much energy that they need to scream.

If the spirit is healthy, we feel good, even if the weather is horrible for others because part of the spirit is the emotional body and when it is robust and bright naturally we feel happiness and grace. For sure doctors will not tell you about this because they still ignore that the spirit is an area of our bodies and even many spiritual people do not know it, but there are a few persons that can see the spirit as Barbara Brennan.

In the next writing are 10 wonderful tips to battle depression holistically, I am focusing on the root of the problem "the darkness in the spirit". If you follow them, I'm pretty sure you'll feel great in 6 months or less, so be prepared to enjoy life more soon !

10 ways to overcome depression naturally

1 - Meditate

2 - Clean electromagnetic pollution

3 - Visit natural environments often

4 - Take the sunlight

5 - Practice aerobic sports frequently

6 - Eat the right diet

7 - Make new friends & visit new places

8 - Create a project you love

9 - Consume adaptogen herbs

10- Avoid negative content

1 - Meditate

It is my promise that if you meditate every day for 30 minutes you going to be very soon the happiest person you know ! Meditation is strategic to maintain the spirit healthy and shiny, Buddha reached enlightenment after meditating for years because when you meditate you don't stop thinking, when you stop thinking your body begins to absorb the light of the cosmos and with daily practice for a long period the spirit becomes huge and bright. All this shine inside will make you feel awesome and you will understand why many other people don't smile, they just have a dark spirit.

If you want to start meditating but don't know how, take the trial of this Flagship Meditation Training with unlimited Access to the first three days of video training. It contains two powerful mindfulness techniques that you’ll learn to practice on your own.

Other ways to cultivate the light in the spirit are practicing Yoga, Tai-chi, or Qigong but the best method to cultivate huge amounts of light is by the sexual intercourse. When a couple is conceiving a baby, they produce a lot of energy that will be used by the baby exactly when the penis is inside the uterus. At this moment enormous amounts of energy are dancing around and could be stored in the couple if the man does not ejaculate. Otherwise, the spirit of the man going to be completely dark and this darkness will be there around 3 or 4 days, generating depression and negative thoughts coming from the reptilian area of the brain, which is very active in a person with a dark spirit, from there even suicidal thoughts could arise.

I recommend this e-book wrote it by the Kabbalist, Cristian Soriano who experienced a lot of problems in his life due to the ignorance of this subject until his teacher explained it to him and show him the most powerful meditation, which is the sexual intercourse. By practicing the right sexual relationship is very easy to eliminate depression. I hope you are not depressed because you do not have someone to love, if you are, keep reading :)

2 - Clean electromagnetic pollution

If you are sleeping in a small bedroom is very high the probability that your depression is due to the dirty electricity from the wiring system. Around 15% of the electricity distributed in the wiring system of any building is wasted and arrives at the body if you remain close to the walls where the wiring system is. This pollution generates a lot of health problems like anxiety, negativity, fatigue, migraine, and depression.

I was suffering from insomnia and headaches for two years because of the dirty electricity from my bedroom. Those toxic frequencies arrive easily if your bedroom is small and it is quite dangerous. There are thousands of studies that prove how dangerous electromagnetic pollution is to the people, it is very important to clean it with a dirty electricity filter, a chi generator, and these plants.

3 - Visit natural environments often

By going to natural environments often you going to feel relief because in those places the spirit widens due to the abundant clean energy available. Because depression is a symptom of a dark spirit, It is important to be surrounded by nature frequently, at least once per week.

4 - Take the sunlight

The sun is very important for any person and the lack of it causes depression because our spirit is nourished by sunlight. That is why we consider bad weather when it is cloudy and the sun's rays do not arrive in our body. For me, the weather is excellent all the time because I meditate. If you do, you will discover how much light the body stores through meditation, but if you do not meditate, you can often sunbathe to supply yourself with light, this will help you feel good.

5 - Practice aerobic sports frequently

Practicing aerobic sports frequently is strategic to feel good because they are an important source of vital energy. The vital energy is introduced into the body when breathing. When we do a physical activity that makes us breathe fast, we introduce much more life force energy into the body in a very short time, that is why it will make you feel very good to practice an aerobic activity such as running, jogging, playing football, basketball, swimming or any other activity that accelerates your breathing. The spirit will be nourished by enough light and the darkness will be reduced.

If you do not have too much time, work out at home, with the next program you can learn the right exercises. Workout Anywhere® is a great option for you and for me as well because I train on my bedroom to save time. It was designed for helping busy parents live healthier lifestyles anywhere.

6 - Eat the right diet

The diet is very important to maintain a healthy spirit, there is a lot of waste of light from the spirit each time a person eats contaminated food. The cells use the energy from the spirit to clean the body each time you eat low-quality food. A lot of people have diseases like Cancer because of their toxic diet. Cells waste a lot of time and energy by cleaning the organism of the toxic aliments introduced, this makes the spirit dark. To prevent all this waste avoid eating fast food, food with conservatives, or genetically modified aliments. Also, the food prepared with the microwave ovens is very toxic and all the nutrients are diluted by those machines.

To detoxify the organism, eat green aliments as Broccoli, lettuce, spinach, any other leaf or Chlorella. The leaves are literally sunlight transformed into matter, plants transform sunlight into matter and this is what a leaf is, sunlight. Eating the sun will help reduce your depression. It is also very important to eat only organic food to keep the body in excellent condition, young, energetic, and beautiful. You will see that by eating the right foods everything will change, most of the foods that people eat are low quality-foods that greatly reduces human performance, cause aging, acidity (cancer) and obscure the spirit.

If you are not a vegetarian, it is important that you eat animals that had a healthy life since science has demonstrated the animal's memory from entering your cells. It may sound strange but even the murderer of a girl was recognized after her heart was transplanted to a person, the person who received the heart constantly had the same dream of someone murdering the girl and through that dream, it was possible to recognize the assassin. If you eat animals that have been locked up all their lives that suffering and depression are transmitted to your cells and going to influence your mood, even if it is difficult to believe. That is why it is important that you eat organic food and animals that live in complete freedom on the farms.

7 - Make new friends and visit new places

A person may feel bored and sad if he has no contact with other people. Making new friends or socializing with strangers makes us feel good. I frequently visit the meetup website where there are different events that I go to meet new people and places different from those I visit frequently. Going to new places every week is quite healthy and will make you feel good. I also review the events that are published on Facebook or in Internations. This last site a friend recommended it to me, she met her husband in one of those events and I recommend it. For two years I ignored that site but lately, I have been a place in the city that I never imagined existed thanks to being part of that online community.

It will make you feel amazing to meet new people and explore new spots in your city. It is very healthy for the mind. The brain forces us to go to the same places and be with the same people as a survival mechanism however the soul feels bored, needs adventure, the new and without it, we can get depressed because we are not expanding. I love to explore all bars, cafes, restaurants, and clubs of the city, as well as museums, lakes, parks and so on, anything new is welcome to me, it is a good formula to reduce the depression enormously.

8 - Create a project to help people by doing what you love

It could make you sad to have a job only to earn money and not to help society to become better. Our soul aspires to care about others, it is our nature as humans and you can make money as well. By creating a project that assists people by doing what you love to do you will feel awesome, energetic and vibrant. It could be something very simple as writing a blog like me or producing electronic music or selling great products that you found on internet. Also, you can teach others about a subject you master or to do what you do very well. It is important to follow your heart by doing what make you happy. If you do not follow your heart you going to be sad until you do it. People do not follow their hearts because of their minds, in the mind are a lot of fears from society, family and friends. By meditating every day the fears are greatly reduced and one is filled with courage, energy, and wisdom. You can also create a new pattern of thoughts that focus on your future to leave no space for those thoughts that made you suffer. In this article there is good advice to stop negative thoughts and turn them into positive, check it out ! It could be a good help to achieve that change you need in your life.

9 - Take the following herbs every day

There are many herbs that help improve your mood and others that provide nutrients our brain needs for its healthy chemistry, the lack of them causes an imbalance that affects how we feel. Below there are a few herbs that will help you to feel better soon. If I can recommend you 3 of them will be Mugwort tea, Ashwagandha, and Goji but you can find much more natural supplements to reduce depression in this article that I definitely recommend reading.


In a recent 2017 study on mice, Cistanche was used for combating depression symptoms. Results showed that it did help the brain increase production of dopamine in response to depression-inducing conditions and stress. Cistanche may be able to improve issues like stress and depression. Because the plant appears to help with cognitive function and memory, it also seems that it exercises some sort of power over the nervous system in general including issues with mood.


Ashwagandha is a plant that is used to treat many different things. Ashwagandha root extract is used to help reduce anxiety levels because it is capable of reducing cortisol levels. Many people know cortisol as a stress hormone and having too much cortisol can lead to anxiety issues. Some people feel that this plant helps to reduce depression symptoms too, you should try it. You should keep in mind that there is no pill or plant that will cure your depression, as it is just a symptom of a bigger problem, but by following the tips described here you will feel awesome soon.

Goji berry

Research from 2016 that was done using rats shows Goji berries can improve depression and anxiety-like behaviors. The study also showed improved quality of sleep in those who consumed the goji berry juice, and none experienced negative effects related to drinking the juice. Goji berries contain amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and complex sugars. The Chinese, Mongolians, and Tibetans have used Goji berries from the Himalayan Mountains for centuries as an herbal medication.


Jiaogulan is popularly believed in Asia to be an anti-aging, longevity herb. It generally reinforces general health and it has a strong anti-fatigue effect. It is used throughout the Orient as a virtual "cure-all." Studies indicate that Jiaogulan has a double-direction, regulating, adaptogenic influence of the central nervous system. It is calming when one is overexcited and stimulating when one is depressed. Japanese studies have shown that Jiaogulan is clinically useful in a number of mental and neurological conditions, including simple depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia.


With its powerful nervine qualities, Mugwort tea is very good for treating anxiety, depression and chronic stress levels. This can help relieve stress on your nervous and metabolic system, and improve your quality of life if anxiety is something you experience on a daily basis. Drinking Mugwort tea is highly recommended for people suffering from insomnia, anxiety, painful menstruations, digestive issues, obesity, weak immunity, diabetes, depression, inflammation, colds, coughs, flu, respiratory infections, and kidney problems. This herb is available in supplements as well and is also commonly called St. John's plant.

10 - Avoid negative content

It is very easy to get depressed and worry after seeing the negative content shown in the news. The majority of the news shown has no impact on my life, and it is a waste of time to watch them because it does not teach me anything. For example, it is a thousand times better to read the content of this blog than to find out what stupid people are doing hundreds of kilometres away from me. The news shows mostly information about what stupid people are doing on this planet and it is very easy to get depressed if you look at that content often. Invest your time learning strategic things that will improve your life instead of consuming cheap entertainment for the masses.

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