How I solved my insomnia without pills

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

For more than 18 years sleeping was something hard to achieve for me, I am lucky today that I can wake up and continue sleeping if I want in contrast with my past when waking up for any reason and continue sleeping was almost impossible. This morning I decided to sleep longer after open my eyes, and I continue sleeping quickly and easily, it is something I am so grateful for. This is why I decided to share with the community my story and how I solved this problem to give some ideas about how you can achieve your own victory against insomnia.

I tried everything in the past, even getting drunk with Whisky when I was a teen because I needed to sleep well to be ready for college the next day. I was tired most of the time because of my insomnia, my face looked horrible and I had low self-esteem. What happened to me was a real nightmare. It took me more than 15 years to find the solution and I suffered a lot. Also, I wasted a lot of time because when you do not sleep, the next day it is impossible to have a normal life, you feel very tired. If you know what I am really talking about, let me tell you that in front of you is the solution that took me almost 20 years to discover.

Insomnia and migraines are 2 symptoms from toxic levels of electromagnetic pollution at home and both are the worst health problems a person can suffer in my opinion probably because I suffered them since I moved to a new apartment I but I thought was stress and the sleeping issues is something always have been there, I never imagine that something in the environment was toxic, almost no one is talking about electromagnetic pollution. One day I found out that something was really wrong in my place, I was feeling intoxicated somehow, it was disturbing the atmosphere and I found out that was infested of Electrosmog and dirty electricity, and looking for the solution and I found the life force generator that solved my insomnia issue.

This event is what motivates me to support this unique invention and my friend Karl Hans. After this Chi generator came to my life the migraines I suffered for 3 years disappeared completely, and I was able to sleep every night at least 6 hours and deeply. Days before the generator arrived, they were days trying to sleep all night without success. It is very traumatic when the first rays of sun arrive in your bedroom and you are still awake trying to sleep. This is something that a person without insomnia is unable to even imagine how traumatic could be. When you do not sleep during the night your next day is horrible, your performance is not only low, you are completely destroyed. During those days I only wanted that the night arrives again to see if this time I will be able to sleep, Sleeping well is so valuable. Even having a day without migraines, when you suffer them, I am so grateful that today I am feeling great with health and vitality :)

The first week sleeping with the Chi generator made me feel that the battle against insomnia was almost finished.

I do not solve my insomnia just by turning on a Chi generator inside my bedroom, it was a long process that I will describe below, but since the first day I had the orgone generator that my friend Karl Hans gave me, I slept so deep as never before since 3 years ago and I woke up completely revitalized. It took me some time to fall asleep that night as always and I slept for only 6 hours but it was a very good and deep sleep, quite awesome !

The following days were not easy to get sleep also, but the short periods of time I did, were very deep, which is a huge advance. In the next weeks getting sleep was easier and easier and this build confidence in me that made me feel "I Am A Good Sleeper".

At the same time, I listened to the advice of Joe Dispenza, for healing yourself. He suggested introducing new thoughts, habits, and I met new people to feel like a new person, a person that can sleep well. I did it, I decided to have new attitudes and going to different places to become a new person. I got pretty busy and I often thought about how good sleeper I AM. What is great from the mind is that it does not distinguish what is real or not and everything you say to yourself your mind believes it and I started to reduce the stress I was feeling before sleep each night. Until one day disappears and with the Chi generator my brain was relaxed and able to sleep.

A Chi generator helps you to relax your mind if is pulsing the Orgone energy in a low frequency because the tempo of the pulse influence in your brainwaves, it helps you to relax, achieve a theta state with easy and be able to sleep. Also, it cleans the depressing and toxic atmosphere generated by Electrosmog. There are external reasons why people cannot sleep like electromagnetic pollution, but with an Orgone generator, the disturbance generated by dirty electricity and Electrosmog disappears, and sleep is easy. To clean the toxic environment of your home you can do orgonites as well, they helped me as well in the past to sleep successfully, they were invented by Karl Hans as well, on this article I teach you how to make them, enjoy it.

If you never tried meditation you should start to practice it since yesterday if you really want to sleep well. If your mind continues speaking and speaking when you want to turn it off this spiritual practice will help you. Be aware that switching off your mind in a place infested of electromagnetic pollution is very hard because this toxicity generates unbalance in the mind, your mind is not your brain, your mind is a field of light around your body, what we call the Spirit. Many doctors are so ignorant that they imagine that only our physical body is everything you are, and these people trying to do their best give to the community drugs that contaminate their bodies, run away from these people my friend. You will see that very soon you will be sleeping quite good if you keep reading...

I will continue with my story

In my childhood, sleeping for me was a kind of waste of time, I love being awake and enjoying life. I get up early when it was still dark and I go out to nature with my dog Frida. But when I started going to college, I had to be in shape for classes, so sleep was strategic but very difficult to achieve. The problem started around the age of 18 and to solve it, I was drinking red wine to relax before going to sleep. When it did not work, I drank my dad's Whisky, but did not help, I got stupid and, once the effect was over, I woke up again during the night. Also, I took melatonin in pills, something that nowadays I consider very dangerous. I highly recommend avoid them, there is a very important part of the brain called the Pineal gland, in this area is produced the melatonin when is dark, this important part is affected by taking those pills and this area is so strategic for the body like the heart. I also took all kind of pills and herbal extracts, but the problem was my mind. It was difficult to switch it off, and very often laying on the bed I was feeling very tired by the stuff I took for sleep and still the mental discourse was there and did not let me sleep. That is why meditation is a great help to control the inner monkey, who is talking all the time and if you observe it, most of the time it is just saying stupidity. Meditation give you real power because controlling your thoughts is strategic to all areas of your life.

In Montreal was my first contact with electromagnetic pollution, this pollution complicates that I fall asleep and reading for solutions I discovered the orgonites and I did one. After hardening the resin from the first one I made, I felt an incredible atmosphere and that night I sleep much better, then I made more. Some people imagine that they do not work and even ignore what really is Orgone energy. I do not understand how they are unable to feel the wonderful environment they create. They generate the revitalizing atmosphere of the forest. After I did a few the Magick in my life started, literally. Then, I started to read about the metaphysical aspect of crystals, meditating, and researching other stuff about the mind that I will share next. It will help you to reprogram your mind in a very positive way to be able to sleep.

Our thoughts are energy and have an impact on our lives and many people self-destruct by thinking very negative against them. It is important that you understand this because most of the people are using their own mind in a very destructive way, this generates chaos and disease. I am talking about this because if you go to the doctor, for sure you will not get this information and is really important. We can use our thoughts to heal ourselves because your mind cannot distinguish what is real and what is not and simple affirmations often will help, especially when you feel great, I Am a good sleeper, I Am love sleep deeply !

With simple affirmations, the ultra recognized Hypnotherapist Marisa Peer have been changing the lives of thousands and many of them were people visiting therapists from years and she helped them in a couple of sessions. So don't take these statements lightly and repeat often the following affirmations... I Am a good sleeper, I Am love sleep deeply !

During years I was sleeping well and sometimes not very good, but with the life force generator was easier to create the new belief that I am a good sleeper. There was like an entity that woke me up every night, the only solution was weakening this entity by avoiding the thoughts that fed it until it disappears. If you hated something of you, or if you watch too much negative content or focus your attention on the no-good things happening in the world you are stressing yourself for free, it is not smart, trust me. This creates a negative pattern that manifests anxiety and fears. Just avoid all that toxicity and focus on your goals and make of your life something amazing and memorable.

For example, we can be sad because we can not travel to other countries or cities but we do not know what is around us, close to our homes and we can start by exploring very close environments and there we will have a lot of fun but when the mind is distracted these simple great ideas are difficult to achieve. The less information you receive during the day, the easier will be that you sleep well tonight, this data could be even a stressful movie. There are movies so toxic and this visual pollution makes your body shoots toxins that make you ugly, and old and then people have weird diseases that they do not understand the reason but if I said to them that almost everything people consume is toxic they will laugh. Any type of violent content is toxic and can have a negative impact on you. It is important you know all this because thoughts are energy and the accumulation of energy generates a self-destructive pattern, which manifests itself in many ways, it could be a disease or a complicated symptom like insomnia.

If you suffer insomnia and you have this negative pattern that does not let you sleep but you do not know where it comes from, I recommend you to avoid toxic information, toxic people, remove negative thoughts by creating new positive thoughts. Because you need to destroy a mental pattern that you do not know where is coming from, then it is necessary to attack with many weapons. I discovered that my mental disturbance before sleep was boosted by some things I watched. News is very toxic and a waste of time to watch them, the valuable time you can enjoy living or expanding your knowledge with information that improves your skills or makes you happy. Every thought is cyclical, so if you see some injustice in the news and later you think about it, is very probably that you will think again about it, and again and this is how some thoughts just keep rotating and rotating until new thoughts are introduced but is quite complicated to eliminated them this is why is just easier to avoid the content that originates them. By introducing new thoughts we can reprogram our mind in a positive way and as Joe Dispenza said, if our thoughts can make us sick, our thoughts can cure us.

Then, repeat often I Am a good sleeper, Sleep is so easy to me, I love sleep !

The first few days with the life force generator in my bedroom I was sleeping deep but still falling asleep was complicated it. I need to fix it by erasing the belief that I am a person with insomnia, I knew that I was able to sleep with the generator and I only need to re-invent my self and become a new person. So, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, I started to visit new places each week and meet new people every week. I focused on new interests and I started to avoid completely the news and violent content. Trust me, it helped me a lot, now I understand how toxic is that for the mind, and if you have a wrong mental pattern this going to be a smart method to delete it. There are a lot of people addicted to negativity, they love to watch all the problems that other people have or the injustices to feel bad because their bodies are addicted to those feelings. Each time that you see a negative event and you feel injustice, for example, your body shoots chemicals, and if you get these chemicals every day there is a moment when your body has a dependence on those chemicals and started to ask for them and most of them generate diseases. They are literally toxins that could intoxicate your body. So, keep this in mind if you want to sleep well.

During all my years with sleeping issues I tried a lot of things and I want to share with you the 10 natural remedies I used to fall asleep with success.

I discovered how busy my mind was on thinking unimportant things as what happening in the world, for example, So I started to ignore the news, they only shows what stupid people in the world are doing and currently I have to much space in my mind to focus in important things related with my life, my projects and goals. Also, I am immersed in the present time with no distracting thoughts. So, it helped me a lot for sleeping well to reduce the stupid content to almost zero, also I did new activities and develop new habits that made me feel as a new person, a person that can sleep perfectly. I met new people and basically I am a new person, after changing the environment, the people, my habits, and my thoughts. It was a successful strategy that I highly recommend you. I completely cured my insomnia by eliminating my old mental pattern and building a new version of myself.

Today, my life is very simple, less is more and, slowly, my sleep pattern improved after received the generator, until one day, sleeping for me was peanuts.

Without the generator, this could not be possible to reach, because my place was infested by dead orgone energy which is quite unhealthy and the machine clean this toxicity and helped me to balance my brainwaves during bed to fall asleep easily. When the energy is pulsed in a low frequency most of the brainwaves are influenced by this pulse this is why I recommend you use the frequency 3.5 hertz that will help you to relax. I highly recommend a life force generator to keep your cells with vitality, no other product does this. The life force generator helped me to heal my almost 20 years of insomnia but this is not devices for helping to sleep, they just create the revitalizing atmosphere of the forest where the Life force energy is clean, abundant, and in constant movement. In this healthy atmosphere sleeping is easy. They also reduce the impact of electromagnetic pollution, they potentiate the body and mind and maintain your cells with vitality.

I wrote another article talking about some great products to clean the Electromagnetic pollution and reduce the effect of the radiation around us. Check it out on this link and subscribe to my newsletter of follow me in Pinterest to be updated on the content I publish each week about Health, Wellness and Personal Development. Feel free to write me an email if you are looking for a Life coach to Let´s meet in Skype to talk about How I can transform your life :)

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