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How I Solved My Chronic Insomnia Naturally, Without Pills

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

For more than 18 years sleeping was something hard to achieve for me, I am lucky today that I can wake up and continue sleeping if I want in contrast with my past when waking up for any reason and continue sleeping was almost impossible. This morning I decided to sleep more after opening my eyes. I continued sleeping quickly and easily, something I am so grateful for. This is why I decided to share with the community my story and how I solved this problem to give some ideas about how you can achieve your own victory against insomnia.

I tried everything, even getting drunk often when I was a teen because I needed to sleep to be ready for college the next day. I was tired most of the time because of my insomnia, my face looked horrible and I had low self-esteem. It was a real nightmare, something unimaginable for someone who sleep perfectly. It took me more than 15 years to find the solution and I suffered a lot. Also, I wasted a lot of time because when you do not sleep, the next day it is impossible to have a normal life. If you are in a very pretty similar situation, let me tell you that in front of you is the solution that took me almost 20 years to discover.

How I solved my insomnia naturally without pills

Why I Cannot sleep at night ?

There are many reasons why you might have insomnia, including nutrient deficiency, emotional issues, parasites, taking certain medications, hormonal imbalance, and even electromagnetic pollution. And it's better to find out the root cause of the condition rather than take a toxic drug that puts you to sleep because it won't help in the long term and often your condition is a sign of a major issue that needs to be resolved urgently.

I have a disorder called Electrohypersensitivity and suffer from headaches, thyroid pain, havoc in the frontal lobe of the brain, insomnia and even temperature or symptoms very similar to a cold when I spend a lot of time in environments infested with electric, and electromagnetic fields. My condition worsened in my last apartment because it was infested with electromsmog and dirty electricity, what led me to the solution.

Insomnia and migraines are 2 symptoms of toxic levels of electromagnetic pollution at home, in my opinion, both are the worst health problems a person can suffer from. I never imagined that something in the environment was causing my condition. Until one day before going to sleep I started to clench my jaw quite hard and very often I dream that all my teeth felt so I thought that my bedroom was infested with some toxicity and I began to investigate about it.

I am not saying that electromagnetic pollution has caused my insomnia for 15 years because I lived in many different places all this time, but it helped me find the device that solved my condition. Electrosmog was nothing new to me, I already knew about it and even the solution that is making orgonites. I did 5 that improved the environment quite well and further research led me to discover a device that influences brain wave activity allowing you to sleep.

What is the best and safest sleep aid ?

What is the best and safest sleep aid ?

Without a doubt, an orgone generator is the best and safest sleep aid on the market. It is a machine that produces harmonic frequencies that promotes delta brain wave activity what promotes deep sleep and facilitate falling asleep. This device also cleanses toxic energies that cause insomnia and can heal even chronic conditions within 3 months if the cause is not due to medication side effect, nutrient deficiency or hormonal imbalance.

It is a bit similar to Healy Resonance whose app has sleep frequencies. Another tool that helps you have a victory over insomnia but you need to wear it which can be uncomfortable and secondly your insomnia may be due to electrosmog and the orgone generator not only broadcasts frequencies that influence your brainwave activity, but also cleanses toxic energies produced by EMFs that cause insomnia and you do not need to wear it.

The orgone generator as the Healy device broadcasts frequencies that influence positively your body, mind and spirit and you do not need to wear it. Because saturates the bedroom with abundant life energy pulsing at the selected frequency. I used 3.5Hertz to heal the chronic insomnia I suffered for 18 years that not conventional doctor was able to cure. Since the first day with the orgone generator, I slept so deep as never before since 3 years and I woke up completely revitalized but took me some time to fall asleep as always.

The next few days weren't easy for me to fall asleep either, but the short periods of time I did were enough deep, which was a big step forward because when you suffer insomnia often you sleep 8 hours waking up feeling as you did not sleep at all. Over the next few weeks sleeping got easier and easier what built confidence in me. At least, I was going to bed with the certainty that at some point of the night I would be sleeping, which was pretty cool.

Before having the generator were days that tried to sleep through the whole night with no success. It is very hard when the first rays of sunlight reach your bedroom and you are still awake trying to sleep. This is something that a person without insomnia is unable to even imagine how traumatic it could be. When you don't sleep through the night, the next day sucks, your performance is not only low, you're completely destroyed. I was going to bed with the certainty that at some point in the night I would be sleeping, which was pretty cool.

Before the generator arrived were days of trying to sleep through the whole night with no success. It is very hard when the first rays of sunlight reach your bedroom and you are still awake trying to sleep. When you don't sleep through the night, your next day sucks, your performance is not only low, you're completely destroyed. It took me around 3 months to be able to sleep pretty fine after the generator arrived and this is not a device I brought to solve this condition. I just wanted to remove the toxic energies produced by EMFs.

Can Chronic Insomnia be Cured Naturally?

Insomnia can be cured, but the root cause of the condition must be found. Drinking some teas at night can help or vaporizing essential oils like lavender, but if your home is infested with electromagnetic pollution, your entire family is at real risk, even your pets or if the medication you are taking is causing your insomnia, it is best to stop consuming it and take the natural alternative. In the plant kingdom is the remedy for most diseases and people ignore it. Companies make money by patenting remedies and a plant can not be patented.

More important than sleeping well is finding out the reason why you are unable to sleep. The lack of important nutrients for your health like Magnesium and vitamin B causes insomnia and very often the problem is not because of your diet but the lack of microorganism in the Gut microbiota that produce the nutrients. They are killed by many medications like antibiotics. Also, cheap Vitamins and minerals like Cyanocobalamin the synthetic version of Vitamin B12 or Magnesium oxide your body does not assimilate, avoid wasting your money.

How do I know what is causing my insomnia?

By visiting a holistic coach or doing a Bioresonance Diagnostics lab test you can obtain very complete information about your overall health and find out the root cause of your insomnia. Probably you are allergic to some food, your body lacks some nutrient, you have parasites, metal poisoning or another hidden condition such as hormonal imbalance. On the other hand, if you are menopausal, it is most likely due to hormones and consuming Ashwagandha and Black Cohosh supplementation will improve your whole condition.

Take these supplements on an empty stomach and Ashwagandha before bed. It is a great herb for sleep but do not sedate you. Many people do not imagine that they lack nutrients because they eat well, but they are unaware that some aliments like ice cream, sodas, processed foods, carbohydrates or processed grains, deplete the body nutrients. On the other hand, if you consume some vitamins with sugar, they less assimilated as vitamin C.

By performing a remote bioresonance laboratory test, you can obtain very complete information about the state of your body and bio-energy field but you can get a similar diagnose if you have a Healy Device that you can use with your family and friends as well. It has also a program with resonance frequencies for sleeping. But only a holistic coach can interpret the information and find out the real cause of your condition. So I invite you to book my sessions if you want to have support in your life to become healthier, and more beautiful.

I do not solve my insomnia just by turning on a Chi generator inside my bedroom, it was a long process that I will describe next, but since the first day I wake up revitalized. During those years I tried everything, I even wrote this article with 11 home remedies to be able to sleep. I am talking there about teas, crystals, essential oils and even audios from youtube. I have been using lately this one below, which is a meditation for attracting abundance which helps you falling asleep. Try it and if you win the lotto share a donation with me here, please !

How can I fall asleep all night naturally?

An orgone generator allows you to sleep all night without interruptions and if you have them quickly you will be able to continue sleeping and help you to eliminate in the future these types of interruptions allowing you to sleep the whole night soundly. This device increases delta activity in your brain what helps to tune into the most beneficial state of sleep.

The first weeks with the orgone generator in my bedroom getting to sleep was difficult something solved by using it but back then my mind was convinced that sleeping for me was super difficult after 18 years with insomnia. However, once I felt asleep could normally I woke up the next day feeling great and if I got up in the night to go to the bathroom it was easy to continue sleeping, something impossible when you suffer from insomnia.

An orgone helps you fall asleep fast but in long term and forever, not just one night. It solves the problem. After 3 months of using it, I was able to easily fall asleep, sleep soundly all the night, wake up refreshed, and continue sleeping after opening my eyes in the morning or at night. And they are very easy to use, just turn it on, choose the 3.5 Hertz frequency and keep it on 24 hours a day in your room cleaning the toxic energies produced by EMFs.

This is how I solved my chronic insomnia forever, there are several products that improve your sleep but they hardly solve the problem. If you want to take a supplement I recommend Tryptophan, which is a precursor of Melatonin, and be careful with medications because they worsen the condition in long-term and they are harmful. Here on eBay there are many supplements that you can buy with other natural ingredients that will help you sleep.

To be honest, it was a huge surprise for me to have healed my condition with this machine that I brought home to cleanse the toxic energies produced by the wireless communications. I never suspected that my condition would one day be cured after living many years with it. I highly recommend this device, but also having a diet with enough Magnesium, B vitamins and that you subscribe to my newsletter or follow me in Pinterest to keep in contact.




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