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How I solved my insomnia without pills

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

For more than 18 years sleeping was something hard to achieve for me, I feel so lucky that today I woke up in the morning and decided to stay longer, dreaming, so I continued sleeping. I solved my insomnia with the help of a life force generator. I tried everything in the past, even getting drunk with Whisky when I was a teenager because I needed to sleep well to be ready for the college. I was tired most of the time because of my insomnia, my face looked horrible and I had low self-esteem. In the next text I will describe my experience and how I solved it. It took me many years and I suffered a lot, also, I wasted a lot of time because when you do not sleep, the next day it is impossible to have a normal life, you feel very bad. If you have this problem, in front of you is the solution that took me almost 20 years to discover.

I consider insomnia and migraines the worst health problems, I suffered both and I have resolved both with a life force generator, that is why I started Pranachy, which is an affiliated company that supports this unique invention. After the life force generator came to my life the migraines I suffered for 3 years disappeared completely, and I was able to sleep every night at least 6 hours and very deep, before they were days that the first rays of the sun arrived and I was still trying to sleep. When you do not sleep during the night your next day is horrible, your performance is low and you only wants that the night arrives again to try to sleep. Is why this invention is great !

Basically the battle was won by 70% after bringing the orgone generator at home.

I do not solve my insomnia just by turning on a Chi generator inside my bedroom, it was a long process of months, but since the first day I had the orgone generator that my friend Karl Hans gave me, I slept so deep as never before since 3 years ago and I woke up completely revitalized. It took me some time to fall asleep that night as always and I did for only 6 hours but was a very good and deep sleep, quite awesome ! The following days were not easy to get sleep also, but the short periods of time I did, were very deep, that was an advance. With the time getting sleep was easier and easier. However, I was very sure that this part of myself very soon will disappear, for achieving that I introduced new thoughts, habits and I met new people to feel like a new person, a person that can sleep well. I did it, by following the advice of Joe Dispenza, so, I decided to have new attitudes and going to different places to become a new person. I got pretty busy and I often thought about how good sleeper I AM.

It was a part of me that wakes me up every night and it was stealing my vital energy, for my situation the most important benefit from a Life Force generator is that the vital energy stolen was supplied, but was still not enough. Sleeping well is strategic in life. Even with meditation, this shadow was still there, it was like an entity and my worst enemy since I was very young, so, let´s talk about how I killed this demon...

We all have a dark part that tries to destroy us, it is how we become stronger. The difference between the tip of a pencil and a diamond is that the diamond underwent to constant and quite strong pressures in the depths of the planet, however, both are simple carbon. In most cases, insomnia is a part of us that does not let us sleep, is our own mind, stress or anxiety, but I will describe it as a shadow. There are external reasons why people cannot sleep like electromagnetic pollution, but with a life force generator, the disturbance generated by dirty electricity and Electrosmog disappears in a few minutes and sleep is easy. When the vital energy is pulsed in a low frequency by the generator a person relaxes and sleep is easy but if the mind can not be disconnected things get difficult and this is the most common situation of most of the people with insomnia.

In my childhood, sleeping for me was a kind of waste of time, I love being awake and enjoying life. I get up early when it was still dark and I go out to nature with my dog Frida. But when I started going to school, I had to be in shape for classes, so sleep was strategic but very difficult to achieve, the problem started around age 18 and to solve it I was drinking red wine to relax before going to sleep. When it did not work, I drank my dad's Whisky, but did not help, I got stupid and, once the effect was over, I woke up again during the night. Also, I took melatonin in pills, something that nowadays I consider very dangerous. I highly recommend avoid them, there is a very important part of the brain called the Pineal gland, in this area is produced the melatonin when is dark, this important part is affected by taking those pills and this area is so strategic for the body like the heart. I also took all kind of pills and herbal extract, but the problem was my mind. It was difficult to switch it off, and very often laying on the bed I was feeling very tired by the stuff I took for sleep and still with the mental discourse that did not let me sleep. That is why meditation is a great help to control the inner monkey, who is talking all the time and if you observe it, most of the time it is just saying stupidity. Meditation give you real power, controlling thoughts is strategic to all areas of your life.

In Montreal was my first contact with electromagnetic pollution, and that complicate things, during that time I discovered the orgonites and I did one. After hardening the resin from the first one that I made, I felt an incredible atmosphere, that was my first experience with the life force energy. There are a lot of people saying that they do not work and I do not understand how they can not feel the wonderful environment they create. They generate the revitalizing atmosphere of the forest. After I did a few the Magik in my life started, literally. Then, I started to read about the metaphysical aspect of crystals, researching other stuff and I create more orgonites, they improved my sleep since the first day.

Once I met a person after go out of home, he was very angry asking me if I saw his dog, someone just stolen his dog minutes before the encounter with him. He was with another dog, so I said to him... someone stole a dog next to your other dog, this one did not do anything ?

He said to me - Naaaa this dog is so stupid !

Well, was not stupid, was a kind of friendly animal. He was very angry, talking to me very louder almost screaming and hitting the corner post on the street. In that moment I just want to go far from that emotional person. As always, I was lucky because another person came closer and he asked to him the same question and I took that opportunity to escape. I continued walking with a crystal on my hand that I received from China that I wanted to show to my girlfriend. I was going to her place and I thought "I going to give this amethyst to that guy and said to him that if he wish that his dog going to appear, it will". So I decided to walk back to him but later I thought naaaa he will not believe me hahaha it going to be waste so I going to wish it for him and I did while I was walking. I put it on my front while I was imagining that. That night I slept in the place of my girlfriend, next day I woke up, I spent some time there, and I went back home. I decided to walk in the park and I found the guy with 2 dogs. My wish not only came true, the destiny made me see it with my own eyes next day. Is when I started to understand the real potential of the mind in a mental Universe, the Magik was becoming part of my life. I asked to him, did you find it ?

Yes I did, it was very far so the probabilities was very low, as well the probabilities that I saw him again next day.

He was very happy, he told me: I snatched my dog and punched this guy in his face.

It is important that you understand this because most of the people are using their own mind in a very destructive way, this generates chaos and disease in the people and society. Our thoughts are energy and have an impact on our lives and many people self-destruct by thinking very negative against them. I am talking about this because if you go to the doctor, for sure you will not get this information and is really important. We can use our thoughts to heal ourselves.

I created the shadow that did not allow me to sleep with much hate against myself. If you begin to understand some aspects of yourself by observing how life develops, you can understand why you can not sleep. In my case, low self-esteem generated a lot of hatred against myself, this energy accumulated in large quantities did not let me sleep and stopped many opportunities I had. So, if you want to sleep it is important to know all this because thoughts are energy and the accumulation of energy generates a self-destructive pattern, which manifests itself in many ways, it could be a disease or a complicated symptom like insomnia.

During years I was sleeping good and sometimes not very good, but with the life force generator was easier to have a new pattern that let me sleep. When you have a bad habit you need 21 days to deleted it creating a new one. There was an entity that woke me up every night , the only solution for this was weaken the entity by avoiding the thoughts that fed it until it dies. If you hated something of you, is possible to create a energy pattern that going to attack you somehow. If you keep those thoughts you feed that entity with that energy. The only way to kill it is observing which thoughts maintain this energy pattern alive to stopped them, introduce new ones and create new behaviors and habits.

For example if you do not like you body, you need only a few minutes to working out in your own room with one dumbbell and the real commitment to destroy the person you are by becoming a better version of yourself. The inner self is reflected in the body so you can become more beautiful easily, even if is hard to believe just 5 years ago my nose was crooked. It is amazing to remember this now that my nose is not like that, it is a reminder of how important is to maintain harmony in life. I did not do anything to change it, it was just a reflection of my own thoughts. Our bodies change completely each year Did you know ?

You can become a complete different person next year and you can use the vital energy from the generator to maintain your cells with the vitality necessary to do all changes you want. You need to order that to your cells each night before sleep, they will use the vitality they have to follow your orders. This is how Joe Dispenza built his vertebrae destroyed and I have used the same method successfully. The cells will do it only if you do not make them waste their energy by cleaning garbage. What is garbage ? if you smoke you throw garbage that they need to clean, if you eat meat also, or sugar, breads or pasta. Also sodas are garbage, I never drink sodas. And not to be healthy, I just prefer teas, juices, coffee, water, even ice cream.

If you suffer insomnia and you have this negative pattern that does not let you sleep but you do not know where it comes from, I recommend you to avoid toxic information and toxic people, as well as all negative thoughts. Because you need to destroy a mental pattern that you do not know is necessary to attack with many weapons. Sometimes we have money problems and generate stress, and this stress does not make us sleep even if you think is not that. I discovered that my mental disturbance that do not let me sleep was boosted by some things I watched. There are some news that generate a negative mental pattern as well as watching some violent content. Every thought is cyclical, so if you see some injustice in the news, and later you think about it, is very probably that you will think again about it, in this way is recommended to avoid the news, in this way instead of thinking how wrong the economy is going, you will think about how your business can have a faster cash flow, the news can steal our energy, what is important is to focus in achieving our goals. By introducing new thoughts we can reprogram our mind in a positive way and as Joe Dispenza said, if our thoughts can make us sick, our thoughts can cure us.


A few years ago I had a very strong insomnia again. The situation gets worst because I suffered migraines also. In that moment I was stressed so I thought it was the reason until I discovered that the intelligent meter in front of my bedroom is very radioactive. I was totally intoxicated by electromagnetic pollution. So I did orgonites again and the environment changed greatly and trying to find scientific evidence of the orgonites I found the inventor of the orgonites Karl Hans. He invented in 1991 the orgone generators also, a year before he created the first the orgonite in the planet, he introduce them in the generators to boost their power. They are a mix of metal and resin, it is a very smart way to accumulate the orgone energy, this mix was based on the orgone accumulators of Wilhelm Reich. In the past people need to be sit during 30 minutes to be exposed to the life force accumulated on that boxes and those boxes could accumulates also polluted energy because it attracts the vital energy from around. So a life force generator is a great invention, they produce only clean vital energy, they can be on 24 hours creating the revitalizing environment of the forest. They improve sleep and can be used to delete from water negative frequencies stored from the environment as Electrosmog, The Water stores frequencies and it is highly recommend to clean them before drink it. After I found those devices, I made this free test of vital energy.

When I received the energy from the test, I felt a lot of vital energy on my apartment because I have orgonites there and the energy was attracted and distributed by them, was very strong. The water attracts the vital energy and that night I took a bath with salt and was amazing !

Days after did the test, I received the generator model JU1000. In the first night with the generator I slept a bit but very deep and I wake up revitalized, such a wonderful experience when you have insomnia. Also the environment on my bedroom was lovely, I felt the vitality that nowadays is common on my daily life. With the life force generator my sleep was very good and I wake up feeling so happy because time ago that I do not sleep so deep in 3 years. During that time I was drinking teas, taking extract of Valerian as remedy, or listening Hemi Sync audio, it helped me a lot. There is one available in Youtube.

The first few days with the life force generator in my bedroom I was sleeping deep the short periods of time I could, it was a breakthrough. The last step I needed was to erase the mental pattern forever and become a new person. So, I started to push myself out of the comfort zone, I started to visit new places each week and meet new people every week. I focused on new interests and I started to avoid completely the news and violent content. Trust me, it helped me a lot, now I understand how toxic is that for the mind and if you have a wrong mental pattern this going to be a smart method to delete it. There are a lot of people addicted to negativity, they love to watch all the problems that other people have or the injustices to feel bad because their bodies are addicted to those feelings. Each time that you see a negative event and you feel injustice, for example, your body shoots chemicals, and if you get these chemicals every day there is a moment when your body has a dependence to those chemicals and started to ask for them and most of them generate diseases. They are literally toxins that could generate an illness. So, take this in mind if you want to sleep well.

There was something that happened to me often, it was thinking too much about what happens in the world and how much ignorant is a lot of people. So I started to ignore the news and the stupidity in the world. "It should be startups working in generate peace between nations by sharing knowledge instead of an army of monkeys that enrich the weapon dealers and should be cooperation instead of competition". Currently, I do not have those thoughts and most of my thoughts are related to my goals in life, my plans and, of course, I am immersed in the present time without distractions. So, I reduced the content that I see to almost zero and I do not spend time with many of my old friends. I met new people and basically I am a new person, after changing the environment, the people,my habits, and my thoughts. It was a successful strategy that I highly recommend. I completely cured my insomnia by eliminating my old mental pattern by killing my old self by building a new version of me.

Today, my life is very simple, less is more and, slowly, my sleep pattern improved. Until one day, sleeping for me was peanuts. I do not listen to the Hemi Sync audio anymore before going to sleep and I do not need drink Valerian tea too.

By doing other things that make me feel like another person, a person that can sleep and I could fix my sleep. Without the generator this could not be possible, because my place was infested by Electrosmog, dead orgone energy and the machine helped me to balance my brainwaves during the night before sleeping. When the energy is pulsed in a low frequency most of the brainwaves are influenced by the movement of the vital energy in this way you can put your brain with the brainwaves of your choice, I used the frequency 3.5 hertz. It helped me to relax before sleep.

If you have electromagnetic pollution at home you can introduce these plants to reduce the impact, also orgonites could help but they should have 50% of casting resin, 50% metal dust, quartz, black Tourmaline, Amethyst and Shungite. Also reproducing the next audio for long periods of time will help, there are products that reduce Electrosmog by reproducing positive frequencies, those devices are the same as reproducing this audio in your place, even if you are not there keep it on to maintain clean the area of negative frequencies. But I highly recommend a life force generator to keep your cells with vitality with vital energy, no other product does this. The life force generators definitely helped me to heal my almost 20 years of insomnia. They not only help to sleep, but they also reduce the impact of electromagnetic pollution, they potentiate the body and mind, they maintain the cells with vitality and if you like the law of attraction let me tell you that will help you to manifest faster your goals with easy.

As I wrote before, I started to study Magik 10 years ago, and I found those devices because the inventor sells them as Magik machines. A lot of people think that this is ridiculous but believe me, they are a great help. I started to experience magikal moments as I described before with the story of the dog since I was wrapped with a lot of vital energy. The vital energy is the fuel of manifestation in this mental Universe, is with the imagination how you shape what you want to create and it is the vital energy what you going to use to mold it. If you feel curious about, check this tutorial I wrote and if you have any question feel free to meet me in skype @ Pranachy .Store

If you like sports or working out with the orgone generators you could energize yourself, it is possible to bring the vital energy to any part of the world with the transfer discs, so you can be revitalized in the gym. They generate a wonderful atmosphere also, the vital energy is everywhere but in some places this energy is stagnant because is polluted by the fields generated by the technology as antennas. When the energy is clean it flows and this movement makes us feel the vitality and revitalize the cells quite well, this flux is created by the Chi generators. Every second we attract and expel the vital energy, without life force we cannot be alive, it is what differentiates a living being from a corpse. So, basically is so important as the air we breath.


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