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Orgonites do not really help to mitigate the toxic energies produced by EMFs

Contrary to what many people believe, including myself but in the past, the mini orgone accumulators invented by Karl Hans Welz, commonly known as orgonites, do not completely protect your body and spirit from toxic energies produced by wireless communications and the electrical system. Orgonites at home do not totally eliminate the pollution.

They are a great tool, I have made many that greatly improved the environment, but who writes this article is a person that suffers electrohypersensitivy. And I get sick in the presence of high amounts of electromagnetic or electrical pollution. Due my condition I was able to discover that orgonites do not help to fully mitigate the negative effects of radiation.

In a contaminated place I feel pain in the thyroid gland, in the frontal lobe of the brain, my head burns, I suffer insomnia and I can even feel fever. As it happened a few days ago that I visited a friend who hosted me for a few days. I was feeling pretty well when I arrived, but I couldn't sleep, thinking that the bed was uncomfortable but the next day I had pain all over my body, fever and migraine. I never imagined that was because of electromagnetic pollution.

I was moving, so a few things were with me, including my big orgonite, saturated with quartz, amethyst, black tourmaline, and shungite. It is completely full of metal shavings and built as I described in this article I wrote, and yet the toxic energies from the wireless communications and the wired system were causing me damage and horrible symptoms. Until I turned on my orgone generator, something I didn't do at first because I wasn't in my place.

Orgonites do not really help to mitigate the toxic energies produced by EMFs

Can Orgonite protect from EMF radiation?

No, orgonites do not protect you from electromagnetic radiation. Placing large orgonites in your home greatly improves the environment and you can make it healthier by introducing plants. But if your home is saturated with the electromagnetic pollution that communications emits or dirty electricity, your health is still at risk even if you have orgonites, especially if you live in an apartment sharing the building with more people inside a big city.

Wearing necklaces won't protect you as well, even if they have Shungite, which is a black crystal. And all black crystals should be brought below the navel because they attract negative energies that are held there but those energies can be discharged through the legs.

Black crystals are protective because they attract negative energies preventing them from touching you, but you have to take them close to the planet to absorbs and cleanses them. If you wear a necklace with a black crystal, the negative energy remains in the crystal, which can affect the energy center of your throat and heart. I carry Shungite in the pockets of my jeans. Carrying Noble Shungite is very effective and here on eBay they have good prices.

The best option is to have an orgone generator and bring the energy produced by carrying a transfer disk with you. These discs are orgonites that you can use to teleport your generator's energy anywhere in the world and you can place them in any part of your body but they are only effective when the second disc is in the generator and the device is on.

Can an Orgone generator protect from EMF radiation ?

Yes, of course, they saturate an area with clean life force energy in harmonious vibration where it is healthy to be. That cleanses the toxic energies and frequencies that unbalance the functions of your body and spirit. Only by using an orgone generator the pain in my head, glands and mental chaos go away. I have 5 big orgonites for protection and I was still suffering from insomnia every night. Only a generator solved this condition caused by EMFs.

Electromagnetic pollution throws your hormones out of balance, what leads to many health conditions, including obesity. As a holistic coach, I consider the slowdown in metabolism the worst thing that can happen to anyone interested in losing weight. And it is result of the malfunction of the thyroid gland that can be affected by electromagnetic pollution, so basically EMFs can make you obese. It also disturbs the function of your heart and brain.

Each energy center of the body is connected to a gland, so this pollution also affects your spirit by throwing your centers out of balance. I know it because it is possible to obtain complete information about your energy centers and the condition your energy field with a Bioresonance Diagnostics Lab Test. Many people who don't feel well have a lot of radiation, metals, or parasites in their bodies and ignore it even if they visited a doctor.

If you suffer from frequent headaches, insomnia, fatigue, negativity, and you get sick frequently, even if your diet is healthy, electromagnetic pollution may be the cause. Then, I recommend that you keep on an orgone generator the 24 hours before it's too late because the radiation is deteriorating your body. The damage provoked by the radiation is oxidation in your organism, something similar like a plant with brown spots on the green leaves.

Orgonites do not really help to mitigate the toxic energies produced by EMFs

Are orgonites a scam ?

Definitely not, but it is important that you know that orgonites improve the environment but do not protect completely your body from the radiation coming from wireless communications and the electrical system. If your bed is in an area where there is an electromagnetic field that touch your body during the night an orgonite will not help and your organism will suffer imbalance and deterioration, what is dangerous. Only an orgone generator will protect you.

I have already done many experiments with huge orgonites and orgone generators. Even Karl Hans Welz invented a generator of dead orgone energy and turned it on in front of an audience. As result, they felt pain in their lymph nodes and glands, exactly the same areas of my body affected when there are high levels of electrosmog around me. Karl then turned on an orgone generator so the audience could feel the purification of the energy in the room.

As a conclusion of all my experiments, orgonites improve the energetic environment, but in presence of high amounts of radiation, they are not the best protection. You need a device saturating the area with abundant life energy in harmonious vibration. And only the orgone generator creates this ambience with abundant and clean life force, where it is healthy to be.

A year after inventing the orgone generator, Karl Welz created the first orgonite in history to boost the potency of the machine. Orgonites are just a piece of the device and the little quartzes are not enough to mitigate all the high levels of radiation around us, let's be honest, there is a lot of pollution nowadays. It is important that you are aware of this. Also, 80% of all the orgonites you find for sale are fake or their purification power is very low.

If you have any questions about orgone generators, feel free to contact me on Telegram, my username is @Pranachy. This is a device that many people should have at home to maintain a healthy environment and avoid conditions that can lead to lethal diseases that most doctors cannot cure because they never alleviate the cause, they only improve the symptoms normally by recommending toxic products for the health. It is better to visit a naturopath.

Or track your health by your own with The Quantum Magnetic Resonance Health Analizer. Which is a device that you can use to have an idea about the state of your organs, glands, bones or to know if your body has metals, enough nutrients including trace minerals, amino acids and co-enzymes. The report is very complete and you can download a sample in this page. To see the information you can get from this device after analyzing yourself or family.

In my opinion this gadget is very affordable and if you want to remedy certain condition showed in the report book a coaching session with me here. I am a holistic coach and I consider important that you talk to me because many deficiencies and conditions are not solved by taking supplements but by helping your body assimilate the nutrients ingested.

I hope this article helps you to be more aware about the increased risk that we face today due to ignorance. I just talked to a doctor a few days ago about my electrohypersensitivity and he told me that this is not a fact but just a philosophy. So, as you can see, the level of knowledge on this blog is much more advanced than many other sources. This is why I recommend you to keep in touch with me by subscribing to the newsletter.




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