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If you are a spiritual crystal collector, into the law of attraction, you going to love radionics

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

I'm going to talk about one of the most powerful spiritual tools out there that can help you in your spiritual development like no other tool can. It has the power of thousands of crystals inside your home. It produces the vibration emitted by the Tibetan bowls but automatically and in complete silence, which is amazing for sleeping. And it purifies the energies like White sage or Palo santo but 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It is incredible that exists such a magical device, that you can use to increase your spiritual abilities with the vibration that emits that is more beneficial than any crystal. This is because crystals are magnetic fields that should be close to your body for balancing the body/spirit and normally people use small pieces with a little magnetic field while radionics saturate your whole place with a vibration in the frequency you selected creating an amazing environment.

This device removes the toxic energy produced by electromagnetic pollution that imbalance your body/spirit, and keeps your place with the energetic atmosphere of the forest with abundant and clean life force energy vibrating in a harmonious frequency. What is very useful for people living in big cities where there is a lot of toxic life energy in the environment.

Something that crystals cannot help with. I have a huge collection and they did not remove the electromagnetic pollution in my apartment that made me suffer migraines and chronic insomnia for 2 years until I cleaned it with a radionic device. But before, I did 5 huge orgonites with quartz, Shungite, Amethyst, and Black tourmaline inside and they improved the energetic environment but nothing compared to the atmosphere that radionics produce.

If you are a spiritual crystal collector, into the law of attraction, you going to love radionics

Crystals Vs Radionics

Crystals emit an energy field that interacts with your subtle bodies, energies, and spirit. But you need to keep one that is large enough close to your body to have an improvement as I described in this article talking about How to Meditate with Crystals to Ascend Your Energy. Because from small crystals, you do not get a strong benefit. It is like a supplement of some herbal extract which high dose is important for having a positive impact on your health.

This is why having a radionic device with an orgone generator integrated as these machines is much better than using crystals because you can keep with you a very small transfer disk where the life energy produced by the device will arrive to you. What is more powerful and beneficial than carrying with you a huge quartz wherever you go to protect your energy field.

Also, each crystal vibrates at different frequencies and you must have different ones for different purposes, but if you are using a radionic, you can select the frequency you need at the moment. I gathered here a list of frequencies that you can tune in that have a positive impact on your body, mind, and spirit. Some of them helps to increase your vibration, improve your sleep, meditate, balancing your chakras, and even for energetic protection.

Balancing the chakras with a radionic device is much easier than using crystals because you only need to select the frequency of the energy center and stay close to the device, whether you are meditating, sleeping, working, even cooking. While the crystals must be placed on the body which does not give you the freedom to do other activities.

The vibration emitted by the radionic can improve the balance of certain chakra, influencing the harmony but often this imbalance is due to emotions, habits, and thoughts. And it is important to discover the reason to solve the problem at the root. That it could be a habit, overthinking, stress, someone close to you or not being comfortable with the job you have.

If you don't like your current situation, use these machines to improve it. I have described in this tutorial how you can operate them to manifest the events you want to experience. Still, many people ignore that reality is projected by your spirit and you can influence it in your favor by taking control of your thoughts, emotions and the content you consume.

It is complicated having a big change in your life without introducing new beliefs to your subconscious mind. What you can do with some radionic devices from our store because they convert the audio affirmations that you connect to the device into a pulse of life energy and they are emitted in the environment as subliminal that reach directly your subconscious.

The devices with an audio input are the PFC 2400, The performer 2400, Rad 5, and Rad 2400, they can convert the audio from your phone or mp3 player in to pulse of life energy that the machine gonna emit in complete silence through a pulse of life energy. Which is similar to listening to audio affirmations while you sleep, but much more comfortable.

If you are a spiritual crystal collector, into the law of attraction, you going to love radionics

Normally we do not think that a huge quantum jump can be possible when our subconscious mind has the wrong beliefs, that stop actions for a change. Because you need to be a completely new person with new thoughts, new beliefs, new feelings, new actions, visiting new places, and meeting new people to be able to move to a completely new life experience.

It is not only about using radionics and crystals and the bigger is the jump you want the more new thought, habits, and feelings you need to include in your personality. This is why I started to use my second name after used the first one for more than 35 years. I published the book I wrote the Most powerful meditation with my name Cristian Soriano. I had 2 names and lately, I have been using Jordan only and most of the people around me know me as Jordan.

If you journal your future, do affirmations, practice yoga, meditate, sing, paint, or do rituals, you will love the energetic environment created by this device that going to inspire you more.

Many people meditate in environments saturated with toxic energies that imbalance the mind, especially in big cities where the life energy can be polluted in many apartments and holistic centers, and the people who run these places ignore it. I have been meditating in centers polluted with negative energy and even the water they offer is dead and with this device you can create living water which is the state that water has in nature.

With a radionic device you can maintain the energetic environment of the forest in any area, especially if you choose the frequency of love, 528 Hz, which is how everything that you see in nature with green color vibrates. In addition, you can send life energy at a distance or you can bring the life energy produced by the radionic to wherever you go with a transfer disk while the second pair is connected to the device, they are included for free in some models.

But let´s talk about the living water...

People introduce crystals in the water they drink to increase the benefits but no crystal can do what a radionic with your beverages. I drink crystal water for years and only the orgone energy produced by the radionic improves the taste and benefits. You going to be astonished of how delicious is the water saturated with the life energy produced by a radionic device.

Also, orgonites do not saturate the water with life energy contrary to what many believe. I did many for more than 7 years and I used them a lot until I found the orgone generators. People making orgonites need to freeze the water to see if the orgonite is working, this is because they have a little impact on the liquid while a radionic device highly improves the taste.

The water saturated with the life energy pulsed by these machines hydrates much more, it becomes softer, with the state that water has in nature where is moving and saturated with Life energy. What is excellent because all the water available to drink is dead and no crystal and orgonite can help you to improve the condition. A person who drank crystal water for more than 7 years is telling you this. I also placed orgonites and shungite close to my water.

And the taste never changed, I knew was beneficial but it is very evident how different is the improvement of the water flavor after placing a glass close to an orgone generator for more than 5 minutes. I am talking about it because there are many radionics in the market but only our machines have an orgone generator integrated. These devices are the only orgone generators in the market, they are unique, the others contain orgonites integrated only.

I made many orgonites to clean the electromagnetic pollution from my bedroom, but only the orgone generator completely removed the pollution. This is device cured the insomnia I suffered for 15 years by facilitating sleep by influencing your brainwave activity. They promote delta sleep if the pulse is low, which is the most beneficial sleep cycle due to the release of growth hormone during it, I wrote about it in this article I invite you to read.

Also, I invite you to contact me if you want to know more about these amazing devices and what they can do for you. They reduce the negative impact of 5G and if you are living in an apartment inside a big city you definitely need one to lower all the toxic energies produced by the electromagnetic fields available in areas with many electronic devices operating at the same time. And do not go, without subscribing to my newsletter to keep in contact :)


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