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How to Meditate with Crystals to Ascend your Energy and Awaken your Kundalini?

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Crystals are a great tool to accelerate the vibration of your body through meditation. Which is the best practice to feed your spirit with light, what has a lot of great benefits especially for those who are aware that we influence our reality with our thoughts and feelings.

For having an incredible health, energy, focus, wisdom, happiness, and even to rejuvenate your body, meditation is strategic. It is proved that increases the size of your telomeres what extend your healthspan. This is why it is a habit that I recommend as an anti-aging coach.

By ascending your energy you going to have at your disposal a lot of potency for you be able to build a new incredible future. Hundreds of people around the world have applied these principles and produced amazing results for themselves. And next I'm going to talk about what the heck it means to ascend your energy and how to use crystals for this purpose.

How to meditate with crystals ?

What means ascending your energy ?

Ascending your energy is the distribution of your life force in your whole body consciously. Which is mostly stored in the sexual organs to be used to create life but instead you can distributed in higher energy centers like the heart and brain area. What increases the size of the magnetic field around your body and activates your pineal gland.

Which has small crystals with piezoelectric activity that if compressed, generate an energy field around your head like the circle drawn around the face of the saints that makes them look divine, but we are all divine creations of God. That ring alone means that those people have activated their pineal gland and you can achieve it by practicing the next meditation.

To accomplish it you need to command your life force with your imagination from the base of the spine to your heart and then to the crown as indicated by the guided meditation shown below. By pushing your intrinsic muscles and the abdomen you move the energy upwards.

With a clear quartz you can balance your all energy centers during meditation by holding the crystal with the hand you use to write while the other is palm up on your knee. By placing it in your heart center you move the energy there with your attention and helps if you visualize a huge magnetic field expanding around your body coming from your heart.

The throat chakra is an important center that becomes unbalanced often after an orgasm. What makes a person lose more than 50% of the life energy stored in the spirit. This light is accumulated to create more life and it is donated to your baby when you have an orgasm and many people waste it in a condom that then is through to the garbage.

That light make you very powerful if you keep it inside and you move it to your heart and brain. Which help you to manifest faster with the law of attraction. And you can distributed as well during the sexual activity which can be the most powerful meditation but due to ignorance people maintain their spirits dark for practicing the wrong sexual activity.

Choosing your crystals for meditating

Crystals are like plants, each specie has its own benefits. For example, if you want to balance your hormones you going to take a supplement with Ashwagandha or other adaptogen herb but you will not have good results if you take a low dose right ?

It is exactly the same with crystals, the type of crystal and the size is very important. And for ascending your energy the best crystal is clear quartz but also other white crystals that grow in cluster like Apophylite. The bigger is the piece, the more energy is amplified, but it should be comfortable for you to hold it in your hand like a sword and avoid using the polished ones.

Clear quartz is the best crystal to meditate because it amplifies your energy, balance all of your chakras and align the subtle bodies. Quartz can stabilize and revitalize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. It is the perfect stone for you to meditate with if you’re feeling out of balance. It enhances spiritual growth, awareness, and wisdom.

It is better if you go to the store and choose a big tubular cluster that you can take with your hand and fingers comfortably. Avoid a fancy one, because should be soft and enough resistant to you be able to use it often. This crystal is not for decoration. You going to use it to move your energy with your hand during the meditation, normally they are not heavy. And below are some pictures with some pieces similar in shape as the one I am using.

How to Meditate with Crystals ?

How to meditate with crystals ?

Sit up straight and your crystal close to you without touching it at the beginning. Then, close your eyes and relax your mind until you find enough peace. If it is not possible for you, follow the meditations shown in this article that I wrote. It's an easy way to keep your focus on raising your energy by following the video prompts instead of getting lost with your mind.

When your mind is calm, take your crystal with the hand that you use to write. The other keep it palm up in your knee where you going to channelize light from the cosmos to distributed in your spirit with the hand where you are holding the crystal that going to amplify this light.

Then you going to focus your attention for a few minutes on each energy center, beginning with the area where your sexual organs are, then your belly button, and later focus on your solar plexus, where you going to place your crystal with your hand during the meditation still with closed eyes. It helps you push your abdomen towards your back to bring the energy up.

Then place your crystal in the heart center and imagine a huge field of energy around your body in expanding. Often when I do it people think about me and they send me texts or later when we talk I discover that during this moment they were thinking of me.

By expanding your magnetic field, you can create a wonderful life. Your happiness is influenced by the size of the magnetic field around your body and this feeling makes you attract more wonderful situations and lovely people. Depression, fear and stress are normal conditions of people with a small field but also due to a diet poor in nutrients and bad sleep.

How to meditate with crystals ?

Using crystals to stimulate Kundalini awakening

As you can see, I am telling you how to stimulate your kundalini energy to rise to your crown chakra to open a huge source of vital energy that you can use to manifest anything you want faster by using your words, imagination, attention and feelings. When this energy is awaken you going to move like snake when you meditate, this is why is represented by a serpent.

But be aware that toxins like herbicides, medicaments, vaccines, chemicals trails, EMFs, toxic news, violent movies/video games and certain songs can disturb your spirit very negatively, something most people cannot even imagine. A person is in a very animal state until the kundalini awakens, only then can be aware of the true human potential, something unimaginable for those who do not cultivate cosmic energy in the spirit on a daily basis.

The kundalini is the key to heaven, your liberation, you do not need to die to arrive there!

And you can use crystals to ascend your energy easier, faster to awaken your inner force and the next energy center is the throat chakra which is normally blocked with an orgasm or masturbation. So, place your hand with your crystal there for a few minutes and imagine the energy ascending from your sexual organs to your neck.

Just by touching any area with the hand you place your energy there. So, if you masturbate you place all your energy in the lower center all the time you touch yourself there and the fluids that make you wet contain life force that you are draining from your body and spirit. This is how masturbation make you waste life energy.

Now that you energy is flowing to your throat easily you can make it available in your pineal gland by placing your attention on the center of your head with your imagination even if your crystal is still touching only your neck. It is enough close to amplify the energy of all the chakras from your head but if you want put the hand with your crystal at the top of your head.

Clear quartz is excellent for activating the crown chakra. I often put my hand with the cluster on my hair and focus my attention there. Visualizing the energy coming from my root chakra to the crown of my head causes the energy to flow steadily there. And visualizing a bubble of light around the face helps to activate the pineal gland to open the third eye.

How to Meditate with Crystals to Ascend your Energy

What are the benefits of awakening your kundalini?

When your kundalini energy is awaken and even before your health is amazing, if you practice real meditation daily. I wrote real meditation because it is the cultivation of cosmic energy in your spirit and not a boring act of trying to stop thinking but only when you have no thoughts the cosmic energy is attracted to your spirit naturally and without effort. With the daily practice of this meditation you going to have an unimaginable health. I do not get sick since more than 10 years and people around me are often ill, even acquaintances who take good care of their health by taking a lot of supplements and eating a good diet like sprouts, which are some of the most nutritious foods. And if you want to know why I recommend eating sprouts for reversing the biological age, check this article I wrote. But the best benefit of awakening your Kundalini is all the energy at your disposal that you can use to create the reality that you want to manifest using your imagination. So the last step during this meditation is to visualize in the present tense an event that you wish to experience. After activating your energy centers and expanding your energetic field keep your crystal in your hands or put it there and go to your inner future, enjoy it, feel it ! For best results, use an orgone generator in a low frequency to slow down your brain waves what facilitate relaxation and a deep mystical meditation. These devices saturate your place with abundant life force energy creating a very healthy and positive energetic environment that keeps away the toxic energies produced by electromagnetic pollution. If you are a spiritual person who lives in an apartment in a big city, it is important that you have an orgone generator running 24 hours a day to clean all those toxic energies from electromagnetic fields. This device is the most powerful spiritual tool in my opinion, it amplifies the power of your mind and spirit far more than any crystal and the environment they create is amazing and you can feel it. To know more about them, check out this article. Feel free to contact me on Telegram or by email if you have any questions about orgone generators or my holistic services, my username is @Pranachy. And before you go subscribe to my newsletter to receive news and surprises from me or just to keep in contact.




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