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The great anti-aging benefits of Delta sleep and how to sleep deeply with ease

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Delta sleep is strategic for weight loss, reverse aging, build muscle, improve the skin, increase sexual performance, and healing from any disease. Even the lack of deep sleep is detrimental and waking up without feeling recovered the next day increases your risk of cancer, strokes, heart attacks, cognitive diseases, it weakens the immune system and even promotes wrinkles, weight gain, stress, cravings and reduces muscle growth and recovery.

By reading this document you going to discover how important is delta sleep to improve your beauty, memory, overall health, reversing your biological age, or for healing any condition because even if you take a medicament, the healing is always done by your own body. There is a supreme intelligence running your organism and if you are in balance it is able to cure any disease, and a night of deep sleep is strategic for maintaining this balance.

I going to tell you next a very simple method to achieve delta sleep to enjoy all its benefits like better skin, fat burning, good mood, exercise recovery, and overall health improvement. But before check the next video with interesting advice for improving your sleep quality. The only thing he did not talk about is that having a ketogenic diet improves delta sleep and if you do not have an idea what kinds of foods are part of this diet, look at this.

What is delta sleep ?

It is a stage when the brainwave activity is slow. It is called delta sleep because of the presence of high-amplitude, low-frequency delta waves that are seen to occur in the EEG. It is the time of almost total disconnection from the environment when it is difficult to wake a person, and children in this state can be almost impossible to wake up.

There are 2 stages of sleep: the rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (NREM). Deep sleep happens during NREM stage, on this stage your heartbeat and breathing slow down, your blood pressure drops, your muscles relax and you respond less to external stimuli, like loud noises, you mostly tune out the outside world. Your brain cells, called neurons, fire less often. You get slower, and larger brain waves called delta waves.

For having a good night of sleep is important to maintain your microbiome healthy and enough enzymes, and both are reduced when you get older. They are important for every aspect of your health, and beauty because nutrient absorption depends on them. For example, your wrinkles can be due to a lack of collagen absorption because you have only a few enzymes or bacteria in your gut. Then is important you take probiotics and enzymes.

Because if you have not enough enzymes and a healthy gut your body does not absorb nutrients what causes serious damage to your overall health and vitamin B deficiency promotes anxiety and insomnia what can lead to poor sleep. And many people are buying chemical vitamins that the body does not absorb and they are everywhere. Please consume only plant-based multivitamins like this one, otherwise, you going to waste your money.

For achieving delta sleep is very important to avoid the consumption of sugar in your last meal especially if you want to lose weight and avoiding blue light 1 hour before bed. This light stops the production of melatonin the hormone that stops the production of insulin, which makes your body be able to burn fat during sleep, it also promotes delta sleep.

Some people take it in supplementation what I do not recommend because when you want to increase the hormones inside your body what is strategic is to support the gland that produces instead of introducing the hormone, what deteriorates the gland because it does not need to produce it anymore. But taking GABA supplementation could be a great option to relax before bed and to promote the release of growth hormone during sleep.

The great anti-aging benefits of Delta sleep and how to achieve it easily

How to achieve delta sleep easily ?

With an orgone generator in your bedroom pulsing the energy between 1 to 3.5 Hz your brain activity going to be influenced by the device and very harmonious delta brainwaves going to predominate during sleep. It is the best method that exists to achieve a delta sleep, a second option is binaural beats but you need to use headphones what is uncomfortable.

As Matthew Walker explains in his book Why we sleep, in young healthy adults the deep sleep brainwaves are perfectly synchronized in time, and when we get older those deep brainwaves become unsynchronized what leads to aging. What increases the risk of strokes, heart attack, Alzheimer's, and cancer, all these are age-related illnesses.

The orgone generator broadcast harmonic frequencies that influence your brainwave activity very similar to binaural beats but much better. This device cured the insomnia I suffered for 15 years and before found it I was using binaural beats. A harmonic delta brain activity is guaranteed by using an orgone generator and it can facilitate falling asleep as well. In case of insomnia, this machine can cure it but the sleep going to improve slowly day after day.

It took me 3 months approximately to be able to sleep as everyone does in the world after I started to use it in my bedroom. But I never imagined that someday I going to be able to sleep normally after 15 years with this condition. And this is not a device for sleeping but it helps a lot, it just amazing that finally, I am able to sleep even after waking up and very deep.

Which are the great benefits of delta sleep ?

Delta sleep is important for your overall health, it is during deep sleep that your body does most of its healing and maintenance but as well at this moment are released very important hormones with anti-aging benefits, and the fat is burned. What makes delta sleep strategic for muscle recovery, weight loss, reverse aging, and memory improvement.

It is during sleep that your body burns fat and if you want to lose weight sleeping 8 hours with delta activity is very important as well if you are building your muscles or working in reversing your biological age. This is because in delta activity your body produces growth hormone in huge quantities and this hormone is strategic for having those benefits. Also, testosterone is released so if you are a man interested in increase this hormonedelta sleep is important.

Which are the anti-aging benefits of delta sleep ?

It is during sleep when your body repairs and rebuilds tissues and organs, what has a rejuvenating effect on your whole organism. Of course, sleeping is not enough for reversing your biological age, you need a complete lifestyle with strategic habits but some of the most important activities for reversing your biological age is having delta sleep every single night.

Deep sleep improve your skin, your mood, increase performance, fortify your immune system, reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, dementia and cardiovascular disease. On the other hand the lack of quality sleep have very bad consecuences on your DNA and mitochondria function, and promotes pathways involved in the initiation of cellular senescence, if you never heard about those cells please check this article from this blog.

Lack of sleep promotes aging

Sleep deprivation leads to aging. Wrinkles, loss hair, diabetes, and heart problems can be related to low quality sleep. Getting fewer than 6 hours of sleep affects your appearance, your health and increases stress which has been linked to heart disease, metabolic syndrome, cancer, obesity, digestive issues, skin disorders and reproductive dysfunction.

Sleep loss promotes biological aging in older adults inducing cellular stress and oxidative damage to DNA. It affects mitochondria health one of the most important parts of your body because produces your energy and one of the leading theories about aging is that it is caused by the decline of mitochondrial function this is why having an orgone generator in your bedroom inducing your delta brain activity during sleep is important for reverse aging.

This device also cleans toxic energies produced by electromagnetic pollution that not only reduce your quality of sleep but as well that deteriorates your body and cause oxidation in your brain and blood. For more information about how you can protect yourself from this pollution check this article or send me an email if you any question regarding these devices.

As I wrote before this is the machine that cured the insomnia I suffered for 15 years so if you know someone that is not able to sleep please share this article because this condition kills you slowly by deteriorating important functions of the body. It also increases anxiety, stress and depression. It is without doubt something important to fix with urgency and this device is the solution but as well, a healthy microbiome, and enough vitamin B and digestive enxymes.

I hope you found a lot of value on this article which is part the book I will publish soon, where I going to reveal the secrets I share with my clients that help them to reverse 10 years of their biological age in only one year. And if you want me like your coach book a session here and suscribe to my newsletter to receive notifications, coupons with discounts and surprises.




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