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Orgonites the Complete Guide: The Benefits, the History and How to Make one Powerful Orgonite

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

By reading this guide you will learn in detail all about orgonites from the best source, HSCTI the company that invented them. I was working directly with Karl Hans Welz, who built the first orgonite in history, and I decided to write this guide after seeing many people selling fake orgonites so you know which pieces to buy or the strategic steps you need to follow to create your own and which are the best crystals to introduce to have a very powerful device.

However, the potency of the orgonite is weaker compared to the orgone generator, something I found out when I lived in an apartment near a 5G antenna whose contamination caused me chronic insomnia and migraines for 3 years. The pollution was so intense that was creating the perfect scenario to measure the efficacy of the orgonites. They produced a very nice atmosphere, but I still found it difficult to fall asleep and having a peaceful mind.

I was neutralizing the electrosmog with 5 large orgonites I made that greatly improved the environment. One of them weighs 3 kilograms and I used the ingredients described below, but there was still some contamination left. It was incredible when Karl Welz sent me orgone energy remotely from an orgone generator in United States to my place in Berlin, Germany. The environment was completely clean this is why I want to talk about them as well.

I love this machine that pulses abundant and clean life force in specific frequencies that you can use as well for pulse electromagnetic field therapy. A process of sending magnetic energy to the body, which is beneficial at a cellular level, and to recharge and harmonizes the body and spirit. The orgone generator is a bit similar to Healy Resonance a device that help reducing pain through frequencies, but you don't need to have it stick on your body.

I collaborated directly with Karl, a great friend, an amazing person, and built many orgonites. I also carried out experiments with orgonites and orgone generators. On the other hand, I use crystals and I know their benefits for the body and Spirit. So this is a very comprehensive guide and you can use the following links to go directly to the topic of your interest.

What is an orgonite ?

An orgonite is a mini orgone accumulator invented by Karl Welz in 1992. A small object layered with organic material and metal that accumulates life force energy. The orgonite is the internal part of the orgone generators(he invented a year before) that increases the potency of the pulse. Orgonite is how he named this piece and he registered as a trademark.

Orgonite is based in the orgone accumulators built by Wilhelm Reich that are huge boxes that accumulate life force energy from the environment, where a person can sit inside for some time to improve the mental, emotional and physical health. These boxes have layers of metal and organic material in the same amount something that an orgonite should as well.

The more metal an orgonite has, the more powerful it is. This is why Karl Welz used metal powder and because the orgone generator produces only clean life energy, he did not introduce any type of crystal inside to purify the energy. The device is pulsing only clean energy in a harmonious vibration at the frequency that you want to predominate in the area.

The transfer disk used to teleport the orgone energy produced by the generator is made of orgonite. This is a pair of small orgonites with a structural link that allow you to carry the life energy pulsed by your generator anywhere in the world you go by carrying one pair of the discs while the second one is connected to the orgone generator and the device is on.

The history of the orgonite

In 1991 Karl Hans invented the first orgone generator in the history of the planet, which is a device that pulses the orgone energy 24 hours creating a healthy and revitalizing environment. Well, even if there is life force energy everywhere not always is clean.

Let me give you an example to understand how this device works. There is air everywhere right ? but if a room is full of smokers this air going to be contaminated, it is the same air but the structure changed and it is not healthy for our bodies anymore.

The same happens with the life force energy that gets polluted in contact with artificial Electromagnetic fields produced by the technology or in contact with the dirty electricity. Its structure changes and becomes stagnant, as result is generated a depressing atmosphere.

If you turn on an orgone generator the machine will pulse clean vital energy and it going to flood the atmosphere with this clean energy generating a very healthy environment. It is like turning on a machine that pulses clean air in a room full of smokers. It going to be a moment when the place going to be full of clean air even if people continue smoking there.

After Karl invented this device he wanted to increase its potency, and he thought about a way to create something with the same ingredients of the orgone accumulator built by Wilhelm Reich but in small scale. This accumulator is a large box layered with metal and organic material that successfully draws the Life force into it where a person can sit and be exposed to this energy for harmonizing the body/spirit to improve physical and mental health.

By using the same materials Karl Hans achieved to built small containers that attract the life force as well what he called orgonites. Then, he introduced them in the machines that he invented a year before. Inside of each orgone generator, there is an orgonite. Years later, Dan Croft adapted Welz’s design by using metal shavings in addition to powder and he added a quartz crystal inside to clean the Life force energy attracted from the surroundings.

Karl Hans Welz is an inspired inventor who has made huge contributions to humanity through his inventions. He created both Orgonite and the Orgone Generator.

Which are the benefits of having an orgonite ?

The orgonites purify the Life force energy and they create a wonderful atmosphere healthy for your cells, family, and pets. But keep in mind that the size of the orgonite and the amount of metal inside is very important. It should be completely full of metal to be able to attract enough vital energy. This is why Karl Hans uses powdered metal instead of metal savings.

The ideal size of one orgonite to decontaminate a room successfully is approximately 1 liter of resin, and it is much better that you create a single big piece than many small ones to have space to introduce medium-sized crystals since very small stones are ineffective.

After having built an orgonite of ideal size and with the correct materials, the Life force energy of your place will be purified correctly and the environment will be quiet healthy. The next are the benefits of being surrounded by clean and abundant Life force energy.

The Many Benefits of the Orgonite are: - Reduces the negative effects of EMFs and radiation

- Revitalizes cells

- Creates a healthy atmosphere with incredible energy

- Facilitates sleep and meditation

- Accelerates plant grow

- Maintains the spirit balanced

- Clears the negative energy and purifies the Living area

- Enhances lucid dreaming

- Relieves Stress and balances moods

- Give you a bit of vitality

- Helps with spiritual and psychological growth

- Helps with resistance to ill health or to improve it The life force energy gets stagnant in contact with the artificial frequencies produced by the technology. That polluted energy is called Dead orgone and it is unhealthy being surrounded by it; causes health problems like Headaches, Insomnia, Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, and even Cancer. Electromagnetic pollution generates DOR and produces a depressing atmosphere that can be clean with a Life force generator.

Because is important to have a healthy environment in the places where you spend most of your time, there are companies building products that reduce the negative effect of electromagnetic contamination and I am showing some of these products on this article.

How to make an orgonite pyramid ?

How to make an orgonite pyramid ?

In a Silicone Pyramid Molds, pour water. Then put this water in a glass, so now you have an idea how much polyester resin is needed for that pyramid. Later introduce metal shavings and quartz of different sizes inside the mold. Completely fill the pyramid container with metal and quartz. For better results introduce a point quartz crystal in the middle surrounded by a spiral of copper wire and each crystal you introduce cover and compress it with steel wool.

Then in a disposable cup pour the amount of casting resin that is needed and add the catalyst. The next step is to mix the resin with the catalyst pretty well. To pour the resin into the pyramid, where the metal and the quartz are located and wait until the resin is hard. The material is quite toxic so this process must be done with plastic gloves and outdoors.

I will explain this process in detail below ...

What ingredients are needed to make a powerful orgonite ?

- Steel Wool

- Casting resin and the catalyst

- Quartz, Amethyst and Citrine

- Black Tourmaline and Shungite

- Pyramid mold

- Gloves

- Stick to mix the resin with the catalyst

About the metal shavings

The more metal the orgonite has the more orgone is attracted. This is why I recommend to use steel wool. People use a little metal to make a piece of art and as a result, what they do, has not a positive impact on the environment. It does not clean the Life force completely. Those are just pieces of art but not orgonites. The orgonite purpose of the orgonite is to clean the Life force energy and not to decorate the bedroom. The amount of the ingredients is really important, more metal it has, more life force is attracted and expelled.

About the crystals

I recommend that 20% of the crystals inside the pyramid are Citrine, 20% Amethyst, 20% Clear quartz, 20% Elite Shungite, and 20% Black Tourmaline. All these crystals have piezoelectric properties and Shungite, for example, is scientifically proven to purify elements like water. This stone that consists of nearly all the minerals on the periodic table is thought to be at least 2 billion years old. This is before organic life existed on the planet.

About Polyester Resin Casting

I used polyester resin to create orgonites but it can be done with epoxy resins. It is important wearing disposable gloves and work outdoors. This material is toxic, pollutes the air and produces a very strong odor that can linger in a room for a week after finishing the orgonite.

It is available on eBay and it must be used with a catalyst which is often included in the product. The catalyst hardens the resin and a few drops should be mixed into the resin, then stirred for a few minutes until completely dissolved and attached to the mold. If you want to attach color to the orgonite, first add the color to the resin, mix it and then the catalyst.

Steps for creating a powerful orgonite

Making an orgonite is like cooking a jelly, the resin is liquid, but with the catalyst hardens in the container in around 2 or 3 hours. During this process gets hot and then hard. So be careful because some plastic containers can melt and the orgonite stick to the mold.

Next, I will explain the steps to create a very powerful orgonite that it is easy to do. Some people take a quartz and surround it with copper wire to speed up the flow of energy but you can make a very good orogonite without using that process as long as you follow the next steps as I describe below. I have created very powerful orgonites that decontaminated with success a very toxic environment.

1st step: Take a container like this and fill it with water, then empty this water into the container you use for the resin. The same amount of water will be the amount of resin that you will use to create the orgone, this is important to know at first. If it is half a liter, read in the package of the catalyst how many drops are necessary for that amount of resin. The catalyst makes the resin hard, and this process is a bit toxic so it is better if you make the orgonite outdoors and if you wear gloves to cover your hands and clothing that can be stained.

2nd step: Introduce some metal shavings at the top of the pyramid, then some crystals, then more metal and then more crystals, and so on until the pyramid is full. It is better if next to each crystal is metal shaving and not another crystal.

When it is almost covered put the last layer of metal shavings because it is more powerful the cleansing if the crystals remain mostly in the center and they are compressed by the metal shavings. This will activate their piezoelectric effect with the pressure. That means that it is strategic that no crystal will be visible from the outside when the pyramid is finished as the one of the picture below.

3rd step: Take the amount of resin necessary to fill the pyramid and introduce the drops of catalyst and mix it completely in the resin for a minute approximately. This is the toxic step, then keep in mind that it is better if you do it in an area with enough clean air. The smell is harmful to your health.

4th Step: Introduce the resin slowly in the pyramid where the mix of metal shavings with crystals is. It takes a little time for the resin to reach the top of the pyramid. When the pyramid is full of resin, leave it there for some hours.

5th step: The last step is just to take out the pyramid from the mold, Now it is ready and cleaning the vital energy with success.

This orgonite is not beautiful, I know, but if your place needs to be purify it is what you need. It is very powerful and easy to do. if you check orgonites on sale, most of them are fake or with a very low potency but they are beautiful and fancy. It is more important to have many metal layers than a quartz surrounded by copper, of course, it is even better having both !

How to make an orgonite pyramid ?

Which are the best crystals to introduce in an orgonite ?

I recommend introducing Amethyst because this quartz crystal cleanse the negative energy from the other crystals. You can use an Amethyst geode to clear other crystals by simply placing it inside for a few hours. So this is the crystal that going to be cleaning the other stones inside the pyramid. It is very important to use only pieces with intense purple color.

Amethyst is a violet quartz with very high frequencies that are very beneficial for maintaining a very relaxing and wonderful atmosphere especially in the bedroom or working area, it protects your space from negativity. Its high frequency purifies the aura of any negative energy as well, this is why wearing jewelry with Amethyst helps balancing the body energies.

This quartz has a radiant vibration that brings warmth and joy to all who are around it. It is able to transmute energy from negative to positive and is one of the few stones that never needs cleansing, it purifies the energy of everything around it including the other crystals inside the orgonite. Citrine not only radiates positive energy but also dissipates negative energy of all kinds, this why it is strategic to wear jewelry with Citrine.

It is the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, It protects against negativity and it is well known as the stone that amplifies any energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. It absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy. Clear Quartz draws off negative energy of all kinds, neutralizing background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations. 

Due to the presence of natural fullerenes in Shungite, this mineral carries strong purifying, detoxifying, and cleansing properties. Shungite will furnish your space with its detoxifying energy. It will help to neutralize the harmful effects of the electromagnetic waves surrounding you that are detrimental to your energetic balance and health and its magnetic field will be boosted by the quartz.

Shungite has been used for physical purification and detoxification because its healing properties go deeper into the emotional and spiritual realms, allowing anyone who works with Shungite to cleanse their energy field of harmful or unwanted energies.

This crystal is well known for producing negative ions and purifying artificial EMFs. They attract negative and toxic energy but retain it until it is cleared, this is why Amethyst and Citrine should be the crystals that predominate in the pyramid. Black tourmaline is also a piezoelectric crystal that going to activate a magnetic field when is compressed by the hardened resin. In eBay you can purchase these black crystals to introduce on your orgonite.

Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds. It is a very effective stone if you want to stay away from negativity and bad luck. If you like to carry crystals be careful not to wear them in earrings or necklaces above the body near the heart, throat and head. Always under the body because they attract negative and toxic energy and keep it there until in the crystal is cleared. Then you would be surrounding your energy centers and important glands from harmful, energy that can produce imbalance.

Orgone generator

Orgone generator Vs. Orgonites

Both were invented by Karl Hans, the Orgonites were introduced in the orgone generators to boost their power. The Orgonites only attract the vital energy around, and the Life Force Generator creates a continuous flow of clean vital energy, The Orgone Generators are tremendously superior to the orgonites. For the next reasons:

- They pulse much more clean vital energy and create a continuous flow

- The Life force can be pulsed at the desired frequencies

- The Chi pulsed by the generator can be brought anywhere by carrying a small disc

Orgonites are attracting the Life force around slowly while a generator is pulsing constantly clean Vital force the 24 hours. This pulse is important because creates a continuous flow faster. You can use both but an orgonite is like a bicycle compared to an orgone generator that would be a Porsche Taychan.

The Orgone Generator could pulse the Life Force in different frequencies that generates a shinny sparkling atmosphere with Life force. When the Chi is pulsed at a low frequency, for example, the mind relaxes and it is created the best atmosphere for sleeping, practicing meditation, yoga, or studying. Also, some frequencies are very beneficial for the body, mind, and spirit. In this article is a list of those frequencies that you can use in your radionic device.

The best benefit of the orgone generator is that you can be protected everywhere you go by carrying a transfer disc with you. It is like bringing a big heavy orgonite with you everywhere. The life force pulsed by the device can be teleported by the transfer discs, this is an astonishing property of the Life force energy. By carrying a small transfer disc close to your body you going to receive the Life force from the generator at home even if it is miles away.

What I recommend is to have orgonites and a Life force generator at home, because the orgonites will attract and distribute the Life force pulsed by the device. This is how I cleaned the polluted environment in my apartment. I have more than 3 orgonites and the Chi generator Model JU1000. I love quartz crystals and how they clean the energy is pretty nice.

But by placing water next to an orgonite the taste does not change as it does when you put a glass with water in front of a generator or a water optimizer, this is the best proof of the huge difference between the orgonite and orgone generator that pulses much more energy.

I hope this information will help you to create a wonderful healthy environment for your family, employees, and pets. If you found value in this article please share it with the people you love and do not forget to subscribe to the newsletter or follow me in Pinterest to be up to date with all the information published on this blog.




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