After this tutorial, you will be able to manifest your goals in life faster by focusing on a few things using the strength provided by the Radionic Machines available in Pranachy. Manifesting by using technology is called by Karl Hans, the inventor of the Life Force Generators " The Magic of Future " and by me King Jordan,  The Magick of Today !  


You will understand also how important it is to use the imagination to command the Universe and our bodies satisfactorily. The worst enemy of everyone is their own imagination. The imagination has the power to mold reality, is how we print the future events we want to experience, Life Force is the fuel for experiment those events faster and the imagination mixed with a strong emotion(mind/heart) is How we command the Universe, this divine aspect of us is what takes years of study for mystics to understand and experiment in life. You will do it in a very short period of time because you are very lucky to be here :)


It is important you read this tutorial before purchasing any Radionic device available in Pranachy because they are thought amplifiers and will only work by focusing the mind in building the perfect version of ourselves and working on that every day after opened the eyes each morning. This tutorial is based on pure science. The universe is Mental, but you need to discover it on your own, instead of that someone explained to you. This will bring back the Magick to society and the plenitude to the World. 



To manifest desired events we must follow the next process: deep relaxation, forget about ourselves, the environment, and the time, is how we enter the quantum field and from there we visualize an event we want to live. The manifestation depends on our energetic field and how fast we walk step by step, we gonna use the technology of Pranachy to make happen each step faster uplifting the magnetic field in us and amplifying the mind, everything around is just information decoded by our own body projected by the mind.


So, this tutorial starts with the practice of visualizing the person you want to be. In this way the Heaven is united with the Earth, imagining the best version of ourselves we have an idea of where to carve to mold it. And step by step we going to build it in this material world. After that, the first principle you need to practice is focusing the mind on only the important things and less is more !


As Bruce Lipton says, each though uses energy, so it's important to control the mind, meditation brings us a lot of energy, is incredible how fast we charge of energy if we stop thinking during a short period of time. So, the first thing you should do after waking up every morning is a meditation to charge yourself with the necessary energy to attract all the situations needed. Meditation is an obligated discipline, if you can not meditate at least 20 minutes everyday go far from here, the Magick is not for you. Weak people are destroyed by their own uncontrollable imagination and instinctive emotions, I do not want this to happen to you, run away from here!




The hardest part is to follow the path only to the imagined self, with a distracted mind one will lose a lot of time, walking undesirable paths and everything because of an uncontrollable mind. Also, you can build by fear rocks will fall on you if you are not able to control your imagination when you are using a radionic device with a life force generator integrated. After you achieve to enter a deep state where thoughts stop completely, congratulations you are in the quantum field where you print the next events you will experiment in your life. So, visualization of an event is necessary while the first dial of the Radionic machine is moved randomly while it is still off.


Magick is easier with the technology of Pranachy because you have 2 ingredients that make things simple, Life Force and the algorithm of your thought. This is the function of the dials of the radionic machine, link your thought with a numeric value to send it every day to the Universe until it happens. After you been manifesting quite often with the help of a radionic you will not need it anymore, you gonna be in another state of evolution. At the next conference by Vishen Lakhiani is explained this clearly and lovely.


All people manifest all the time, this tutorial is a training to manifest desired events by focusing in less with more energy, it is important to stay in a high frequency, in this way is necessary to eat green leaves, fruits, vegetables, and teas for their energetic content. With more energy, things happen faster.


In the next Video the neuroscientist, Joe Dispenza tells us a very important secret to operate our devices with guaranteed success. The best time to make an operation with a Radionic device is at 4 - 6 am because the door of the subconscious mind is more open. He describes this practice of creating his future by printing it in a mental visualization at 4 am as the investment of his future !

Fridays and Sundays are very good days also, every day is arriving different energies from the Universe and our mind is influenced by them. 


Let´s sit with the spine completely straight with our radionic device on hand. With closed eyes, we touch the dials, to know where they are and we start clearing the mind. It is easier to stop thoughts if we smoke two puffs of flowers of Cannabis before the meditation, "only two". After 20 minutes of meditation, we can start visualizing the moment we want to experience. Should be clear, with detail and emotion, we need to print images with feeling(mind/heart) to the subconscious mind to occur. Keep the visualization for a few minutes while the left dial of the device is moved to a random position. That gonna be the first numeric value.


Continuing in the quantum field, we visualize the event that occurred after the desired one. As a dinner with friends in a restaurant, during this visualization is moved the dial of the middle and should be stopped randomly. The last numeric value will be about the visualization of a meeting with a family member who congratulates us for what we achieve while we move the third dial to take the last value. Since now our complete visualization is linked to a numeric value.

Before starting each operation it is necessary to detoxify ourselves, eliminating harmful habits with extreme discipline ! It is important to clean ourselves from our own habits and believes that stop us. In the next Video Sam Ovens explain that: The most important thing to success is managing yourself, your mind, and be able to control your emotions and regulate your behavior.


All the videos shared in this tutorial should be seen completely, this is the longest and most important. Because there is a big part of us that will destroy our manifestation if we do not control it. Life has more to do with handling the negative side than managing the positive side because the negative side can be dangerous and traps us for longer. There are no great people, there are only great habits that make people great.


For centuries, only a few people have discovered that we manifest what happens in our lives, it is so magical that little noticeable to those who maintain a low vibration. Every cause has an effect, and if you do not sow, there can be no harvest. The radionic devices of Pranachy will attract the right people to you and will make the roads clear but it is you who must go through them, this machine is not to make you rich by winning the lottery, but to make your life awesome by experiencing all the pleasant experiences you are able to imagine clearly. If you are not willing to work with the discipline to achieve your objectives a radionic device will not help. The Magick should be used strategically to achieve short term goals, step by step. 

After obtaining the numerical value of the three visualizations, a photo of us will be placed on the little square of the radionic device with our name written by ourselves behind the image with the appropriate statement regarding the event we wish to attract. For example, if we want to live a great presentation for our new book, we should write:

"your name" is a great writer!


Normally people do not manifest what they want because they do not believe they can achieve it and two because they have little life force. If you want to attract the abundance you must feel abundant right now, to project this belief in your life. The environment is a reflection of ourselves, that is why the people closest to us are quite similar even if we do not want to accept it. The advantage of the radionics machines from Pranachy is that they energize the body and mind with a lot of life force. Something that only experienced meditators or practitioners of Tai-chi or Qigong can achieve. That`s why every manifestation process happens quickly.


Once the photo is placed on the pad of the radionic machine, it should be turned on for one hour each day until the event manifests or we see signs of approaching. The life force generated will empower the body and mind.  The life force also eliminates the depressive environment created by electromagnetic pollution. As you see the process of controlling future events is quite easy but requires experience like everything in life. Now that you have the necessary knowledge, go to the link below to accelerate the manifestation of your goals right now...

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