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Still many people have not realized yet that reality is influenced by our mind and emotions. It is a type of illusion projected by our energy, what mystics call Maia. And the next tutorial is a guide to know more about how to use radionics to energetically attract favorable circumstances that will help you to reach your goals. Then, going to be easier to get the money you want, the partner of your dreams, or whatever you are working hard to manifest.

It is important that you understand how important is to use the imagination to command the Universe and your body in your benefit instead of against you. Because a radionic device is a lot of neutral power that can be use in your benefit or against you, so it is crucial having control over your thoughts and emotions. Which have the power to shape reality. It is how you print the future events you going to experience, and the Life Force energy is the fuel for experiment those events faster, while the imagination mixed with a strong emotion(mind/heart) is How you command the Universe. So, the great benefit of the radionic are the large amounts of Chi produced, that you can energize constantly the event you want to materialize by anchoring a visualization to a frequency on the device and by broadcasting Subliminals in complete silence.


This tutorial is designed to have an idea and different opinions about how you are influencing your reality what can lead you to take more advantage of having a Radionic device from Pranachy. Which are thought amplifiers and will work only if you focus your mind and emotions in the right place and you ignore what is not important because it can take the energy you need to build your dreams on this plane. You need to work on yourself every day and nourishing your dreams with action as well but these machines are a good help because accelerate things. Especially for those who cannot yet perceive how their thoughts and the information they focus on influence their reality.



You need to be clear of what you want to manifest and create a visualization that encompasses all your desires. For example, if you want to be a famous Dj married to a beautiful woman living in a Castle and owning a Porsche Taycan in only one visualization you can introduce all these desires that you want to materialize but first, you need to write down about them and be clear about how could be your desired future next years. This is how you can take more advantage of connecting a visualization to a frequency on the radionic..


It is not about dreaming, it is about planning and making the decision to spend your energy and time walking in that direction every day. The machine will help you to bring the people and circumstances need for your success but somehow you going to be creating them because the Universe is mental. Around you, there is only a dark space where all possibilities are available and with your thoughts, emotions, and Life energy you will mold them.


As Bruce Lipton explains in this video, each thought uses energy, so it's essential to keep your mind thinking only about what is important, some discussions or news can distract your mind making you lose opportunities. The more energy you have the faster your dreams materialize, this is why a radionic device is very useful as a power source to your visualization. Because when you connect an intention to a certain frequency of the device, the Chi produced by the machine going to be used mostly to materialize your goal. It is directed by the intention you will write in your picture what going to nourish your goal withthe Chi create by the device.




If you cannot see how your mind is influencing your reality, using technology is very useful if you really want to make your dreams true. Because when you are not sure and you believe it but you cannot perceive it normally you do not care about what you talk, what you watch or wich kind of people surrounds you. But when this device amplifies your mind and spirit everything that receives your attention will predominate around you and can be visible for you how beneficial going to be watching only certain content, having positive people around, thoughts and emotions as well. And the devices that are radionic in our store are the ones with 3 dials. toguether.


Magick is easier with the technology of Pranachy because you have 2 ingredients that make things simple, Life Force and the algorithm of your thought. This is the function of the dials of the radionic machine, link your thought with a numeric value to send it every day to the Universe until it happens. After you been manifesting quite often with the help of a radionic you will not need it anymore, you gonna be in another state of evolution. At the next conference by Vishen Lakhiani is explained this clearly and lovely.


It is not about making magik possible, the reality is created by you every second, it is how moments are made but still most scientists and people are unable to perceive it, even some persons into the law of attraction belive that they are attracting things but they are creating them. Around you there is only an empty space and what you see is just how your brain decoded certain energies that surrounds you, so by ampliying the power of your thoughts by a radinic this going to be easier to perceive and then you can take advantage.


In this Video the neuroscientist, Joe Dispenza explains how important is having a low brainwave activity while you visualize. This is why the best time to make a radionic operation is before bed after taking a shower with a relaxed mind and dim lighting in the room. Then with your radionic device you going to connect on each dial a visualization regarding your goal.


Let´s sit with the spine completely straight with your device on hand. With closed eyes, we touch the dials, to know where they are and we start clearing the mind. It is easier to stop thoughts if we smoke two puffs of flowers of Cannabis before the meditation, "only two". After 20 minutes of meditation, we can start visualizing the moment we want to experience. Should be clear, with detail and emotion, we need to print images with feeling(mind/heart) to the subconscious mind to occur. Keep the visualization for a few minutes while the left dial of the device is moved to a random position. That gonna be the first numeric value.


Continuing in the quantum field, we visualize the event that occurred after the desired one. As a dinner with friends in a restaurant, during this visualization is moved the dial of the middle and should be stopped randomly. The last numeric value will be about the visualization of a meeting with a family member who congratulates us for what we achieve while we move the third dial to take the last value. Since now our complete visualization is linked to a numeric value.

Before starting each operation it is necessary to detoxify ourselves, eliminating harmful habits with extreme discipline ! It is important to clean ourselves from our own habits and believes that stop us. In the next Video Sam Ovens explain that: The most important thing to success is managing yourself, your mind, and be able to control your emotions and regulate your behavior.


All the videos shared in this tutorial should be seen completely, this is the longest and most important. Because there is a big part of us that will destroy our manifestation if we do not control it. Life has more to do with handling the negative side than managing the positive side because the negative side can be dangerous and traps us for longer. There are no great people, there are only great habits that make people great.


For centuries, only a few people have discovered that we manifest what happens in our lives, it is so magical that little noticeable to those who maintain a low vibration. Every cause has an effect, and if you do not sow, there can be no harvest. The radionic devices of Pranachy will attract the right people to you and will make the roads clear but it is you who must go through them, this machine is not to make you rich by winning the lottery, but to make your life awesome by experiencing all the pleasant experiences you are able to imagine clearly. If you are not willing to work with the discipline to achieve your objectives a radionic device will not help. The Magick should be used strategically to achieve short term goals, step by step. 

After obtaining the numerical value of the three visualizations, a photo of us will be placed on the little square of the radionic device with our name written by ourselves behind the image with the appropriate statement regarding the event we wish to attract. For example, if we want to live a great presentation for our new book, we should write:

"your name" is a great writer!


Normally people do not manifest what they want because they do not believe they can achieve it and two because they have little life force. If you want to attract the abundance you must feel abundant right now, to project this belief in your life. The environment is a reflection of ourselves, that is why the people closest to us are quite similar even if we do not want to accept it. The advantage of the radionics machines from Pranachy is that they energize the body and mind with a lot of life force. Something that only experienced meditators or practitioners of Tai-chi or Qigong can achieve. That`s why every manifestation process happens quickly.


Once the photo is placed on the pad of the radionic machine, it should be turned on for one hour each day until the event manifests or we see signs of approaching. The life force generated will empower the body and mind.  The life force also eliminates the depressive environment created by electromagnetic pollution. As you see the process of controlling future events is quite easy but requires experience like everything in life. Now that you have the necessary knowledge, go to the link below to accelerate the manifestation of your goals right now...

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