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How to detect Electrosmog at home or in the office?

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

We need to use our imagination to get the electrosmog out of our life :)

Imagine the electromagnetic pollution as a bubble around computers, cell phones, speakers, connected cables and other appliances. A big one is around the Wi-Fi modem. It is called Electrosmog, is made of fields that anything electric produces. In the photo on top, we can imagine one bubble around the laptop and other created by the tablet because is on. But the lamp even if is off, is distributing the pollution because the metal attracts it and repels it, so around the lamp, there is Electrosmog coming from the computer and tablet, even the heater that is farthest, next to the desk, contains electrosmog attracted from the computer because it is composed of metal. Feathers and Polyester attracts the radiation also. If you are sleeping in a big room where all appliances are off but the modem of the Wi-Fi is situated next room, even from there the radiation can arrive at you during the night if the pillows have feathers or if your pajama is made with polyester fabric. Something similar to a bed made with metal or dumbbells under the bed.

So, now you can have an idea of where you could find the Electrosmog at home and office, Other waves coming from outside can be accumulated at the home also. It is very easy to know if radio waves from the Wi-Fi of the neighbors arrive at your home. You do not need a specialist. You only need to check in your cellphone the available Wi-Fi networks and even there you can know how intense the radio frequencies are in your place. In the case of the kitchen, the microwave is extremely dangerous and it kills the nutrients of food. Foods taste better if cooked with fire, have you thought about it before?

Human beings are bioelectrical systems. Our hearts and brains are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals. Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body. In some cases, this may cause discomfort, or sleep disruption, or loss of wellbeing (impaired mental functioning and impaired metabolism) or sometimes, maybe it is a dread disease like cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. It may be interfering with ones’ ability to become pregnant, or carry a child to full term, or result in brain development changes that are bad for the child. It may be these exposures play a role in causing long-term impairments to normal growth and development of children, tipping the scales away from becoming productive adults. We have good evidence these exposures can damage our health, or that of children of the future who will be born to parents now immersed in wireless exposures.

Alternating electromagnetic fields can induce alternating currents to flow through living cells and tissues. These can interfere with the normal direct currents and voltages that are essential for the metabolism of all cells. Virtually every living cell is a seething mass of electric currents and electrical and biochemical amplifiers that are essential for their normal function.

The frequency of the carrier wave is also important. Higher frequencies such as the microwaves used in cell phones, WiFi and DECT phones, are the most damaging. Our present exposure to man-made microwaves is about a million billion billion (one followed by eighteen zeros) times greater than our natural exposure to these frequencies. We did not evolve in this environment and we should not be too surprised to find that at least some people may not be genetically adapted to it. As with most populations faced with an environmental change, those members that are not adapted either become ill, die prematurely or fail to reproduce adequately. Ironically, those who are electromagnetically intolerant may be better equipped to survive since they are driven to do whatever they can to avoid the radiation.

The main reason why microwaves are especially damaging is probably because of the ease with which the currents that they generate penetrate cell membranes. Cell membranes have a very high resistance to direct currents but, because they are so thin (about 10nm), they behave like capacitors so that alternating currents pass through them easily. Since the effective resistance of a capacitor to alternating current (its reactance) is inversely proportional to its frequency, microwave currents pass through the membranes of cells and tissues more easily than radio waves of lower frequencies and can therefore do more damage to the cell contents. Calcium loss from cell membranes explains most of the adverse health effects

Why would a Chi generator be the solution ?

The nature neutralises the impact of Electrosmog in contaminated places. Walking barefoot in a garden or park can help unload the accumulated pollution in the body as well as eating foods with chlorophyll. But definitely the best solution is a Chi Generator. A Chi Generator does´not eliminate, block or cancel the electromagnetic fields but it can make this radiation much less biologically active. Because almost every living cell is a seething mass of electric currents and amplifiers. These currents are important in energy production in mitochondria (the cell's power stations) and in cell signaling (the transfer of information within and between cells). They are carried as flows of ions, which are the normal ways in which electricity is carried through water and through living cells. A chi generator brings back the natural electric currents that are important to the cells to maintain strength and enable them to communicate each other perfectly. Because they use an electrical language the fields of Electrosmog can disrupt the transfer of information.

Electrosmog has a direct impact on Life Force, it changes its structure, with a Chi Generator this contaminated Life Force disappears together with the depressive atmosphere generated by appliances. Contaminated Life Force generates a blockage in the meridians, the motorways where this energy is distributed in the organism. The flow of Chi energy in the block area is reduced, only small amounts circulate in the body and it is necessary a constant and sufficient flow of Life Force in us. The Acupuncture is a method to eliminate energy blockages and it establishes the health through the right circulation of life force. With a Chi Generator the body can receive constantly big amounts of clean and pure Chi energy. All machines create Life Force(Chi energy) even the Water Optimizers. It is the simplest way to remove the negative vibes around us and maintain our cells happy and healthy :)

Most of the information about the damage caused by Electrosmog on this article, I found it on the study of Andrew Goldsworthy, called "The Biological Effects of weak Electromagnetic Fields". He is recognized for his experience in electricity engineering and health issues. He spent many years studying calcium metabolism in living cells and also how cells, tissues and organisms are affected by electrical and electromagnetic fields.

I attached the link of this article below where Andrew Goldsworthy explain in lay-person’s language how weak electromagnetic fields from cell phones, cordless phones and WiFi can have serious effects on human and animal health. These include damage to glands resulting in obesity and related disorders, chronic fatigue, autism, increases in allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities, early dementia, DNA damage, loss of fertility and cancer.

So check it out here !

The Biological Effects of Weak Electromagnetic Fields by Andrew Goldsworthy

Given increasing levels of ambient electromagnetic radiation in modern environments from society’s use of electronic equipment, wireless technologies, such as cell phones and wireless networks, high frequency transients on electric lines, and broadband over power lines (BPL), this association needs immediate further exploration.

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The Office on the picture below seems to be infested with Electrosmog, from computers it travels to the chairs made of metal and the radiation reaches the cells of the legs and other body parts. The Electrosmog accumulates in areas and be there could is dangerous. This Office needs an Chi Generator urgently !

The office in the picture below seems to be much cleaner, with plants and just one computer. Here the Electrosmog is a little but even there I suggest to a Chi Generator because the waves of Internet Wi-Fi reach the body. I consider it a revolutionary invention, It creates a very nice atmosphere. Flowers, plants, lit candles, relaxing music and aroma of incense can help to create a cozy environment too.


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