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Which is the best orgone generator and which is the best place to put it ?

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

The orgone generator is a machine that pulses clean Life energy invented by Karl Hans Welz in 1991 a year before building the first Orgonite in history which nowadays many people create to purify the life energy from the environment. But something almost no one knows is that the potency of the orgonite is very reduced comparing it with the energy created by the generator and most of the orgonites on sale in the market are fake or with a low potency.

The orgonites not only attract and purify fewer amounts of Life energy but also most of the people only create beautiful decorative pyramids with crystals inside unable to transmute the Orgone energy for lack of enough metal shavings, so many people are losing their time and money because of their ignorance this is why I am happy that you are here.

The quantity of ingredients is extremely important for the purification of the vital energy !

The orgonite is a copy in small of the Orgone Accumulator built by the scientist Wilhelm Reich who proved to the world the scientific evidence of the existence of the Chi energy or Prana. And the ingredients should be 50% metal, 50% polyester resin with small pieces of quartz in small orgonites, medium crystal size in big orgonites or big quartz for cloudbusters.

If you want to build your own orgonites by reading this article you will know how to create a powerful orgonite but even if you do a good one the Orgone generator pulses between 80 to 1000% more Life energy than an orgonite. Orgonites only attracts the life energy from around while the Orgone generators create it and pulse it in different frequencies.

Please understand something very important: An orgonite is not an Orgone generator.

Which is the best orgone generator ?

Which is the best Orgone generator ?

The PFC 2400 is the best Orgone generator on the market for its affordable price, the amounts of vital energy it pulses, and its characteristics as a Radionic device. It has a frequency meter to you be able to choose the frequency of the pulse to create an environment with a positive vibration for your mind, body, and spirit. It also has an audio converter that transforms sound into Life energy to reprogram your subconscious mind during sleep with audio affirmations in complete silence. And the energy created can be teleported to 3 or 4 people thousands of miles away through a small, easy-to-carry disk.

The PFC 2400 cleans the depressing atmosphere generated by Electromagnetic pollution in minutes. It was designed for offices with many computers operating, maintaining a peaceful environment that will achieve the mental calm needed to have excellent ideas and smart solutions. It creates the revitalizing environment of the forest.

You can use this device to create high-quality water to drink, which is water saturated with Life energy as it is on nature, boosting its benefits enormously. The water most people drink is dead, without Life energy and polluted with toxic frequencies stored from the environment such as Electromagnetic pollution but by placing the beverage close to this generator those frequencies are diluted, the taste is improved and hydrates much more.

This device not only pulses much more vital energy than orgonites, but you can also teleport the energy from your generator at home to you anywhere in the world by carrying a transfer disk. The Life energy created by this model is enough to revitalize 3 to 4 people through the transfer disks which is like having with you a huge orgonite wherever you go.

This model has a frequency meter that allows you to know the pulsation of vital energy. Some specific frequencies are very beneficial for the body, others for the mind, and others for spiritual development. In this article, you can see a list of positive frequencies you can choose and information about the effect they have. There are other models with a frequency meter as the Performer 2400 or the biggest generator The ATG 12.

Which is the best orgone generator ?

Which is the best place to put an Orgone generator ?

The best area to have an orgone generator is where you spend most of your time, like your bedroom or office. The bedroom could be a good one because you sleep there and for sure, you spend a minimum of 6 to 8 hours there every day. Also, it is during sleep when your body heals and rejuvenates, and your cells going to do a great job if they have the vitality that Life energy gives to them.

When the vital energy is pulsed at a low frequency, the brain relaxes and a deeper sleep can be achieved. It was thanks to an orgone generator that I was able to solve the insomnia that I suffered for more than 15 years.

Many people put orgonites close to the Wi-Fi modem to purify the energy from those devices but this not the best. The modem going to continue generating pollution until is off so it is better if you place the modem in an area where you don't spend a lot of time and your orgone generator where you spend most of your time. However the chi generator diminish the pollution of the modem enormously.

The kitchen is another place where I highly recommend having a Water Optimizer which is an Orgone generator with a special pad where you can place beverages to saturated them with Life energy to dilute toxic frequencies stored on the liquid and improve the taste. As result, the beverage becomes softer and hydrates much more. Also, fruits and vegetables or food that contains water attracts Life energy and store it.

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Feel free to email us if you have any questions about orgone generators to plan a meeting with one of our specialists on Skype or Telegram. We are a family company based in Atlanta empowering society with strategic knowledge and clean Life force energy. For more information about this radionic device, you can visit this tutorial that teaches you how to manifest with the Law of attraction by using them.




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