How to use a radionic device to easily manifest with the Law of Attraction ?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Many people have problems using the Law of attraction to their advantage because they do not recognize yet that they are projecting their own reality, instead, they are asking the Universe for gifts. It is not that you are a super powerful god, it is that reality is just a mental projection and reflection of who you are. Somehow your reality is printed by your mind and your events are influenced by what you think and believe. If you cannot perceive it yet I recommend to focus your mind on what you want "only" because thoughts become things, as Bob Proctor said. And this is how a radionic device can help you to manifest faster by connecting a visualization with a specific frequency, that every time you feel it, your mind will accept it as an event happening right now and it will start to occur on your life.

It is the mind who prints the story of your life and after meditating for a period you going to perceive it because your thoughts and emotions gain real power with all the energy stored in your spirit and what touches your attention is multiplied by your mind, on the environment so fast that becomes evident that you are projecting it. Then, you can create methods to influence what is around you to develop positive events by using your attention and energy. This acceleration of events is due to the fact that meditation elevates you to a plane where the circumstances are unfolding with speed and peacefully due to your inner light.

If you do not meditate but you have a partner of the opposite sex, you can store a lot of light in your spirit as well each time that you love each other because during the act of procreation "really a lot" of energy is created and can be stored in the spirit of the couple by avoiding the male orgasm. This light will increase the power of your thoughts and emotions, and you can use it to manifest. This is what is The Most powerful Meditation, which the book I wrote at the beginning of this year and the only way to create a huge vessel to store unimaginable amounts of light that we can use to expand our spirit and keep it golden, interesting, right ?

To manifest really fast you need light in your spirit, then your manifestation will be so fast that going to be so evident that you are creating your reality, and then you will be very careful of what you think in your own benefit and in the benefit of all. We have a lot of power and we are not only molding our reality, the story of the world, the ecosystem even what appears on the news it is sustained by the energy of most of the people who are in a state of mind where they cannot perceive their true potential. If you do not see it yet check this other article with some tips to accelerate your vibration. I see a lot of benefits in perceiving with your own eyes how what receives your attention remains around you.

People do not manifest quickly for only 3 reasons

1- They have a spirit weak and dark

2 - They have contradictory thoughts

3 - Their thoughts are not aligned with their emotions

Radionic devices with life force generators feed your spirit with vital energy and help to constantly maintain the necessary thoughts and emotions need it by connecting a visualization to a certain frequency of the device. And each time you receive the life force, your mind will remember the visualization as a past event at unconscious level. This is why using technology to manifest is useful for some people, while others do not need it.

If your mind is clean, and focus in only a few things daily without people and media drying your energy you do not need a radionic. This technology is effective for creating an anchor in your mind to feel on a subconscious level that you are already what you visualized. This simple method helps to achieve alignment with easy because there is no interference of the conscious mind with that belief. Just by feeling the pulse emitted by the Radionic device you will remember unconsciously that the event you visualized is part of your past.

This anchor is like a memory and the device will make of this memory something we remember often unconsciously each time we feel the pulse emitted by the device and then the opportunities will come up and then it is time for action ! An anchor is easy to create, I will explain below how to use the radionic device PFC2400, which my favorite Chi generator.

The most important part of the radionic machine is the 3 dials, with them we going to connect the visualization to a specific frequency of the Chi and each time the energy reaches us, we going to remember at a subconscious level that we are already living the imagined goal. With this method is sent to the Subconscious mind the right signal... It is already here ! and miracles will occur after take some action, of course !

Also, the Radionic devices from Pranachy revitalize the body and mind during sleep with abundant Life Force energy that empowers the body and mind. They are Chi generators and they reduce the impact of electromagnetic pollution and create living water as well. I am talking about this because is the reason I have one at home and not because the Radionic benefits, let´s continue, sorry :P

Before describing the steps to create an anchor with a Radionic device it is important that you consider the following...

  • The brain doesn´t distinguish what is real or not during a visualization.

  • The Universe is mental and with the mind, we influence the information appeared around as well as everything that comes close.

  • Maintaining the feeling that we are already living in the future is the most strategic step to deliberately manifest the events we desire.

  • Because manifesting is expanding is very important to try new things, visiting new places and meeting new people every week.

  • The life force can be sent by distance to any person.

How to use a Radionic device ?

The first step is to know what you want, if it is a car for example, the next steps are visualizing 3 events with connection of the car. The feeling that It´s already here is strategic, that emotion is the most important part of of any manifestation process. Also, if you have a lot of fun during your visualizations the goal will become real faster. Each visualization will be linked to one dial of the device. Later, a picture of yourself with a statement written by your hand is placed in the small square of the machine and the last step is turning on the device and forget it. Wait tat the subconscious mind or the Universe make their own part.

Please, remember that these machines are useful for making life incredible and not for attracting a lot of crap to fill existential gaps. Also remember that without action there is no manifestation, right ?

But let me give you another great advice...

If you are a shy person, you need a radionic but also to create a new personality, for example learning to be an effective speaker could help you a lot to achieve any objective with easy. Public speaking is strategic to communicate with anyone, and this talent will bring you money, a lovely partner, good friends, opportunities, and great deals. Public speaking and sales seminars help to facilitate the achievement of any goal. It is wrong to believe that by using a radionic you only need to wait on your couch that your perfect partner arrives at your home with the winner lottery bill in hand.

Now, Let me explain you how to use a radionic device...

The machine is in front, our back is straight and we are completely relaxed.

It is time to close the eyes and visualize some event, in connection with your goal. If you want a home, visualize the first party or dinner with friends. If you want to be a millionaire imagine an activity you will be doing when this happens, probably chilling in Aman hotel in Tokyo. But it is better if the radionic device is used to manifest strategic small steps towards big goals. For example, if your goal is to be a millionaire, but you have no idea how to achieve it because you are only a worker what you can do is visualize a great opportunity that presented to you without being specific.

Do you like my plan ?

Now, The device is in front and the goal is to manifest an opportunity. You do not know which could be the best opportunity. You do not have an idea of the next step to produce millions or financial freedom. But you know that a great opportunity could be the next big step.

So, take one dial and move it randomly during the visualization, and stopped it when the visualization finished. Then, the dial is connected to what you imagined. So, the first step is to imagine an event where you going to have a conversation with someone about your life with the feeling that is a great cycle because a great opportunity is happening. Don´t describe the opportunity, only see your best friend happy for you and celebrating together this great step you did.

First visualization

Your best friend is coming with you to your favorite bar. You are there and you invited her a glass of wine after the drinks arrived, you drank a little bit and there is some wine left on your lips. The place is a bit noisy, there are some murmurs and a drunk guy fell on the floor and you help him. He's not very drunk, it's just a stair on the floor that made him fall. This kind of situation brings emotions during the exercise.

Let me tell you some details that could be included in that visualization to strengthen the anchor...

  • Observe what you are wearing or even use your favorite clothes during the event.

  • Listen your favorite track on the bar and sing it with your friend loud, why not ?

  • Create a funny situation around, if it makes you laugh is even better.

  • Visit places you already know to reproduce some details of the environment.

  • Be with closed people to predict their reactions.

  • Touch something or someone, this strength the visualization a lot.

  • Have fun and observe a situation in which everyone is having a great time, this will make the energy flow stronger.

Let´s go back to the visualization

You are telling your friend about your excitement and hard work to become an expert in your area. You asked her: Can you imagine how many people will be helped by my project? I am so impatient to start making changes in the lives of all those people.

When you are imagining this at the same time, you will move a dial of the Radionic device randomly to connect the visualization to a numerical value. When it is finished, keep the dial in that position. Then make your next visualization to connect it to the next dial by repeating the same process.

I invited you to think about something important ...

If the opportunity was already in your life, what changes would be in your personality ? Those changes should be included. Many people do not manifest because they don´t imagine the future version of their selves, they do not understand the required expansion that should be part of the visualization. For example, if the goal is to be a millionaire, you must see your self as someone that knows how money works or like a great seller, speaker, or successful business person.

The 3 pillars that facilitate great success in any area are:

  1. Knowing sales that is strategic to achieve anything in life, a job, an appointment, a date, a good deal, etc.

  2. Been a good public speaker that is strategic to communicate your ideas, present products, and influence behaviors.

  3. knowing how money works, which is the most important information not taught at school.

The next visualization could be a moment with mama talking about the seminar of sales you visited or your first speech in the toastmasters club you joined because the opportunity requires that you be a great communicator, for example. Many people don´t manifest because their visualizations are not real. If you are not a millionaire and you want to be, after achieved it you going to be a completely new person, with different personality, habits, and skills. A visualization is only successful when you are another person during the process, and when you finished is important to walk in the direction of becoming that person. During the journey, miracles and unique opportunities will happen to you !

Remember that radionics are used to have fun in life and not to materialize objects ! By having a lot of fun you are able to materialize anything. then, imagining during the visualization a new version of your self is very important as well as the feeling of satisfaction !

Last step

The last visualization going to be connected to the 3rd dial. The order is not important.

Probably you would imagine yourself at home relaxing after a very busy day. You already discovered how busy you are after this opportunity arrived in your life and you feel proud of your self. You are thinking about what to eat while your cat jumps to your legs and you feel their feet in your body. Your skin sinks with each step of the cat until it decides to lie on in your stomach.

This example really sucks, I know ! you going to do a better job. But remember that some events as the unexpected visit of the cat in your legs have a stronger impact on the emotion, and this feeling strengths the results.

After you connected the 3 visualizations with the dials, the frequency of the pulse of the Life force going to remember you in a subconscious level those memories when it arrives at you through the picture. Those situations are recorded in your mind as memories of the past each time you receive the pulse of the energy. The frequency of the pulse of Chi that you receive will activate the same synapses that your brain had during the visualizations, so the memories will create alignment to the person you want to be in the reality your mind is projecting each second. This is something tricky to understand for most people. But for me not because I discovered on my own that reality is just a mental projection made by the mind in the present time. About this, I am talking about as well in my book The Most Powerful Meditation that I highly recommend you to read :) Then, take a photo of your self and write on the back your name and some affirmation connected to your visualization as "I am a strong magnet of great opportunities" then leave the photo on the small gray square and turn on the machine. The Life force will arrive at you through the picture in the frequency recorded, it will contain your signature after writing the affirmation. This sounds amazing I know or weird, but check videos and forums about this technology with the testimonials of people using this technology for decades. Don´t move the dials and the photo until your goal is achieved or at least close. In addition, it is important not to place the Radionic device in metal structures, since they will dry the Chi energy and will be wasted. Wood is perfect. I suggest to leave it in your bedroom, to maintain a clean environment with an abundant pulse of vital force that revitalizes the organs and the cells during sleep.

When the opportunity arrived, you can use the device again to attract the next strategic situation that will bring you close to your long term goal ! This is how is possible to use technology to bring more fun into your life. If is not clear yet how to use these devices, do not worry, after you purchase them you can meet me in skype and I will tell you how you can get the most out of your new investment by sending an email to

I recommend you as well to read this other tutorial, I wrote as well. I hope this information has value for you and thank you for share it with the people you love. And do not forget to subscribe to the newsletter in order to receive news about our upcoming articles regarding the spirit, health, and personal development. Or follow me on Pinterest with the same purpose.

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