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How to use a radionic device to easily manifest with the Law of Attraction?

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

I hope your manifestations are doing well lately if not probably you are using the wrong law of attraction techniques or you need amplify a little bit more the power of your mind with a radionic box. Whatever method you use for manifesting, the results will be accelerated if you use a radionic device from our store. Due to the large amounts of life energy they produce.

These machines are one of the best spiritual tools in my opinion, and because I have used only the devices created by Karl Hans Welz so far, I am going to talk only about them and how to use them to increase the potency of the law of attraction techniques you are using.

Radionics are useful to facilitate the manifestation of your goals because amplify the power of your mind and balance your energy field. They are very interesting devices that is important you know if you are working with the law of attraction because of their benefits for slowing down your brainwave activity and to reprogram your subconscious mind successfully.

How to use a radionic device to easily manifest with the Law of Attraction?

What is radionics ?

Radionics are devices that emit frequencies that you can use for different purposes like balancing the energy field from your body, what empowers your mind and spirit pretty well. They are helpful for introducing a new belief or a specific command into your subconscious mind to influence your reality. Something that you can do only when your consciousness is off, when you sleep or meditate for example, but as well, by using these machines.

Also, the communication with your subconscious mind is through feelings that are often difficult to maintain if your life is not how you would like it to be. In this scenario, you can be broadcasting the wrong feelings and information often. What can be fixed with radionics.

This is because you can anchor the feeling of your wish fulfilled(felt during a small visualization) to a certain rate of the device. Then, by turning on the machine for an hour, the same energy and information that you emit when you visualize the same time is propagated. On this article I am showing the steps to perform this operation with success, check it out !

The radionic devices from Karl Hans Welz have potent orgone generators that amplify the power of your mind what is beneficial not only because thoughts become things, as Bob Proctor said. But as well because for manifesting anything according to Karl you need 3 main ingredients. Which are your intention (the goal), the target (you) and abundant Life energy.

This is because this energy is the building blocks of everything created and it can by guided by your imagination what Qigong practitioners, and Reiki healers know and use in their practices. And the orgone generators are the only devices that pulse this energy, which is why I only use them and right now I am working in manifesting a PFC2400 in my bedroom.

The orgone energy of your radionic device can be teleported wherever you go if you carry a transfer disk. What empowers of your mind pretty well, allowing you to achieve great things if you are able to reproduce the right thoughts most of the time. If this is difficult for you check this article I wrote with some tips to reduce negative thinking.

Any method you use of the law attraction going to get better results if your energetic field is balanced by the energy pulsed by radionics. But for manifest with real power you need to cultivate the cosmic light in your spirit, with a daily spiritual practice. The easiest and simplest is meditation, which elevates you to a higher plane, so come here and take a look at these 3 powerful meditations that will activate your energy centers and accelerate your vibration.

How to use a radionic device to easily manifest with the Law of Attraction ?

How to use the law of attraction to get what you want?

The energy you put out into the world determines the people, resources, and opportunities that you attract in your life. When you are a positive, high-vibe person, you attract positive, high-vibe people and opportunities according to the law of attraction. So, It is more important the energy you are broadcasting right now to the cosmos than any affirmation, visualization or any other technique you use to manifest happy and positive moments.

And toxic energies in the home, produced by electromagnetic pollution can throw your mind and spirit out of balance making you emit often a very negative energetic signal to the Universe at a subconscious level. That pollution can also make you sick, anxious, depressed, and make difficult a night of deep delta sleep, what can produce a very negative state that will draw more negativity into your life with the shape of events, circumstances and people.

A radionic device solve this problem by cleaning the toxic energies that are constantly produced in any home by electromagnetic fields that often came from everywhere, especially if you are living in a large city. These devices saturate your place with only clean life energy the 24 hours that allow you to feel peace, balance and facilitates the alpha and even delta brainwave activity from your brain which are strategic to achieve when you are introducing some idea into the subconscious mind, the part of your mind that writes the story of your life.

When your mind has power, everything you visualize, think or simply focus on is held in your reality, in the environment around you, then becomes obvious that your thoughts become things. Then you going to discover how valuable is to focus most of your thoughts, in creating your future, and feeling your future with thoughts like What you going to dress in this event ?

The results from any technique you use are based on the feelings that you are emitting on that moment mostly. If you journal all the day feeling that what you are writing about is your future and not your present the manifestations will arrive slowly. So, the best exercise is very simple, powerful and use it with a transfer disc close to your body for better results.

Use any moment to imagine your wish fulfil, for example if you want to manifest your new home, waiting in the supermarket think is a good time to imagine your wonderful kitchen and where you going to put everything purchased. If what you want to manifest is a new car, feel that it is outside of the supermarket. If you want love, think that is waiting for you in your car.

You do not need to use any specific technique because you can think and feel at any time. Very often we think about things that we cannot change because they are the reflection of other people instead of investing the energy in thinking about stuff that we can change, like the house you live, the money you receive, the next trip desired and whatever you want experience in your life but this is hard to achieve, this is why people use radionic devices.

How to use a radionic device to manifest with ease with the Law of attraction

Reprogram your subconscious mind

You will not manifest money or a great relationship or any other success if you deeply believe that you do not deserve it and this belief may be the result of childhood events promoted by your parents or even by people who took care of you in kindergarten or school. But you can introduce new beliefs to force your mind to work for you, and the best time is during sleep.

If you are not manifesting something but you already noticed that reality is just a mental and energetic reflection, then you need to work mostly in creating new subconscious beliefs by listening to audio tapes while you sleep. These are quite trendy and useful even if they seem silly, but it is very uncomfortable to sleep with headphones while listening to audio.

But you can use machines like the PFC2400 to stream subliminals in complete silence on your bedroom while you sleep comfortably. Some radionics from our store can convert audio into a pulse of vital energy. So you can broadcast some audio affirmations in the environment in a form of subliminal messages that go directly to your subconscious even if you are awake.

To introduce new beliefs into your subconscious, you must turn off your conscious mind, this is why you need to listen audiotapes during sleep. What can be difficult this is why emitting subliminals is a good method to build new beliefs because Creating new beliefs is really important to manifest with success but for having a great existence as well. Your mind can support you to achieve anything you want or can stopping you over and over again.

When your new belief is fully assimilated by your subconscious mind, you will see magical shifts in your reality to your benefit. For example, a good new belief might be that money is too easy to make or that money flows easily and overwhelmingly to you. As a result, things will improve economically and more opportunities will arrive to you.

There are many methods, in my opinion the simplest is using a radionics device, but the most powerful is meditation. Because you access your subconscious by staying conscious and there you can create the new belief that money is constantly flowing to you, by imagining yourself buying great things to you, and your sources of cash flow with large numbers, and feeling wonderful because of it and that feeling what will create the new belief.

Other technique you can use is writing about your successes of the day at night using a radionic device in a low frequency to influence your brainwave activity. This is a powerful mind set practice for attracting new opportunities and to open new roads in your life by proclaiming yourself a successful person. Just write about your successes of the day, even if they are small and the new belief that you are a successful person going to be built.

Ask, Believe and Receive

These are the 3 steps to manifest anything, right ? and the way you ask is by feeling that you wish is fulfilled with a visualization where you combine images coming from you brain with the emotion from your heart and the more you visualize the fastest result you will obtain. But with a radionic device you need to visualize once and then the device will emit the right energy to your subconscious the next days each time you turn on the machine for an hour.

This can be done with a radionic operation which is an anchor you create from a visualization to a certain rate from the radionic device. Then, each time you feel the frequency that the machine emits at a subconscious level is nourished your intention energetically and I am talking about it and explain how to perform this operation step by step on this other article.

Every time you visualize, you build a new path that should be walked in your life and using a radionic device help you see the opportunities that lead you to your goal, they are the path.

The machine reminds you on a subconscious level where you want to be, helping you to focus your time, energy and effort only on what is important. Many people are distracted thinking about the behaviours and manifestations of others depleting their valuable energy. What makes them lost the opportunities built energetically by the mind for lack of focus and then, they conclude that the Law of attraction is not working.

The Law of Attraction is not a tool that you can use to manifest your dreams. Reality is an energetic reflection of your spirit, your energy print, your feelings, your thoughts and the information you introduce in yourself has influence on the events you live, in what surrounds you. It is just information spread by your mind and the people who observed this phenomenon call it the Law of attraction. But more than a law, it is like the rain, something that happens.

If you want to read more about this topic check this article that I wrote as well with 10 Unique and Holistic tips to manifest faster with the Law of attraction. And if you have any questions regarding our radionic devices feel free to reach me out in Telegram, my username is @Pranachy, where you can ask me any questions about my coaching services as well.

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