How to stop negative thoughts and turn them into positive thoughts?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

In the next article, I will share some useful tips that will help you to reduce negative thinking by producing more positive thoughts or by focusing our energy in high quantities in achieving our goals. This is an excellent method to maintain the mind working in the right direction in our benefit because thoughts could lead us to suffer. For example, 5 different people living the same experience can suffer or not due only to their mental reaction, the thoughts' that arise later again and again from that experience. So, basically everything could be fine at any moment if you keep certain thoughts predominate. Normally negative thinking is only a result of weakness or imbalance in the spirit. So, positive thinking could be the result of a healthy lifestyle as well, let´s get deep into the topic...

Why negative thoughts come in mind ?

Negative thoughts commonly arise if we don´t have vitality for lack of sleep, exercise, the right nutrients, or by staying in an unhealthy environment for a long period. Also, during the night our brain is more negative or if we are hungry, stressed and drunk. The problem is that thoughts are cyclical, we think the same thoughts every day, and the thoughts we had because we were drunk could keep exiting in our minds next days again and again. The way to remove negative thoughts that are already part of our mental process is by introducing new positive and uplifting thoughts otherwise the negative ones will continue and continue and continue.

Our thoughts have an impact directly on the events we live, the emotions we broadcast to the Universe came back to us as events that make us feel them again and again. This why people advise you to be positive, but in Kabbalah the teach us How the divine matrix works and is something very similar. The energy we broadcast the stars receive and send it back, this is why many people are into Astrology and exactly this is why the Kabbalist ignore Astrology because we can take control if you send out only high emotions always and this is easy to achieve just by cultivating the light in the spirit throw a spiritual practice like meditation.

The kabbalistic meditations allow you to place yourself at a higher level of consciousness that allows you to escape the energetic influence of the stars and helps you to take control of your life through your imagination and emotions.

We are influencing our reality every single day with our thoughts and feelings and by meditating our spirit is filled with light and makes us feel naturally alive and positive. So, it is important to meditate every morning to project great thinks in your day, to have more positive thoughts and emotions as well. When the spirit is big and bright after practicing meditation for a while, it is easy to perceive how reality is directly influenced by the thoughts, emotions, words; so be careful about the topics you talk with your friends and family since today. Also with the content you consume because the information you introduce in your mind going to be reflected and multiplied on your reality and chaos could be sustained on your life just by watching it often.

How to stop negative thoughts ?

How does meditation help to reduce negative thinking ?

Negative thoughts commonly arise if we don´t have vitality for lack of exercise, lack of the right nutrients, or by staying in an unhealthy environment for a long period. Also, during the night our brain is more negative, if we are hungry, stressed, drunk, or if we don´t sleep enough. The problem is that thoughts are cyclical, we think the same thoughts every day, and the thoughts we have because we were drunk could keep exiting in our minds again and again and probably those thoughts we would never have if you hadn't had alcohol. The way to remove negative thoughts already part of our mental process is by introducing new positive and uplifting thoughts otherwise the negative ones will continue and continue and continue.

When you activate the Higher mind because your spirit is bright and healthy, the manifestation process is faster, everything develops with speed and you will see how you are creating, projecting and influencing your reality. Then you will conclude how important is to focus your energy in the right place with the right thoughts and the right people. Normally, when the spirit is huge you start to have other priorities as building great projects to help the most people possible and you work hard to be the best version of your self.

Then, my first advice to remove negative thoughts is to meditate every morning before starting your day. This going to activate your higher mind and the animal area will have less influence during the day, this part is very negative and daily Meditation for some months will activate your higher mind, and your thinking process will change in a very positive way. When your spirit is shinny becomes evident how you can influence your reality and this can help you to mold it in your benefit, and to attract the right people and circumstances.

The higher mind needs a lot of light in the spirit to be active and this light can be stored by meditating. When thoughts stop we attract light automatically as I described in my book The Most powerful Meditation. When your higher mind is active, the reality becomes magical because you are able to see clearly how thoughts, words, and the information you consume have an impact on what appears around. You do not attract those circumstances as many believe, you project them. Around you is only an empty space, it is an illusion that you are able to mold somehow. This is why you need to take seriously the tips described next.

How to stop negative thoughts ?

This second piece of advice is the most important !

The only way to remove negative thoughts is by introducing a new repertoire of thoughts. Only positive thoughts can remove negative thoughts. I just finished my relationship with my girlfriend and what I did to stop thinking about her is visiting completely new places every day to disconnect with my past and to introduce new thoughts. This method works when negative thoughts are based on the beginning of a new cycle. Life is always changing and the transitions can carry a series of thoughts that are no longer necessary, this creates a void that needs to be filled with a series of new thoughts. This is why having short and long term goals is strategic for every person. Those goals will create and maintain certain positive thoughts.

Having Goals is the most important activity for every human being.

By not having them the mind will be used in a very negative way or a lot of energy could be wasted. Also, it is important that you remove negative content and negative people. To know what is negative and positive you need to follow your heart, how you feel. This could be tricky because you can enjoy being with someone who talks about politics but if at the end of the talk you feel disappointed or sad it is because you are talking about "negative content" or you are with a "negative person". This feeling takes away your power tremendously, even if you consider it important to discuss the topic, then empower yourself by avoiding it and if you want to change the world, work hard to change the life of millions instead of saying to others what they should do.

Your heart tells you what is good for you and what is not and if you feel helpless you are weakening, you are becoming vulnerable. It is more important to talk about your plans, about people that are helping the society, or how some people have achieved the same goals you have and work every day to making them true.

By hanging out with the right people, by consuming uplifting content, and by ignoring all the stupidity around, you will have very positive thoughts, that will lead you to strategic actions that will lead you to achieve your goals and to create a better world.

I suggest to watch only uplifting content and meditate often to arrive in a place where you are not vulnerable. When your spirit grows up a lot due to a daily spiritual practice, you increase your frequency and you are not part of the chaotic low dimension where most of the people are due to their dark spirits, that vibrate low.

The way to know if you have a high vibration or a low one is by observing your feelings. If you feel great, happy, and grateful since the morning until the night is because you are on a high plane but if you feel sad, depressed, bored or you are violent, with hatred you are in a low dimension due to darkness in your spirit and to change this color I recommend you to meditate ! After doing it for some months you will feel awesome :)

Is it hard for you to find the right friends ?

To me is it but I prefer to be alone than with negative people, they are like smokers. I do not hang out with smokers because it is very annoying when they throw their polluted air close to me, they kill the moment with their toxins. It is a similar situation with hanging out with negative people and the same as watching negative content, I am sensitive to all types of pollution. Most of the mainstream content is negative and stupid.

Why negative thoughts come in mind ?

Tips to reduce negative thoughts:

1 - Meditate every morning

2 - Introduce new thoughts

3 - Introduce only uplifting content

4 - Clean the electromagnetic pollution

5 - Eat the right nutrients

6 - Keep goals

7 - Maintain positive people close

8 - Practice sports

9 - Avoid alcohol

10-Get enough sleep

1 - Meditate every morning to operate mostly with the divine area of your mind and not with the animal, the survival part needs only a little bit of energy to be active, which is why it is working most of the time. On the other hand, the higher mind needs a lot of light that only a real spiritual practice can bring.

2 - Introduce new thoughts, "this is the only way" to break the cycle of old negative thinking. Making new plans and goals will help. For example, my mom told me that she is not very ambitious about money, She is fine but after I told her how many people she can help, she started to be more motivated for attracting more money. People tend to stagnate in a comfort zone, this is natural, it is something created by the mind to save energy but it contracts you. Everything in the Universe is expanding or contracting, and when we contract we begin to die.

3 - Introduce only uplifting content and images in your mind. Watch cool and funny movies, for example, instead of stressful ones. This step is very important as well because negative content can boost fears with easy and by ignoring them you will discover how many positive things are really happening around and no one is talking of them because they are normal.

Your reality is a mental projection, something that mainstream science is not talking about. Many people have no idea that the reality is an empty space projected in the present time by your mind and what is around is determined of where your attention is, on what you believe, on how you feel, what you think, and what you speak. Knowing this is useful to use your energy strategically to create a wonderful life experience, but if it is still difficult for you to create a change in your thinking, contact to me. I can be your Spiritual Life coach, I can help you to arrive from A to B but only if you are willing to work on it, in another way, please do not write me at this email:

4 - Clean the electromagnetic pollution is important as well. Electrosmog is a type of noise our ears do not perceive and perturbs the mind. I was having a very chaotic mind, headaches, and insomnia because my place was infested with Electromagnetic pollution. I cleaned it by introducing plants, 3 orgonites that I did and by turned on a Life force generator. In this article, you could learn how to neutralize the negative impact of electromagnetic pollution and 5G by creating a healthy ecosystem at your home or business, check it out !

The Life Force generator produced in my bedroom a very nice environment with positive energy that can be felt. Those devices produce an atmosphere very similar to the forest, where we feel vitality due to the continuous flow of clean Life Force energy available there. This is why it is a good idea to introduce plants, make some orgonites, or purchase a Chi generator for your bedroom if you think there is electromagnetic pollution there. This pollution creates imbalance, negativity, mental strain, and diseases.

5 - Eat the right nutrients is extremely important as well to avoid toxic elements as metals, this is why vaccines can produce negative thinking as well. When our body is intoxicated we thought negatively naturally because we are not in harmony, we do not feel great and we can not even imagine how good can be. There are many pollutants around in the air, the plastics that have xenoestrogens, and this causes a lack of vitality and then negative emotions. In this article, there are 10 natural herbs you can take to feel great, and please drink beverages stored in glass bottles because xenoestrogens can causes diseases as Cancer and this will not make you feel so positive right ?

I hope this information helped you to create a wonderful life experience and feel free to share it with the people you love. Pranachy is starting to get recognized on sites like this that consider this blog one the best 100 holistic blogs. So, it could be strategic to be up to date with all the information published by this amazing project by subscribing to the newsletter, and by following my Pinterest, thank you !

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