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How to stop negative thoughts and turn them into positive thoughts?

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Positive thinking has a very good impact in your life because thoughts are made from energy as everything that surrounds you and they influence your reality. Many people are having a great change in their life just by changing their thoughts and because I am one of them I decide to share the next tips for you be able to develop the habit of positive thinking.

In my opinion, the only way to eliminate negative thoughts is by developing the habit of positive thinking. But often negative thinking is the result of feelings that arise from having an unbalanced spirit or due to the lack of certain nutrients such as vitamin B which causes anxiety, depression and insomnia. Also electromagnetic pollution disturbs your body/spirit and as a result your thinking is negatively influenced. And about all this I will talk next.

Negative thoughts affect your health and cause your body to produce toxins that deteriorates you. Also, if you are a user of radionic devices it is important that you control your thoughts because these machines amplify the power of your mind and you can attract very bad events faster by broadcasting the wrong energy to the Universe. Which is a mirror that reflects our energy and shows us through the people who surround us how we are. This is what people call the law of attraction, but more than a law is just something that happens as the rain.

Why negative thoughts come in mind ?

Negative thinking is the normal activity of the brain that tries to keep you alive. Thinking worst-case scenario is a way of planning what to do if happens, but I've been creating worst-case scenario over and over again because your thoughts influence your reality and my luck magically improved when I started to thinking about the best scenario, but as well by uplifting my vibration with the guided meditations that I am sharing on this article.

Your thoughts are influenced by your feelings and if you feel like a crap because you are very drunk is normal that your thinking is negative because you are intoxicated. Well, the same happens if you have a lot of toxins and metals inside your body because you do not detoxify your body often and from the environment, or the products you consume toxins arrive to your body that you can remove by following the protocol described on this article I wrote.

The imbalance in your body caused by lack of sleep, certain nutrients like B vitamins, and physical activity increase the negative feelings that lead you to negative thinking. Especially the absence of vitamin B which causes anxiety, depression and insomnia and very often your body cannot absorb this nutrient when you consume it if you do not have enough healthy bacteria in your gut, but can be solved by taking probiotics and eating fruits, and vegetables.

Another thing that promotes negative thinking is having a dark spirit due to a lack of spiritual practice, which is the cultivation of cosmic energies in your body. By practicing meditation on a daily basis for a long period, you accumulate so much light that the invisible area of your body becomes huge and very bright. That is why Buddha became enlightened just by meditating, he was not stopping his thoughts, he was cultivating light in his body and you can use that energy to manifest everything you want faster with your thoughts and feelings.

Why positive thinking is important ?

Thoughts are made of energy that influences your environment and circumstances which are made from energy as well. This is why the practice of thinking often about the best possible scenario helps to build it. A good method for using the law of attraction is to thinking about 3 great things that could happen today using the question, What I going to do if this happens?

By having these thoughts you begin to use your mind to your advantage, not only to attract those events energetically but also to imagine the possible paths that will take you there. In my opinion negative thinking is often result of not using the energy of the mind for making certain things happen. In that situation the mind is in autopilot or saturated with the toxic content from media what increases the probabilities that your thoughts be negative.

If you are working to manifest some goal by using the law of attraction, you know that the feeling that is already happening is some of the most important elements. Then by thinking how grateful you are that your wish is fulfilled you can awake those emotions needed for attracting those events to you. Your thinking also determines your emotions, and by creating overwhelmingly positive thoughts, you can produce intentionally positive feelings.

How to think positive thoughts ?

The only way to greatly reduce negative thinking is to take control of your mind, by observing what triggers certain thoughts and practicing positive thinking as much as possible. It is your choice the type of thoughts you have in any moment, you are free to think what you want. I know that is not easy to control some thoughts but the first step for taking control is understanding that whatever you think is because you are not thinking something else.

Do you agree ?

There are people who trigger wild thoughts or stuff like the news which are mostly negative and a good way to avoid the energetic waste promoted by uncontrollable thoughts is just avoiding what provoke them. For example, I has having thoughts during the day regarding certain news that I saw in the morning, which were distracting me and draining my energy to solve this I stop watching them and if I do, it is only less than 10 minutes.

Talking with some people and even discussions in social media can trigger your thoughts, and it is important that you observe what are the thoughts you have during the day and what caused them. This is the first step to start taking control of your mind to be easier for you to direct your mind strategically in those thoughts that help you to accomplish your goals or nourish what you want to manifest with the law of attraction.

If you are dealing with negative thoughts, next are some things you can try right now to stop them. These are 10 powerful ways to stop negative thinking that I used to successfully change the dialogue in my mind. It took me about a year to achieve this improvement, it was not an easy task, so I recommend that you start as soon as possible. Because it takes time and practice, but you will see a wonderful improvement in your life if you use your mental energy in strategically instead of wasting it or using it to attract negative events and people.

10 Tips to reduce negative thoughts

Meditation reduces negative feelings

A powerful activity to overcome negative thoughts is meditation, which increases experiences of positive emotions over time, according to this study. What can decrease negative thinking which is often the result of negative emotions. For example, when I am not feeling good because I am hungry my thoughts are mostly negative, what changes after eating a meal, the same occur when I did not sleep well.

For this reason, it is important for me to sleep well to maintain a great feeling during the day, but also meditating in the morning, before starting the day, not only to feel positive, but also to attract a lot of good things. In my opinion meditation is the most important activity to successfully manifest the law of attraction and if you like crystals check out this article where I am describing How to meditate with crystals to ascend your energy.

Negative thoughts are the result of 2 things, an unbalanced body and the habit of thinking negatively due to the people around you. And there is still a lot of ignorance about the human spirit, which is the invisible area of your body that you must also take care of. Many people are depressed because they have a dark spirit. When you cultivate the light in your spirit through some spiritual practice like meditation, it becomes robust, bright, and as a result, a lot of positive chemicals and neurotransmitters are released, what makes you feel amazing.

Your brain is divided in 3 parts, the reptilian, the mammal and the higher part. Most of your negative thoughts came from the reptilian and mammal areas. The problem is that the higher area requires a lot of energy to be in operation and only the spiritual practice can supply this energy. Most people have their energy in the first 3 energy centers and to activate the higher mind you need to move your energy from there to the brain as it is shown in the next video. As result the higher mind is activated and your thoughts become more positive.

Encourage gratitude with your thoughts

You are influencing your reality with your thoughts and feelings. Fostering gratitude is one of the best methods to broadcast powerful energy to the Universe in your benefit and it will help you to reduce negative thoughts by occupying your mind thinking about something else.

Gratitude is good way to accelerate your goals by feeling that you already have them even if they are not materialized yet. This is an excellent method to magnetize them energetically. You can do it each time you feel awesome because you are eating something you love or by listening your favorite track. Because when you broadcast a clear intention with elevated emotion in the quantum field you energetically creates your future.

Before bed is the best time to feel grateful for the future that you are energetically building with the techniques of the law of attraction. The more you feel grateful because your desire is already fulfilled, the more force you are injecting into the Universe to create it. Well, the reality is that your life is just a mental projection orchestrated by your subconscious mind and this method is just one way to send a message to that area of your mind, the emotional one.

How to feel gratitude?

Because everything is cyclical, it is easy to feel gratitude during the harvest period. For example, not every day is sunny, so feel gratitude when it is. The same happens with the food you eat, when you go to your favorite restaurant while you eat, be grateful that you are there or if you cook something and it is delicious. Let's be honest we don't always cook super delicious and when you do it, be thankful while you eat. You can feel grateful for little things like a delicious hot shower. The feeling of gratitude is very healthy for your body and spirit.

Consume positive content

There is a lot of toxic content that not only contaminate your mind but as well deteriorates your body because your brain does not distinguish if the images that you are watching are real or not and during a violent movie or horror film you are producing a lot of toxins that deteriorates you. For example, after watching certain movie with violence in the street, you can feel panic just by walking in the night even if you are is a safe place result of the pollution that you consume. Which have a very negative impact in your body, mind and spirit.

You have 2 options, consuming what gives you power or what kills you. Like drinking a coke or a delicious and healthy ginger tea with lemon and honey that extends your healthspan while the coke reduces it and makes you fat and horrible. The same with the content you consume, you can spend an hour watching a video with a useful advice that you can apply in your life like the content published by Grant Cardone or you can pollute your mind with the news that mostly shows what the stupid people of the world are doing it, have you noticed it?

Spend your time in healthy environments

Spending time in healthy environments is not only healthy for your body, mind and spirit, but it also increases your positive feelings that positively influence your thoughts. On the other hand, if you are in a place infested with electromagnetic pollution, you will feel tired, negative, anxious and you can develop very serious conditions such as insomnia or migraines. What going to make you feel horrible and it is natural to think very negative on this state.

Negative thinking can be a symptom of an unbalanced mind and spirit as a result of the toxic energetic environment in the places where you spend most of your time. One of them is your bedroom where you sleep 6 to 8 hours a day and the best thing is that you keep this area with a very healthy environment by introducing plants that will clean the toxins from the air and produce abundant oxygen. Also, use an orgone generator there to remove toxic energies produced by electromagnetic fields.

I successfully cleaned the toxic energies produced by electromagnetic pollution in my bedroom with an orgone generator which, in my opinion, is one of the most powerful spiritual tools. These devices emit the life energy in frequencies that you can use for different purposes. For example, the frequency 3.5Hz helped me to cure the insomnia I suffered for 15 years because it induces delta sleep, which is the most important sleep cycle.

Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy diet is not only about eating enough nutrients but as well avoiding toxins and unhealthy foods that unbalance your body, mind and spirit. As I already said one of the 2 reasons of negative thinking is an unbalanced body that can be promoted by the lack of certain nutrient like vitamin B which causes depression, an state where a person have mostly negative thoughts and it can be the result for eating a lot of ultra processed foods, toxins in GMOs or canned food what kills the bacteria that help you body assimilate this nutrient.

Even if you are consuming a dietary supplement vitamin B complex that nutrient can be wasted if your microbiome has not enough healthy bacteria to assimilate the vitamin which lack causes depression, anxiety and other very negative conditions that many doctors describe as mental issues that in most cases are just a result of an unhealthy gut.

Maintaining the correct diet is strategic as well as knowing how to cook your food because you may think that what you eat is healthy because the nutrients it contains, however, you can be destroying them when cooking them, the same with canned products that do not have vitamins, only minerals. I've seen so many people destroying very important nutrients from vegetables because they cook them like broccoli that I recommend eating raw.

Pineapple is another food that is better to eat raw because the enzymes but tomatoes and mushrooms is better to cook, so I´m sharing all this information and more to the people that book my coaching services, and if you are interested in having a holistic coach send me a message by Telegram to find out if I can be a good fit for you, my username is @Pranachy

How to stop negative thoughts ?

Set Goals

Setting goals is a good way to overcome negative thoughts by keeping your mind busy thinking about how you can make your wishes come true. Otherwise, you will have enough space to think about anything else, what opens up space for negative thoughts. If you have goals and you still have negative thoughts, the solution can be to reprogram your subconscious mind to clear up the stored information introduced by others during your life.

Having goals is the best method to make your life an exciting story and a great strategy to stop dwelling on negative thoughts. Most people are afraid of death instead of being afraid of having a completely boring existence. The problem is that many of them watch the news or movies that make them feel like something is happening even if nothing is happening.

The only method to push yourself to create goals is by observing how your life really is, if nothing new is happening that can be the reason of your negative thinking. It is natural to feel like a crap if your life sucks and the only solution is writing down in a paper short and long term goals and then focus your mind and energy everyday on making them happen.

Introduce new subconscious beliefs

If your negative thinking is due to circumstances of your life or against yourself the best is to introduce new beliefs in your subconscious mind to solve your negative thinking disorder. Because it could have a very negative impact on your future by emitting the wrong energy to the Universe constantly like I did and from my experience, I recommend that you introduce new beliefs at a subconscious level, something like that everything is working for me, or the opposite of anything you often think against yourself.

This is a difficult task because the only way to introduce a new subconscious belief is by turning off your conscious mind. That is why many people hear affirmations during sleep, but also by meditating you can access your subconscious to introduce new beliefs there. But first, you must enter the quantum field and there visualize the new belief. If it is "my life is amazing, I love it", simply visualize yourself having the life of your dreams.

To introduce yourself in the quantum field follow the guided meditation below to there command your subconscious mind with images and feelings but there are also products that allow you to induce certain commands directly to your subconscious mind by sending subliminal messages like this audio with hypnotic suggestions that promise you some type of result in 24 hours or you can ask for your money back, what sounds intriguing to me.

I am talking about this because I had a lot of negative thoughts even if I was feeling amazing due to my meditation practice. My life was not like I wanted and It was precisely result of my mindset and the energy I was sending to the Universe. And nowadays my thoughts are very positive result of listening affirmations during naps or before sleep but also when I was taking a shower even if they only arrived to my conscious mind.

Do aerobic exercise

Moving the body is essential for reversing your biological age but as well for feeling happy. It is easier to have a positive mindset when you feel great and by moving the body you can achieve it. According to this small study physical activity has potentially beneficial effects for reduced depression, so if you do not practice some sport and you go everywhere by car all the time the reason of your negativity can be the lack of exercise.

If you jogging often you can still having these annoying thoughts for sure, this advice is more for improving your mood that normally affects your thinking. In my opinion, deliberate positive thinking and goal setting are the most important things to do to influence your thinking. What I do is say affirmations and think of my future as something that is happening right now when I'm running to take control of my mind while exercising my body.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol consumption causes approximately 3.3 million deaths each year, consuming often this toxin age your body and make you stupid by deteriorating your brain. A person who drinks often have the brain smaller than who do not, did you know it ?

Any type of intoxication leads to negative thoughts, this is why it is better to avoid alcohol if you are working in reducing your negative thinking. What you can do preparing your body before a night of drinks to avoid drunkenness by following the advice from this article I wrote. There I describing some tips you can follow to reduce the negative effects caused by alcohol.

Sleep well every night

Not getting enough quality sleep affects every aspect of your life including your mental health. If you are dealing with negative thinking and you do not sleep well often, I recommend that you focus on improving your sleep, which is important because the lack of quality sleep reduces your healthspan and increases the risk of suffering cancer, diabetes and dementia.

Quality sleep is not one of the 3 pillars of your health, it is the foundation of your life.

Sometimes you may think that it is difficult to be positive when the circumstances are not good or because of the people around, while the real reason could be the lack of quality sleep. I know this from experience because when you feel good no matter how bad your circumstances are or the people around, you feel good and your thoughts are influenced.

As I described at the beginning of this article I was a very negative person but also I suffered chronic insomnia for 15 years and my negative thinking in my opinion was because of that. I solved my condition with this radionic device emitting the frequency 3.5Hz at my bedroom and that's why today I'm helping to Karl Hans Welz to sell his great invention.

These machines not only facilitate falling asleep but as well promote delta brain wave activity which is super important for reversing your biological age and for losing weight because enhances the production of growth hormone. I wrote this article talking about the anti-aging benefits of delta sleeping in case your are interested to know more about the subject.

In conclusion, sleeping well is something you can do to keep your emotions and thoughts positive. And keep in mind that your negative dialogue during the day could be only for lack of sleep, because you are hungry or due to electromagnetic pollution in your environment and not precisely because of the events happening to you.

I hope this information helped you to improve your thinking because your thoughts influence your health and reality as well. Today, scientists know that everything found is made up of energy and because your thoughts are made up of energy they can impact your physical reality as well. That is why it is important to practice positive thinking and increase your vibration with the guided meditations shared in this other article.

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