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10 Unique and Holistic tips to Manifest Faster With the Law of Attraction

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Your vibration is the most important ingredient to manifest great things on autopilot, feeling incredible and grateful is a good way to emit high emotions that will produce future events that will make us feel the same happiness, but also the state of your health influences your frequency so I decided to write this article as a holistic coach sharing some tips to keep your vibe up. I going to talk about nutrition, cannabis, herbal remedies, fasting and more.

By following these manifestation tips I guarantee success or at least you going to see that you are influencing your reality that builds momentum. If you are completely hopeless because what you want to manifest is not there, it is exactly that feeling what is keeping away everything you want. Faith is important and everything in the Universe has a certain process, so it is not smart waiting for having a tree just a few days of planting a seed on the soil.

When you increase the frequency of your body and spirit the magic becomes visible and this increases the motivation to continue working on the methods you use to manifest your goals energetically. I wanted to talk about this because if everyone recommends you to smile to keep a high frequency but inside you feel horrible because you eat unhealthy, you will manifest hypocrisy because you attract what you are, reality is an energetic reflection of you.

1 Be defined by a vision of your future every day

I am not a person who spends a lot of time reading about history because I am more interested to learn about the discoveries of the present that lead to a great future as the research of David Sinclair which is helping people to live longer and extend their healthspan.

A completely new future is in front of us and for many people can be unbelievable because their point of view is influenced by the past. It is quite clear that humans are heading a life expectancy between 200-300 years in good conditions. If I say to most people that soon the life expectancy will be 110 years they can believe it but not if I say 300 years because in the past the life expectancy has been increasing slowly and they expect the same today.

This slows down progress and blocks you from making bigger steps, quantum jumps. To maintain the past away keep a daily vision of your future and nourish it with more and more thoughts about how could be and the activities you will do when you be there, be grateful. This will maintain you away from the past which is very useful if you expect a complete unimaginable change of the actual situation. Maintain every day some vision of your future.

2 Practice the Cannabis meditation

You manifest with energy not with matter so it is important to disconnect the particle reality to switch to the wave reality, and there, charge your heart with energy by opening it, during meditation, by imagining a huge bubble of energy in a shape of an apple expanding is from your heart through you making a sphere of light of 3 or more meters around your physical body. Now you have a lot of energy to use for molding your reality, then visualize. These steps are very easy to achieve if you smoke 1 or 2 puffs of cannabis before your meditation.

Otherwise, your uncontrollable mind will maintain you away from the quantum field. You need to introduce yourself there, by observing how deep and dark is the empty space that surrounds you. This slows down your brainwaves, then, push your abdomen to your back through deep breaths and visualize how energy travel from there to the brain in your back, which activates the pineal gland. Then feel your brain emitting a ball of light around and the last step is to focus your attention on the area of your heart by expanding a field around you.

This meditation is strategic to create energy that you going to use to mold reality. And It is easy to do step by step if you smoke 1 or 2 puffs of Cannabis before. I meditate since 10 years ago, every day, and this is definitely the most powerful method I know. Even in my book The most powerful meditation I described how I clean up deep fears by using Cannabis to perceive them easily. Some people feel paranoia after smoking a few puffs of weed because their mind is polluted by negative images introduced from many sources during life.

The normal state after smoking weed is peaceful, relax, and easygoing. If you feel paranoia after smoking 1 or 2 puffs is because your mind is full of negative images that can influence your behavior negatively. They are there normally from movies, news, or discussions and I remove them by doing the exercise described in my book. Smoking cannabis is a great method to achieve very deep meditations, especially for people with uncontrollable thoughts.

3 Eat foods with lots of light

It is super strategic to eat raw fruits and vegetables to keep your spirit healthy, these foods nourish more your spirit than anything else and you create with the spirit. I am not talking about nutrition I am telling you which is the food that helps to maintain your spirit with light, what leads you to manifest faster. On the other hand, toxins within the body lower your vibration so it is important that you detox your organism quite often, here you can learn how.

Low nutritious food and toxicity as alcohol, medicines, cigarettes and processed sugars low your vibration as well non-organic meat because is full of hormones and other chemicals from medicines gave to the animals. And the power to manifest resides in the light of your spirit that should be nourished with your diet. You create with energy not matter and plant compounds have the ability to give to your spirit light that increases your vibration and introduces you to a higher dimension, where there is only joy and things happen faster.

Another method of feeding your body with light is by using an infrared light lamp like the ones available in our store. By receiving both, red and infrared light on your skin, your body's energy increases, your mitochondria begin to work more efficiently and oxygen is used much better, which increases all your body's energy and vibration. That is why infrared light therapy benefits many areas of your health, improves your skin and rejuvenates the entire body.

4 Ignore, ignore, and ignore

I will tell you a secret: The only objective of the evil forces operating on this planet is that you give them your attention. This maintains them on your reality, and they will not disappear because probably they will maintain other people keeping them alive with their attention but they can jump away from your reality if you ignore them what will keep them far from you, they will be only influencing the realities of the others that nourish them energetically.

If you are a lightworker and I just showed you the most potent weapon to destroy them.

For manifesting with speed, ignoring what is not important gives you power. You will be using a lot of force to make things happen by keeping your thoughts often on them, "only". Thinking about something that is not important drains your energy and sometimes is inevitable to think about the world if you watched the news in the morning and thinking about it does not change anything and produces energetic waste and can even generate a lot of stress.

Avoiding the news is a way to clean the environment from something that can influence your thinking during the day. Also, discussions can drain your energy as well, everything that generates constant thoughts. I recommended keeping your thoughts on what is important to you. Some opportunities can be missed if you are distracted and these are the bridges you built energetically with your visualizations that you need to walk through, avoid missing them.

10 Unique and Holistic tips to manifest faster with the Law of attraction

5 Practice Intermittent fasting

Fasting increases enormously your vibration, now I understand why religions promote it. I discovered it because I started fasting to reverse my biological age to find out an easy way to doing it comfortably to share it with the people I coach on the sessions I am offering here. Then I discovered that my vibration was increased by fasting what encourage me to do it more and more often to manifest with speed winning 33,000,000 euros with the lotto :)

It is possible to improve healing and promote youth as well. Intermittent fasting is a good strategy to reverse aging, prevent cancer, lose weight, and manifest faster if every day you are defined by the vision of your future. The only thing you need to do is stop eating after 6 or 8 pm and eat your first meal at noon. Drinking a smoothie in the morning can be excellent or drinking a chamomile tea at night, which enhances autophagy but without sugar only.

Fasting could help your spirit to operate with higher potential and please keep your attention on your heart every time you meditate to produce with your attention a very strong magnetic field that will attract in your reality your desires. It also helps to accelerate your manifestations practicing the most powerful meditation described in the book I wrote.

6 Take these herbs in extract often

There are herbs called Qi tonics that help to increase the flow of Chi energy through the body what accelerates your vibration and maintains your spirit with more power. In my opinion, the top 3 are Astragalus, Ginseng, and Reishi mushrooms. Which I recommend taking on extract but not during acute infections like colds, or cases of flu, as they can help to strengthen the “disease” instead of your defenses. But they are normally safe for everyone.


Astragalus membranaceus (Huangqi), is one of the most important Qi tonifying adaptogenic herbs in Trational Chinese Medicine, it has a long history of medicinal use. The extract of the dried root contains a compound called TA-65, which is associated with a significant age-reversal effect in the body and immune system. Taking Astragalus supplementation may be safe but may interact with some medications that suppress the immune system.

This is the plant everyone should take in extract to maintain excellent health. It is one of the supplements I include for free on my first session as an anti-aging coach. Because increases the size of the telomeres but as well it is a Qi tonic which are herbs that increase vitality and uplift the light of the spirit what increases your mystical power.

Which is nothing mystical, you can see all the research done by Joe Dispenza that connects brain activity with the capacity to mold reality. Many people have been benefited from the brain activity achieved through meditation with expontaneous healings to strange events like the one happened to the guy in the video below; who received money from a matrix glitch.

Panax Ginseng

Ginseng is often referred to as the King of all herbs, and is found to be a promising agent to improve general well-being because increases the flow of Qi which is the energy that heals your body. This is the light that enhances your spiritual power and this is why I am recommending you to take Panax ginseng supplementation to manifest faster your goals.

But taking this herb will also have the energy to achieve your goals in this material realm because reduces fatigue and increases your overall performance what facilitates doing everything need it to succeed. Once the opportunities that you have created energetically come to you, you must cross them and the vitality from ginseng will facilitate things.

This plant is also helpful to reverse aging because nourishes your spirit with light promoting a state of balance that is very beneficial. Ginsenosides in ginseng regulate inflammation, provide antioxidant protection and maintain the health of cells by lowering oxidative damage and increasing energy production. Talk always to your doctor before taking any supplement.

Reishi mushroom

The Mushroom of Immortality is considered one of the most powerful tonics in the Chinese Herbal Pharmacopia. By taking Reishi supplementation you strengthen the spirit. It is a very safe general tonic for the whole body. This herb is also called the herb of good fortune.

It is both calming and revitalizing at the same time and can be used year-round. As an anti-aging coach, this is one of the mushrooms I recommend for reversing aging. It calms the spirit while augmenting the Qi and nourishing the Blood. The long-term use of Reishi mushroom, increases your intelligence, extends your life, and empowers you as a manifestor.

7 Keep a high vibration with an orgone generator

Cities are infested of toxic energies produced by the wireless communication that arrive at home making us sick, and lowering our vibration but those can be cleared pretty well with an orgone generator. Which is a device that produces the energetic environment of nature where life force is abudant and flowing continuously in harmonious vibration. To manifest great things on autopilot you need to keep your vibe up and artificial EMFs bring it down.

These devices produce the right environment for your energetic work because influence your brainwave activity positively and maintain a very cozy atmosphere that promotes peace, wellness, and relaxation which are strategic emotional states for manifesting through your own methods. They pulse abundant life energy which is important for having a healthy spirit.

Dr. Joe Dispenza's scientific method that has been giving amazing results to thousands of people is about entering to the quantum field through meditation and visualize your goals there with emotion. Using an orgone generator at a low frequency such as 3.5 Hz facilitates this process because it influences your brain wave activity, especially during meditation or sleep, creating the optimal state to visualize in order to materialize your goals.

8 Expand your heart field with meditation

This is a basic step to really manifest faster because if the field around you is weak you have no energy to mold reality energetically and then you need to work from the material world what is slow. Joe Dispenza is empowering society by sharing the recipe he uses to perform the miraculous healings that occur in his seminars by working on heart and brain coherence.

Well, they are not miraculous, it is just that most people and scientists ignore that we can make a huge jump to the future by changing frequencies by elevating the spirit. The path is introducing to the quantum world with the next steps...

In meditation observe the empty and deep dark space that surrounds you, for better results cover your eyes with an eye mask for sleep and your ears with plugs to block your senses. By observing the vast dark emptiness that surrounds you and of which you are a part, you introduce there with your attention. And there is where you need to expand your heart.

But first, activate your pineal gland by pushing your abdomen to your back and visualizing energy traveling throughout your back up to your brain, and then see a ball of light around your head. Later, focus your attention on your heart visualizing a strong magnetic field expanding from it in a shape of an apple that reaches even 3 meters or more around you. When this field is activated it is time to imagine your future with emotion !

You can have emotion if visualize with your favorite music track as background, I going to talk more about it in the next tip. In summary, introducing in the quantum field takes around 15 minutes, pineal gland activation on 5 m, and opening the heart around 10 minutes. So, after meditating for 30 minutes is when you can start to visualize the next events you want to print in the story of your life, and shortening this process reduces the probabilities of succeed.

9 Visualize with music

This is an excellent tip because you need to mix an elevated emotion with a clear intention according to Dr. Joe Dispenza right ? But how you can easily create an elevated emotion ? With music !

Visualize while you are listening "with your mind" your favorite tune, the one that makes you feel awesome, that creates an elevated emotion while electrically with your brain you cook the event you want to materialize on the story of your life with the imagination, and only after penetrating the quantum field. Then after the meditation, each you listen to the track on your regular life you going to remember that event you visualized as something from the past.

You created an anchor, something similar people do by using radionic devices but the radionic is more powerful because the vibration of the energy is what the anchor is and it is not filtered by the conscious mind. It has a direct impact on the subconscious. For knowing more about these types of operations check this tutorial to learn how to use them. But visualizing with music is all you need to create easily the elevated emotion for your success.

10 Talk about your goals often

This is a great weapon to accelerate results but you need to find the right person because many people do not believe in themselves, it is not easy to find someone that believes in you and the natural capacity to accomplish any unrealistic goal. This is why I created this coaching service focused on accelerating the manifestation of your goals by nourishing them with energy. Talking about them and about your future gives you also clarity in many ways.

I recommend you to find a person to share your goals and to talk about them often, which is very powerful. If you do not find someone book my services, it going to be fun and useful. It is quite evident how fast the things you talk about are reflected in your reality. This method is more powerful if you talk more and more about the stuff you want to be surrounded by.

But do not share them with people that do not believe in themselves or with a person in a low frequency, they are tired, depressed, and unhappy. Also, keep your whole energy mostly on 3 goals mostly, these can help you to reach other goals and write about them, see pictures of them and talk about them with the right person, remember that time does not exist for your subconscious mind and what you want is already here and close your eyes and enjoy it.

Feelin is the secret, and these tips described are very powerful for you to materialize your goals faster. I highly recommend you to apply them and stop learning more about the law of attraction because everything contained in this document is enough to make your dreams true but they will be manifested only if you apply what I already described in this document.

Before you go visit my store with some jewelry pieces and clothes, probably there is something there you like. And f you found value in this article subscribe to my newsletter to be up to date with published content or follow me on Pinterest. It could be awesome if you share some of my pins on your profile or if you share this article with the people you love.

Thank you :) You are awesome !




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