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What is a radionic device? Everything you need to know to operate the wishing machines

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

If you are completely desperate trying to manifest your dreams with techniques of the Law of attraction, you going to be interested in knowing about radionics and how to use this technology to accelerate the manifestation of the events you want to experience. This is a great tool to nourish your desires with a lot of energy, what accelerates results.

These machines that emit frequencies got popularity in healing because of Albert Abrams but Welz Radionics have an orgone generator included, which is a system inside the machine that channels the life energy from the Universe exactly as a reiki healer does. The energy that Reiki practitioners accumulate in their hands is pulsed by the orgone generator.

But in my opinion, it can be risky to use only radionics for healing. What I recommend is to follow the protocol given by an excellent holistic naturopath. The interesting fact is that the life energy pulsed can be directed to a certain intention to be used to build an event you want to experienced which is possible because everything that surrounds you is made of energy, the life energy are the building blocks of everything and later, I going to explain you, how to do it.

Very often arrive to me positive testimonials from users of the radionic devices created by Karl Hans Welz. So, there is no doubt that this company is one of world leaders in radionics technology. Just last week a client from Toronto called me astonished because the Rad 2400 was helping her something that she did not expected, she was incredulous before bought it.

Definitely, these are some of the best wishing machines you can purchase in the market because they produce a lot of orgone energy which according to Karl Hans Welz, it is one of the 3 ingredients you need to succeed in any radionic operation. He is a world-renowned scientist for inventing the orgonite, which spawned a new movement on a world scale.

What is a radionic device?

What is a Radionic Machine ?

It is a device that emits the frequencies that you select for different purposes like balancing the subtle body, induce certain mental state or even for nurture certain goal until is manifested. They are used by people that know that reality and the events we live are influenced by the subconscious mind, our believes and the emotions we have every day.

The radionic devices from our store can amplify the power of your mind and energetically accelerate the manifestation of your goals because they produce large amounts of orgone energy. Which nurtures energetically what you want to manifest accelerating the result.

Many people are journaling, doing a lot of affirmations, and other methods to constantly transmit certain messages to the subconscious mind which is who prints the story of your life in this empty and dark space that surrounds you. And these devices can reduce the amount of work you need to do for introducing a new believe or command in your subconscious.

They are powerful tools not only for manifesting your dreams, but also for creating a very healthy energetic environment at home that helps your subtle bodies maintain balance. The insomnia suffered for 15 years I solved with a radionic device pulsing the orgone energy at the frequency 3.5 Hz and for manifesting your goals, sleeping well is very important also.

What is Radionics used for ?

Radionics is used to accelerate the manifestation of goals energetically. With these devices, you can charge up constantly your intentions by connecting a thought or visualization with a specific frequency that going to be emitted by the machine often to enhance results. You can use them as well to balance your energetic field or to send energy at a distance to another person, but only if they ask you to do so, otherwise it going to be the energy wasted.

Using them is easy but you need to gain experience first, to then manifest more difficult goals. The most important fact is to have certainty of positive outcomes. Most people do not manifest because their minds are programmed to work hard for anything desired and second because their thoughts and feelings are negative and they are reflected back with the shape of negative events because the universe is a mirror that reflects back your emotions you feel.

For example, the emotion you broadcasted this morning influence your reality, attracting another event that will make you feel the same. And for using them you need to visualize your goal as something happening in present time until you feel awesome to anchor that feeling to a certain frequency. Then, you broadcast that frequency for an hour every day until the event start to approaching. Because the feeling is important have fun during the process.

Next, I am going to explain to you how to do a radionic operation and if you are a complete beginner and still do not believe in the law of attraction, I recommend that you check out this tutorial with videos of recognized scientists and speakers talking about our true potential. Also, feel free to reach out to me on Telegram if you have any questions about the radionic devices from our store or about my coaching services to help you to accomplish your goals.

How to use a radionics machine ?

A radionic device is used to create an anchor of the emotion of your wish fulfilled to specific rate of the device as I going to explain below. Instead of visualizing the event every day, you have to imagine it one day to connect it to a frequency and the following days you only need to turn on the device for an hour until you see some result.

Before describing how to make an operation, it is important that you consider the following...

  • Your doesn´t distinguish what is real or not during a visualization.

  • Your are creating all the time, this is a way only to take control.

  • Maintaining the feeling that you are already living in the future is the most strategic step to deliberately manifest any event you desire.

  • The energy emitted by the device can be sent by distance to the target.

How to Make a Radionic Operation ?

The first step is to know what you want, if it is a car for example, the next steps are to visualize 3 events regarding your new car. The feeling that is already here is strategic, that emotion is the most important part of the visualization process. So, have a lot of fun during your visualizations to spread a high intensity emotion, imagining fun moments can help.

For each visualization you going to connect what you feel to a rate of the dial by moving it randomly while you are imagining your future. Many people use the pad of the device but for better results go deep in to your future with closed eyes until you feel there, while you are move one dial of the machine randomly, then stop it when the feeling is happening.

Often when you visualize something huge happening you have a feeling that is just unbelievable that this is happening, this is the type of emotion that you should try to obtain or maintain a funny chat with someone you know and when you laugh stop moving the dial from your machine, to connect that powerful high emotion.

When you use the pad for the operation is more superficial the effect because your eyes are open what keeps you in your present reality. So are reduced the probabilities of succeed. Then, if you really want to happen follow the advice from this article and close your eyes for a few minutes to connect each visualization. Then repeat the process to obtain the numeric value from the second dial. This time imagine that you are driving your new car with your best friend, even listening music without lyrics can help during the process if it elevates you.

Open your eyes, for the last visualization or keep them close and start moving the next dial and probably you can continue the story of your visualization by arriving somewhere with you car and best friend. Can be the house that you want to buy, or the club where you going to play your new album, if a club is too small for you then imagine arriving to a music festival.

In this way you can connect many goals in only one operation like having a new car and being a Dj that is working in many music festivals. It is useful that you introduce parts of your present in your visualizations as the people that are often with you nowadays. This makes it easier to convince your subconscious that what you want to manifest is already happening now if you introduce information from your present time into your visualizations.

How does a radionics machine work ?

Radionics helps you to get your subconscious to accept that what you want to manifest is a present reality. Convincing your subconscious mind about something is not an easy task and many people fail with the law of attraction because everything they do remains in a superficial level. While the signal from radionics directly penetrates your subconscious mind.

Then each time that you feel the frequency your will remember the event that supposedly you already lived until your subconscious mind accepted it and then it will continue writing the story of your life based on that information. As result what you want appears to you and very often when you already forgot that you were working in manifesting it. And let me explain you with the next example how the signal from the machine will help you to manifest...

If you met the love of your life in a cinema where is this smelling of popcorn, each time that smell popcorn you going to remember this event. It can be at conscious or subconscious level, because it is created an anchor between the smell and the great moment. Then, with your radionic device you going to do something similar, when you connect a feeling result from a visualization to a specific and unique frequency that each time you feel will make you remember your present imagined reality that your mind will end up accepting.

Last steps of the radionics operation

After you connect the last visualization to the third dial, you going to take a small picture with only you and write on the back an affirmation regarding your goal something like I am so happy and grateful of having a blue Porsche Taycan and then place your photo in the pad of the device. You can write more affirmations in a paper and place them in the pad as well.

Below there is an image with the model RAD1000 to you have an idea of the dials I was talking about and the pad. The last step is turning on your device for an hour everyday at the same time until you perceive some positive effect in your reality like a new opportunity. In my opinion, it is better to work on the next strategic step in your life than on something huge.

Tips for a successful radionics operation

At night is the perfect time to perform an operation and you can even leave the device on overnight in your bedroom and turn it off in the morning. And before the operation it is much better if you align your energy centers by practicing the first meditation that I am sharing in this other article that I wrote with the best meditations to attract love, money, and miracles.

Do an operation when your mind is relaxed. If you have many thoughts or a negative feeling you reduce the probability of succeed. So the best is to do it that day where everything flow perfectly in your life and you feel happy or at least peaceful with your mind and emotions.

If you want to hear recognized scientists talking about how reality is influenced by the energy, thoughts and emotions that you broadcast, check this tutorial with some videos I found from Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and Vishen Lakhiani I found on Youtube. They help to understand this new concept of the reality. That many people is able to perceive even if the mainstream science describes a different discourse. What is an old idea that soon will expire.

If you want to know more about the radionic devices available in our store, feel free to ask me any question in Telegram, my username is @Pranachy. They are the most powerful spiritual tool, in my opinion. And if you have more time, check this list of frequencies that you can tune in radionics that are beneficial for your body, mind and spirit according to third parties.

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