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Free yourself with the best meditations to attract love, money, and miracles

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

In this article are included the 3 meditations that will bring you anything you want in life if you focus your energy, your thoughts, and emotions on your goals mostly, in your desired future. Feeling that you are already there might be hard, but these meditations can help!

Think about What you want ? Which person do you want to have in your life ? Which is your desired monthly income ? Which kind of friends ? In which home would be like to live ? Write it down every day to keep steps every day in that direction and meditate with the next audios from Joe Dispenza. Which are the most powerful meditations I found to share with the people who purchase a radionic device from our store that want to see really fast results.

By practicing these meditations you will be ready to experience miracles, unexpected events that are completely natural but still many people ignore that reality is just a reflection of energies, so everything is possible. As I described in my book The Most powerful Meditation, the moments you experience are influenced in the present time by your energetic imprint.

So, a better day is guaranteed if you meditate one hour in the morning because you will be introducing yourself literally in a higher vibration where people with huge hearts and spirits are, while the chaos and people with dark spirits remain in a lower dimension.

Just check out the following testimonial to get an idea of what could happen in your life if you practice these meditations often and why I chose these audio meditations by Joe Dispenza.

Meditation - Blessing of the Energy Centers

Let´s begin with this meditation that will help you to distribute your light into your brain and heart the most important centers for creating the life you want. Most people work with very low potential because their energy is mostly in the first 3 centers. This is due to low nutrition with a lot of sugars and the toxins available in foods, beverages, and other products that lower your vibration so this meditation is useful but as well the right diet and habits.

The energy centers distribute energy in your bodies increasing your potential to manifest but as well your positive feelings, health, and your love for life and to everyone. When your spirit has a high distribution of your inner light in all your centers you feel every person as part of your family because they are, while people with dark spirits feel the opposite.

It is important that you know that toxins in cigarettes or alcohol lower your vibration and reduce your potential, as manifestor. They make you stupid as well as sugar which depletes your body´s nutrients. There are many people who make their children happy with many sweets that deplete important nutrients like zinc, which deficiency can make your children less intelligent and hinder their success in adulthood.

I am talking about it because many people ignore it as I did in the past. I know about all this because I am a holistic health coach but it interferes with the manifestation of your goals as well. Somehow miracles are natural because we are in a mental Universe what most people cannot perceive yet and some yes and they feel that they attract opportunities but it is an illusion, they are creating them somehow. Around there is only a black empty space.

The next meditation is the first one you need to do before the other 2 available in this article. It going to help you to activate your energy centers, balancing them, and going to give you enough strength to materialize what is in your vortex. All your desires waiting the energy necessary to be able to materialize. The alignment that brings you this meditation will give you an unimaginable potential, you going to see.

Free yourself with the best meditations to attract love, money, and miracles

But remember how important is to have a healthy lifestyle because gives you energy, the light that you going to distribute to your brain and heart across your energy centers. Eat healthy, do sports, meditate and focus your energy and actions on your goals only and ignore the drama others are manifesting by ignoring what you already know.

Your thoughts and emotions influence the events that happen in your life and as well your vibration. This is why your whole lifestyle is important for your manifestations and if you want to have someone that guides you to be the best version of yourself with the right nutrition, habits, and supplements, book a session with me. It going to be very beneficial for your whole family and to manifest your goals faster, also use a Chi generator to keep a good vibe.

A person with more Chi energy manifests faster but also with the radionic devices available in our store that you can use to connect a visualization with a certain frequency and each time your body feels it, will remember the event as something from the past. Which is the best method to nurture energetically an event you want to materialize. It is like the bank check that Jimmy Carrey wrote with a sum of 10Million that he watched every day until was manifested.

With a radionic, you only need to visualize once and then just keep the device emitting that frequency every day until things start to happen in your benefit. These devices are quite popular and useful because they provide you with Chi. The people that bought them have great results but to be honest, you do not need them, they just facilitate the process.

I wrote this article to give more tools to my clients that already purchased radionic devices. Because I did these meditations and I had great results. I have already tried many meditations for more than 10 years, and the best ones are the Kabbalistic meditations, which are even more superior but going to elevate you too much what can be a little bit uncomfortable or at least these 3 meditations are a good beginning...

Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind, Guided Meditation

To attract everything you want in your life the feeling that is already happening is the most important and difficult step. Sometimes we visualize, and journaling to keep the mind energizing the desired outcome but is not draw to you until you feel wholeness and happy even if is not there. Only when your thoughts and feeling are in alignment it is draw to you by the magnetic field around your heart. So you need to think and feel that is already here.

And this meditation has this purpose, which is a guided meditation to put energy from the low energy centers to the heart and then to the brain. Then you enter to the Quantum field by forgetting about your life, who you are the person and places to become pure consciousness and it is there where you going to feel your future. Whatever you are wanting in your life should be feel it after entering the quantum field and this is how you create a new self.

In the seminars of Dr. Joe Dispenza where people have miraculous healings in a seven day event to recondition the body to a new mind. They first disconnect to their past by spending time in a new environment and new people. This is why the event last 7 days, and then they visualize a new version and feel how they gonna feel when is manifested what they want.

To you be able to create a new future, first they need to kill your old one by feeling the opposite. For example, the old one lacks of abundance but the new one has abundance so you feel abundant under any circumstance which is almost impossible if you do not meditate, this is because the meditations of Dr. Joe Dispenza have a formula. And part of the formula is moving the energy to the brain what shut down the survival centers and liberates oxytocin.

What makes a person feel peace, happy, abundant, and healed. And by practicing this meditation you will be able to tune in the feelings of your future that will help to draw the event to you. This is because a positive state will reflect positive events and great life experiences. And very often we feel negative emotions due to the lack of certain nutrients.

The deficiency potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B causes depression, anxiety, negativity, and a feeling of hopeless and consuming sugar, alcohol, carbohydrates, and cigarettes deplete your body from those important nutrients. This is why it could be a good investment to book my holistic services if you want to accelerate the manifestation of your goals because I know tricks to accelerate your vibration, reverse your biological age and extend healthspan.

Balance in your life is important and not only to visualize, and meditate. Even practicing exercise is important and allows you to have more energy and feel positive as well. So this is the second meditation that I recommend you to speed up the materialization of your goals and if you have a radionic device tune in the frequency 33Hz while you listen this meditation which is optimal to activate the Christ consciousness.

Tuning Into new potentials guided meditation

The last meditation is to program new beliefs in your mind because we were educated by broke people with a lot of insecurities and frustrations that we incorporated in the first 6 years of our life and then the subconscious mind was closed. Then we develop conscious and the program introduced in those years begins to operate during the rest years of your life.

In this meditation, you going to introduce into the quantum field and there you going to create new believes as money is very easy to make, I am a very valuable and beautiful person. I am very attractive, smart and a great speaker. Or it is very easy for me to make new friends and sell my products. Anything you need to believe to improve your life and achieve your goals, even losing weight or reversing your biological age is possible and you will found your way.

This meditation should be done after you align your energy centers and activate your pineal gland for better results. And the most you practice these meditations the faster changes you will notice in your life. But meditate only in healthy environments as nature or in a room with a Chi generator pulsing abundant life energy that dissipates toxic energies produced by EMFs.

I have been in many meditation centers where they meditate in areas contaminated energetically what imbalance the body, mind, and spirit. It is like meditating in a room with smokers. EMFs promote depression, negativity, anxiety, and even diseases, this is why these devices are amazing. It is the machine that cured the insomnia I suffered for years, when the Chi is pulsed in a low frequency the mind relaxes what facilitates deep sleep and meditation.

So, enjoy all these meditations and all the great improvements that will bring into your life. And if you are a beginner I recommend you to broadcast Subliminals while you sleep with a radionic device if you can afford it. Some models convert audio into a pulse of life energy that your subconscious mind can assimilate while you sleep. They are designed to broadcast affirmations in complete silence, to create new beliefs, and accelerate results in your life.

To know more about using technology to accelerate the manifestation of your goals check this other article or send me an email. Also, check these paid programs that could be useful as well like The effortless and lazy way to get everything you want or 7 Day Prayer Miracle. However I found more value in having a radionic device because it cleans EMFs, saturate your body with Chi, promotes delta sleep and you can use them to create living water.

But do not forget that feeling is the secret, it is the most important thing to manifest successfully. You project and create future events that will make you feel how you feel today. This is why meditating and practicing sports is essential because both make you feel great.

I hope you enjoy this article and if you found value share it with someone you love and subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Pinterest to keep in touch with me. Yeaaaa !




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