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How to Prepare for a Night of Drinking to Avoid a Hangover

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Alcohol is one of your health's worst enemies, but it's party time and you'd like to enjoy both good health and a night out with a few drinks. For that, it is important that you know how to prepare your body before the party to avoid negative side effects and this article is about that. It includes some tips to overcome a hangover in case you drink more than expected.

The internal wound caused by alcohol intoxication has painful consequences and greatly deteriorates your body, favoring aging, wrinkles, migraines, cancer, sexual dysfunction, and liver or heart damage. This is why it is strategic to prepare your body before you go out to avoid damage and hangover symptoms by following the recommendations expressed below.

Having a hangover is horrible, but sometimes during the party, we drink without thinking about the consequences. For this reason, I am also going to talk about how to speed up recovery as much as possible to avoid a deterioration that can lead to serious illnesses.

How to Prepare for a Night of Drinking to Avoid a Hangover

What to Consume Before Drinking Alcohol ?

There are certain foods that you can eat before drinking alcohol, that are very effective in decreasing the chances of getting a hangover because they contain certain nutrients and vitamins that help combat hangovers. The best ones are fruits and vegetables with high water content, such as berries, bananas, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, or radishes.

I recommend eating especially kiwis or yellow peppers for their high content of vitamin C, which is a nutrient that alcohol steals from your body. Like sugar and cigarettes, alcohol depletes your body's nutrients, promoting serious diseases like cancer by weakening the immune system, the part of your body that removes cancer cells every single day.

It is also advisable to eat foods rich in healthy fats because they remain in the stomach longer, which slows down the absorption of alcohol into the blood. Avocado, walnuts, or olive oil contain very healthy fats that can help you minimize the negative effects of binge drinking later on. Additionally, drinking on a full stomach helps reduce the rate of intoxication.

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is also strategic or a very healthy smoothie with fruits and green leaves before going out. Because being sufficiently hydrated is important to reduce internal deterioration. In addition, drinking water with your alcoholic beverages to constantly hydrate yourself is strategic to reduce the risk of suffering a hangover later on.

The next are some of the best foods to consume before drinking alcohol:

• Pasta

• Eggs

• Sweet potatoes

• Hummus

• Pickles

• Nuts

• Avocado

• Spinach

• Cauliflower

• Asparagus

• Bananas

How to Prepare for a Night of Drinking to Avoid a Hangover

How to Avoid a Hangover ?

There are certain supplements and pills that claim to prevent hangovers. However, they work the best if you take them before you begin drinking. You can take the supplements separately or look for an anti-hangover remedy that contains the ingredients. Supplements that have been shown to help fight hangovers include vitamin B, NAC, ginger, milk thistle, turmeric, dihydromyricetin (DHM), piperine, and L-theanine.

In my opinion, the best ones are Milk Thistle and Turmeric. The first one supports the cleansing done by your liver, which is the most affected organ by alcohol intoxication. But also, taking Turmeric is a great idea to protect your brain which is greatly deteriorated with alcohol, this is why your mental performance is reduced the next day.

It is important to be aware that alcohol is toxic and a hangover is a state of intoxication, a serious condition that many people take lightly and the consequences in the future can be horrible. I see many elderly people unable to enjoy life by suffering pain or dementia. This is why these detoxifying products can be a great solution if you enjoy drinking alcohol.

Even your physical appearance is affected by drinking too much alcohol. It promotes wrinkles that you can avoid with all the internal damage just by drinking Hangover Fix after the party. Which is a powder with natural herbs that cleanses, hydrates and provides your body with the nutrients needed to avoid several damage and the horrible symptoms of intoxication.

How to Relieve a Hangover ?

If you forgot to prepare for a night of drinking and you wake up with a hangover, there are certain things you can do to help with symptoms such as headache, nausea, and dehydration. The best way to relieve a hangover is to sleep. However, sleep may be challenging. You should make sure you are getting enough water to rehydrate, and you may benefit from adding some electrolytes or drinking coconut water.

Make sure you eat, as one of the reasons for your hangover is low blood sugar. Vegetables and protein are good choices. It may seem ironic, but your hangover symptoms will often be relieved by drinking an alcoholic drink the morning after. The best remedy to relieve the damage is a quick detox. Herbal cleanses, such as mega clean detox drink, work with the body to eliminate toxins, and they replace vitamins and minerals.

Like sugar and cigarettes, alcohol is one of the substances that makes you age faster, it causes wrinkles, removes nutrients from your body, and does a lot of internal damage. For this reason, if you want to maintain a young, healthy, and attractive body, a great step can be to reduce the intake of alcoholic beverages, especially those full of sugar.

Because sometimes it is simply impossible to avoid drinking at the party, I decided to share these remedies. It is a good way to protect your health and beauty while enjoying your life and if you are new to holistic health, check out this article with 5 simple steps to start taking care of your health holistically and subscribe to my newsletter to get in touch with me.




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