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10 healthy habits that will help you to manifest faster with the Law of Attraction

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

To manifest successfully your goals with the law of attraction emotions are the most important part of the whole process right ? and next are strategic habits that will help you to feel good naturally. By feeling good naturally arises positive thoughts and emotions and the same happens in the opposite direction and negative thoughts have a really dangerous impact in our lives and I know it is hard to believe to some people that are not able to perceive this effect. By following the next habits you will increase your vibration and you can see with your own eyes how great things happen when you are emitting a high frequency often. These habits will produce balance in your whole body and the right emotions that will improve your manifestation process, trust me :)

There are situations that generate discomfort such as not sleeping well or being hungry, on those negativity moments everything we think or decide will be influenced by this low state of imbalance and from there not good things could arise. When we do not feel right naturally arise negative thoughts and we have different behaviors. This is the result of a low vibration of the body, we vibrate higher and lower depending on many factors, so, we can take care of simple habits that are strategic to naturally feel great and naturally create great and inspired thoughts only, on this state everything going to be well, even if around you not good things are happening to others, on this state you will know that all chaos around is just the incapacity of society to understand how thoughts and emotions influence their destiny and you will understand that all the chaos around born in the minds, emotions, and habits of most of the people. Like I Life coach I am completely sure that the next article will help to upgrade your life...

Why vibrating high is strategic ?

Because it is the only way to perceive how you are affecting your reality with your thoughts and emotions, otherwise, this will hard to perceive and you will not believe in the Law of Attraction. When your whole body is more light than physical matter your reality unfolds with speed and it is easy to perceive how you are influencing the moments you live with your attention and energy. Then, you can create your own methods to project more of what you want.

How I know if I am vibrating high ?

When your vibration is high you simply feel awesome under any circumstance and this feeling is strategic to attract more of that. On the contrary, feeling negative is a symptom that your vibration is low because your spirit is dark(vibrating slow) and more situations that make you feel those emotions will arrive. Also, when we are feeling negative, by nature negative thoughts we think and they are the future rocks will fall. This is something everyone is able to perceive and not cheap philosophy.

Your health is the solid foundation of your entire life and your success as a co-creator. As I described in my book The Most Powerful meditation, to me the Law of attraction, is the law of projection because the reality is a mental projection and your mind reproduces around more of the data introduced, which are the feelings, images, sounds, words, talks, thoughts, etc. Then the health is very important because has influence of how you manifest and second because your environment is a mirror, and a polluted planet is just a reflection of how much people polluted their bodies with garbage foods, alcohol, drugs, medicaments, no positive news, gossip and so on.

Why is it so important the Law of Projection ?

Because if you understand that it is your mind printing your reality and not the Universe putting you the right people and opportunities around you, you will be able to bring more joy, peace and balance in this world by taking of your cells. Because everything is projected from inside to outside your health is extremely important. Everything good come from inside, the peace, a great nature, friendship, and freedom.

The habits below will increase your frequencies and will help you to see with your own eyes how you are influencing your reality. For example in this article, I am talking about how watching bundles of bills on my phone brought to my reality an event where my friend has some bundles of bills on his bedroom, this is something I never lived before. Of course, not everything that I watch is reproduced around but was very notorious that the event had an influence on how I used my attention. Also, I am focusing my energy in a few things every day so what takes my attention receive a lot of my energy. This is visible when you are vibrating high, It is literally, the door for great things happen in your life.

So, it is time to talk about some simple habits that can empower you tremendously by increasing the size of your spirit but also they will help to maintain you beautiful and young.

1- Sleep enough in a healthy environment

During sleep, your body attracts cosmic energy and this intelligent light heals the body, rejuvenates, and generates vitality. This is why sleeping helps you to heal any disease. This light also increases your vibration and sleeping enough is recommend it but in the right environment. For example, sleeping in a bedroom polluted by electromagnetic pollution will make you feel low, tired or depressed often and those feelings will bring you negative events or the events that make you feel as usually, you feel, this is how the law of attraction works and the reason why too many people place great emphasis on keeping the emotions high. Through my experience, I know how important the environment in the bedroom is. I was suffering from depression and insomnia due to the electromagnetic pollution in my bedroom and during that time of my life was not pleasant. Even if I was meditating every single day, I was vibrating low and manifesting more of how I was feeling.

My advice is to sleep in a bedroom with at least 4 plants per person, they can be of different sizes. Also introduce some clusters of quartz or a Chi generator if you can afford it. Sleeping in a place with abundant and clean Life force is optimal. I never forgot how I felt the first day I sleep on nature camping with the school. I wake up completely revitalized and feeling awesome. This environment try to reproduce it in your bedroom, this is why I suggested those elements. An oil diffuser or a negative ion generator could help as well. Some habit that will accelerate your goals is start your wonderful day thinking grateful for all the things you want to manifest but feel that they are already part of your life. It is the perfect beginning of the day, exactly after the sleep is done.

2- Taking a cold shower will increase your vibrations

Something that probably you never heard is that cold water attracts much more light than warm water and you are 70% Water. This is important to know for manifesting because winter could be a great season and a cold shower could be a great way to accelerate your vibration and empower your manifesting power. You attract light with your body because contains water and this energy is used to manifest as well, to be a great co-creator having balance is important. This knowledge I took it from a book of Magick. So by taking a shower with cold water from the beginning to the end, you will accelerate your vibration, it helps you to remain healthy, strong, young and if you want to lose some weight it helps as well. Did you know it ?

3- A meditation every morning is strategic

Meditation is the path that leads you each morning to a safe area in the Universe, where everything is fine and the only method to really increase your frequencies a lot. When the Spirit is unhealthy we feel low and a dark spirit is the only reason of depression and many doctors ignore it, well many people has not idea What really the Spirit is ? this is why I wrote that article and this other with 10 tips to reduce depression. This knowledge is very advanced because I am connected with the source of light and I have access to different information because the light your store through meditation is literally information and love, as I described in my book The Most powerful Meditation.

By meditating you going to attract light in the spirit, your spirit will be nourished with it and it going to expand until you are more light than physical matter. This is how you increase the vibration of your body. In this condition you going to feel awesome very often and you will attract more experiences that make you feel great, this is why the best way to start the day is with meditation before everything else. Even by meditating, you will have enough energy for training later.

4- Eating the right nutrients will increase your frequencies

You can eat everything you want but always introduce living food in your organism and the right nutrients. Living food is raw vegetables, nuts, and fruits. Do not research which vitamins will help you because then you going to purchase chemical compounds that are not fully assimilated by your body. What your body needs reside on the plants, research about the herbs that can help you to improve the areas of the body you want to ameliorate. If you are open to my opinion, I recommend you to take every single day the next extracts to manifest with speed because these herbs help to maintain the right flow of life force in the body. Not every plant helps in this aspect and the flow of life force is strategic to manifest with success. These are Reishi mushroom, Astragalus, Jiaogulan, Matcha, or Ashwagandha. I am talking very often about these herbs in other articles of this blog because they are great to balance your whole body and maintain it body strong, healthy and the mind clear. If you are sick do not take only supplements, you need to change completely your habits. You need to reborn, how you are until today brings you to that condition, you need a complete change of the environment, diet, mindset, thoughts, friends, actions, and visiting new places and meeting new people will help as well. The disease is also a result of disconnecting from the source of light that maintains the Universe in perfect harmony. The right habits and meditation will connect you again to this source that heals and guide.

Some food reduces your vibration because they generate waste like canned food, frozen dishes like those pizzas or lasagnas that you only heat, they only take away hunger but they do not nourish the least and make your body works on the digestion without receiving anything in return. Other food increases your vibration because they contain a lot of light like the fruits and vegetables that ripen on the trees. A lot of fruits from the supermarket are low-quality food because they were harvested when they were green, so they contain just a bit of Life Force energy or light and this is something the doctors do not talk about. The light on those fruits is the most important aspect of the food and they absorb this light from the sun and the environment. This knowledge is just re-surging again and many people ignore this fact that weakens society a lot and as result many people are sick and die. Diseases do not kill, what kills is ignorance, people are weakening their bodies by ignoring these facts I am sharing with you.

Increase your vibration by eating organic fruits and vegetables that preferably received the light of the sun as much as possible. It has much more light force energy and lights a fruit ripen in the trees than the fruits harvested when they were green. This light introduced by eating is essential for the health of the cells and for your overall balance. What you can do to inject life force energy in your fruits and vegetables is to maintain a Water Optimizer close to them; the water contained in the fruit will attract the Life Force pulsed and it going to be stored on the fruits.

5- Less is more

People in a low frequency and with a distracted mind can not perceive how we are influencing the reality. This is why Less is more is very very very very very very very very very important !

If you want to see how you are influencing your reality every single day just focus on something you want to attract and reduce content and information. If you focus on this thing you want to attract more often and you avoid focusing your thoughts and energy on other things you will see how it going to be around you, probably in magazines, Facebook, people will talk about it but it is introduced on your reality because your mind is printing it around. If you focus on boats but you are living in a city away from the sea at least you will see images with boats, or someone with a boat in a t-shirt,you will meet people who already lived in boats and so on. This not help to manifest your boat right, but this will help a lot to understand how your energy is building the reality, and then you can create your own methods for attracting what you want but it going to be hard if you can not see with your own eyes that reality is just a mental projection.

My advice is to choose 5 important short goals and maintain images from them in your phone, visual board, watch content every day related to them and keep your bedroom simple and clean, without too much stuff around, this is strategic. Too much information in your bedroom will drain your energy and will distract your mind. In my bedroom, I have curtains with patterns with flowers and my bed-sheets have them as well and my last girlfriend is an illustrator that uses a lot of flowers in her work, even these elements had an impact on my life and I am happy to meet her. She is very special :)

6- Drink the right beverages

This is extremely important as well to feel great and increase your vibrations. Sodas for example could drain your energy, while powerful and delicious teas like Matcha tea or Jiaogulan will empower you tremendously. This power everyone needs to achieve everything in life because the reality is projected from inside to outside. So, If each time you drink something your life force is increased your manifestations will accelerate and going to be the opposite if you drink often high quantities of alcohol or sodas. After drinking the right teas often and by following these tips, it going to be a day where your vibration going to be so high that everything will unfold in front of your eyes so fast that you will be extremely careful of your thoughts, your friends, the content you consume and the feelings you have.

On this article there is a summary about other teas that will help you to feel great, be healthy and they will activate the flow of Life force energy on your body.

7- Find something that makes you feel great

It is inevitable to feel negative sometimes and always from this state the wrong thoughts are projected and by the result, some rocks are manifested. This is why it is strategic to discover what makes you feel great. I am lucky because I am a music producer and I love music. So I have a couple of Dj sets that can change my state from negative to positive. Some lyrics are dangerous, so be careful of the music you listen or sing, they can have a negative impact on your mind. I know sounds exaggerated but only for now that you can not see yet how what you speak have an impact in your reality as well. A lot of people, news, movies, and songs contaminate your mind but people imagine that we live in an immovable and fixed environment but not it is always changing. For example, a poster you see in the street could have some specific design that takes that shape just because someone is thinking of you and the energy of that person give shape to that image (in present time), this is how I discovered that reality is projected in the present time and then the past is justified. I am talking about this as well in my book.

You are reflecting your reality with your mind, you are creating it, the environment is not fixed. Please do not waste your time trying to find information about what I am describing here, because you can discover it on your own by ascending to a higher realm by following these tips, especially by meditating. Around you there is only an illusion and the world can be changed, there are many frequencies that your brain do not decode when you are vibrating low and it is important to maintain a healthy shiny spirit to perceive higher frequencies, to discover how reality is affected by the people you hang out and by you as well. With a dark spirit, you are very close to the state of a monkey, and with a shiny spirit you will be very close to GOD and you will understand how powerful you are and you will be enough wise to use this power in benefit of all.

8- Use some crystals

Use crystals to increase your vibration and dissipate low, dark negative energy. For example, wearing jewelry with Amethyst and silver or gold helps a lot to increase your vibration, no very much as meditating or after a good sleep. Diamonds and Gold are very powerful elements for the body, this is why they are so valuable but most of the people ignore it. Wearing Gold will help to achieve a golden spirit and Diamonds are powerful boosters of the energy from your thoughts but these crystals boost both, negative and positive thoughts. Then you can use them to accelerate your manifestations and to remain healthy as well but they must be at least 2 carats in size according to Edgar Cayce. On this article I am talking about other crystals that I recommend to bring close to your body often.

9- Maintain your thoughts in the right place

It is important that every day you read your goals to remember them during the day and to be able to perceive opportunities. Maintaining the thoughts connected to your goals and often think about how grateful you feel for the things you have (even if they are not manifested yet) helps really a lot. Many people are thinking about not important things happening to others or in the world even if they are not living them and they could invest the same energy and power to think about their goals to send the right signals to the Universe for increasing the fuel for manifesting them with speed by using the right feeling.

Please, be aware that thinking often about something without the right feeling will maintain what you want far from your own experience or will keep it around you but not as part of you, just decorating the environment as the bills I manifested around me and not in my bank account.

10- take advantage of the power of your subconscious mind


All these habits will increase your vibration and maintain you with a positive feeling most of your time. If you do not notice yet that you are projecting your reality is because your mind is distracted, you never heard about it or your vibration is low because your spirit is unhealthy. The spirit is an area of your body and having a healthy huge spirit is the synonym of being in a high frequency. For manifesting with speed your whole body should be balanced and most of the people are unhealthy because there is a lot of ignorance and wrong believes about the spirit and spirituality. A doctor should know the Spirit otherwise their help will be reduced to make up the symptoms and not to heal many diseases that mostly are just reflection of dark spirit result of the wrong habits. When the voltage on the cells and the natural pulses of the body shrink, it appears problems in the physical body, what we call diseases. So, there is a lot of ignorance, and this knowledge will bring you to a safe place in the Universe by balancing your whole body because the reality is a mental projection and your mind is just a part of the Spirit and your spirit an area of your body. Then your health plays a fundamental role in the manifestation process.

I hope this article helped you, I wrote other articles for mastering the Law of attraction, as this one: Why the Law of attraction does not work with some people ?, Check it out and if you find value on this article subscribe to my newsletter in order to receive news about the upcoming articles regarding the spirit, health, and personal development. Another way to stay up to date with all the information I publish on this blog is by following me on Pinterest.




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