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What is Spiritual awakening? What does it mean to be awakened?

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Most of the people in the world cannot even imagine all the potential they have dormant. They have no idea that the way the moments of their lives unfold is completely influenced by them energetically. The happier we feel, more magical events and great people arrive at our experience, but also "the content" our eyes touch, our ears listen and the topics we speak generate energy that is multiplied in the environment by the mind.

Yes, even if it is hard to believe, all the chaos in the world is created by 90% of the people living on this planet because they ignore what is included in this document, this is why I am happy that you are here :)

Because how we feel and what we think influence our destiny a wonderful life experience is very possible for everyone, only by having positive emotions, nice thoughts, goals related talks, and empowering beliefs. This is not positivism this is energetic reflection, your thoughts and feelings spread energy that influences the next events because they are literally projected by the mind, around you there is only an empty space, 99% of everything is just a black space. All this adventure called life is a story written every day by your mind and you can take control of what it going to be written next, this is what many people are not able to understand until now. Awakening is perceiving it and then taking control is necessary.

If you never think about the possibility that you can bring closer everything you desire, it is time to start to observe your life differently. It becomes easily noticeable after years of meditating because you reach a higher dimension where everything unfolds quickly but you can perceive it as well by focusing your attention "only in a few things" the important ones, every day. Because they will receive a lot of your energy is going to be evident how your mind reflects them, around you, with any shape. It is very funny and completely magical. This experience will give you a lot of power, it will be easier for you to manifest future desired events because you will gain confidence after perceiving this phenomenon. Everything can always be fine most of the time, but that is up to you. It seems incredible but until now all the moments of your life have been developed on autopilot just by ignoring this...

The information your mind received is projected on future events with different shapes and the feelings you have will bring you more moments that will make you feel those emotions.

In this post, I am going to delve deep into the topic trying to explain my own life experience, and tips I am using to reprogram my mind to project power, peace, and huge things in the benefit of everyone. The KEY for understanding this weird thing called awakening is that around you is just an empty space, basically around you is just darkness and what you see is somehow built by your mind. Your mind is projecting and reflecting the reality and the information you introduce will be multiplied in your life as well as "what you are" going to be reflected.

Then, by focusing in strategic content, talking about it with friends or family, imagining goals happening right now, writing about future life experiences, creating vision boards, and by forgetting your past and feeling part of a new wonderful future happening right now is how you can jump to a better life. This is why perceiving that reality is a mental projection is useful. This knowledge is elemental for you to be able to build your own magnificent paradise since right now, it is not easy and fast to achieve but going to be fucking awesome, ups :)

What is Spiritual Awakening ?

It is a state where we can perceive that we influence our reality energetically, it becomes evident in our life experiences, and then, we are able to develop methods to attract more and more great moments and wonderful people around. This state is achieved when the spirit is huge and shiny, the light inside this area of our bodies nourishes energetically the higher mind and we operate with a higher understanding, from there is visible the influence we have on the moments we live.

Also, we are able to perceive that we are one, which is what most people call karma. It is not very clear to everybody what karma really is, but basically in front of you is you and whatever you do to someone you are doing it to your self, but only after the awakening this becomes evident. The reality is a very weird mirror of yourself but you need to maintain enough light in the Spirit to be able to operate with the higher mind to perceive all this clearly. An unimaginable potential is dormant in most of the people of this world and the spiritual practice activates it. When you are awake you can perceive that: - You create your reality - You reflect your reality - Around you is only you

What is Spiritual awakening ?

When you perceive with your own eyes how reality is influenced by you is because you are AWAKE but from a scientific perspective, this process is literally a change of frequencies, what is called ascension or illumination. I going to delve deep into the topic later. I just want to let you know that I am manifesting so fast because I have practiced meditation for more than 8 years and I am able to see things no one is talking about around me, this is why it is hard for me to find close friends.

For example, I introduced a video from TikTok in my phone with bundles of bills to attract them on my life experience. Of course, the feeling that I have them is the most important part of the manifestation process and the most difficult, but images have a huge impact on your reality. Only two days later my friend invited me to eat, and he was with a lot of bundles of bills in his place because he was going to buy some kilograms of Cannabis. This is what that video brought to my life experience, this is why I avoid not peaceful content. If you never read my book, The Most powerful Meditation, you ignore that for me there is no such thing as the Law of Attraction, well it is but I called it “the Law of Projection” . This is because you are projecting your reality and all the data introduced in your mind is multiplied around. This is something you can perceive when you are awake.

Around you, there is just an illusion and everything is a mental projection by knowing this you can take advantage and build strategies to bringing good colors to your life. Being awake is the next evolutionary step from humans living on this planet, we are still evolving and our spirit is our body and our reality is a spiritual reflection. Perceiving it will help you to build successfully a wonderful life experience by ignoring many things around, and by focusing your attention on the specific ones. So let´s get deep in the topic and the next are the topics I will address in the text below:

- What means to be awake ?

- How to awake ?

- Advice for manifesting your desired life

What does it mean to be awakened ?

It means that a person has activated the higher mind and can perceive that reality is influenced by our emotions, by our beliefs, our thoughts, our actions, our words and our habits. Been awake means that you can see with your own eyes how the reality is created by you and then you can mold it easily. This could bring a lot of joy or problems because in this state a person vibrates so high that everything is manifested very fast, too fast that there is no doubt that you are influencing many moments that came to you every single day.

When you are awake you do not need any proof about this fact, and then you will discover how strategic is to remove some people from your life, to avoid a lot of content published around, and to focus your energy strategically in just a few things that lead you to your goals.

To discover that you create your reality focusing your attention on a few things is a good strategy to perceive how the mind just multiplied around everything that receives your attention. Less is more. Life is magical but most people are unable to see it with their own eyes because they vibrate low, they have a small and dark Spirit. In a low dimension is impossible to perceive that you are projecting your reality and you are unable to understand that around you is just a mental projection influenced by your beliefs, the content you consume, the words you speak, the thoughts you have, and the people you spend time with.

Everything in the Universe is vibrating and everything is energy. When the energy vibrates very high it is not visible for the eyes. The Spirit is that area of the body that vibrates so fast that is not visible but it is not separated from us, it is a part of our body as the arm. When you cultivate light in the spirit with meditation your spirit expands and then becomes bright and this is what is called enlightenment and Buddha became enlightened by meditating because it is a method to cultivate the cosmic energy in the spirit. What he did is accelerates his frequencies because when the spirit is bigger than the physical body you become more light than physical matter, then you vibrate higher and you introduce your self in another plane, a dimension almost no one is. On this dimension, things are completely magical because you can see how your reality is projected by your mind because everything develops with speed, and then it is easy to influence what is around you.

What is Spiritual awakening ?

How to awake ?

There is a part of the mind that most people do not use because they do not have enough light in the spirit for it to work, to awaken it, you must store a lot of light in the spirit but now is easier than ever because the planet is in an area of Universe where this light is constantly arriving. The mind is a part of your spirit, which is a field of light around your physical body; and when this field is huge, shiny, and strong you going to be able to see things that almost no one is can perceive. Then storing light is the method to awake your higher potential, this light is the fuel for the higher mind. Also, you need to eat the right food, do aerobic exercise, and find out music or content that makes you feel great. Having by having the right sexual relationship you can store a lot of cosmic light in your body, trust me, it is The most powerful meditation, I am talking on detail about it in my book.

Which habits can help you activate the higher mind ?

Meditation, aerobic exercise, the right diet, and a healthy environment are important elements to activate the higher mind, to maintain good health, and to remain young as well. With these activities you will be introducing light in the body until it has enough to start operating at a higher level, the more light your spirit has the more potential you will have as well. Some herbs can help you to increase the flow of Life Force in the body, like Reishi Mushroom, Astragalus, Fo-ti, and Ashwagandha. For example, Astragalus is a plant that increases the size of the Telomers prolonging your lifespan around 20 years or more. Great no ?

Also, a healthy environment in your bedroom is strategic, introduce some plants there, and if you can afford it a Life force generator pulsing the vital energy at the frequency 528 Hz. The Life force is strategic as well to discover how you create your reality. It can accelerate any manifestation process around 30% this is why the inventor Karl Hans sells them as magic boxes. But balance in life is the most important aspect to awake, most people waste their energy because they ignore that is possible to use it to mold the reality, their future events.

To avoid energetic waste a very strategic action you can do it to ignore what others are doing. That is not your business and it takes out your energy. Ignore what politicians are doing, your friends or colleagues, and focus on your goals, on your self on what you are doing, do not distract yourself. Just think about your future, how to achieve your goals, and create more and more goals, otherwise, the mind will be empty and you will fill it with useless thoughts. What other people are doing is not your business, what you are doing, and living your life to the fullest is the only thing that should be important. For accelerating this process follow my advice, ignore what other people are doing, believe me, they are always doing their best.

How to manifest your desired life ?

First, write down your goals and describe them clearly otherwise you can finish walking undesired paths because most of the people have a program that works against them, this program is full of doubts. It is important to have a clear vision and direction and not move from it. If you want a blue Porsche Taychan do not visualize your self in another car right ? and wait until you have the money to buy it even if there is the possibility to purchase another model. It is the same with other goals, I am using a car as an example because it is easier to understand, but if you want to have a relationship with a girl with some specific characteristics, first of all, write them all and keep images of ladies with those characteristics in your vision board, in your telephone and in your imagination and do not change them, in this way it going to be manifested faster. I have problems with this point, this is why I am talking about it. After you introduce those images everywhere a lot a people with these characteristics will come closer to you, then its time to act. So, you will project all those ladies around but "action" is needed to complete the goal for that is very important to have confidence. Like a Life coach, I encourage my clients to work seriously in these aspects.

It is important to have confidence and the right focus, it is something everyone should work every single day because these are fundamental elements to manifest any objective fast. You need to create the opportunities and confidence to succeed. To nourish your confidence you need to find out your lower points and change them by working a bit every single day, in my situation were my speaking skills what I need to improve, then, I started to go to toastmasters and reading loud every single day. Also, my body was my lower point, then I started to work out a few minutes every single day in my bedroom and after months I see a huge change. I only a few minutes but with a lot of pain, when the muscle hurts is when I know that I am doing the right exercise and I just work on the areas I want to improve. It is important to recognize what causes your insecurities and to know what needs to be improved.

Talking about your goals and plans helps a lot to manifest them. Choose a person with high energy to talk about your plans and keep the distance of negative people(the drama queens). Negative people can affect you even if they are far because their energy will reach you wherever you are if they think about you. I have experiences that made me discover it. As I already wrote before, I do not have many friends precisely for this reason (jeje). Positive people can push you up and negative people can manifest horrible things around you, their noise can reach you and it is not pleasant.

For manifesting your ideal Life is strategic to visualize your self living already in the future desired and to reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind as well. It helps to listen to this video every night for 28 days before sleeping and do affirmations with I AM before sleeping and after waking up. If you have a life force generator select the frequency 3.5 Hz and then repeat the affirmations aloud at any time, with that frequency your brain waves will be Theta or Delta. There are other techniques you can use to manifest but do not waste your time doing all of them, just do one or two very well each day. The one I recommend is Visualization, but imagine with detail every day, that means touch objects, listen to imaginary sounds, smell the environment, and feel great for that event during the whole day. Maintaining this feeling is not easy but it is what will attract the event to your life with more force.

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