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Powerful crystals and gemstones for the well-being

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Crystals have been used since the beginning of times for physical healing. Each gem has certain metaphysical qualities and its energies can help relieve pain and provide energy when one has been traumatized or experiencing physical pain​. Crystals, music, and essential oils are wonderful tools for realigning with our natural healthy balance. When you feel out of alignment in any way you need something to help you to restore it, those elements can help.

Most of the people are often plugged into phones, computers, and other devices that we have become out of sync with nature. This is unhealthy, it creates an imbalance because our bodies are bioelectrical systems. The heart and brain, for example, are regulated by internal bioelectrical signals. Environmental exposures to artificial EMFs can interact with fundamental biological processes in the human body.

I am a very sensitive person and I feel pain if my mobile phone is close to my body for a few minutes. I am concerned about the community that may be unaware of how dangerous electronics can be and about the disinformation promoted by the mainstream media to protect the economic interests of companies. I know many people with Cancer, and of course, the technology, as well as a poor diet or excessive consumption of medications can have an influence for this health condition appears, Cancer is only acidity in the body.

There are three areas of energy within all of us. Actually, there is just one big energy field of light around our physical body, which is the Spirit, but I like to divide it into the next 3 parts in order to work with it more easily...

1- The Etheric energy layer. This is the field that resides closest to your physical body and is most intricately tied to your health and well-being. If you are blocked here, it will result in an actual, physical illness.

2- The mental or emotional body, which is six inches away from the body. This is where our memories and emotions are stored. When we do not adequately express our emotions, this area is affected. 

3- The causal or spiritual body is about a foot away from your physical body and extends to infinity.

When you place a crystal on your body, that mineral has an impact on the higher vibrational frequency of the body. Because it is natural and free from the mental or emotional garbage that affects the rest of us, the stone holds its own. When introduced to the physical shell, it will create a change in the above-mentioned energy fields. So it is useful to maintain crystals close to the body or even close to the water you drink every day. For example, I am using an Amethyst to relax before sleeping, it is even one of the ten tips I recommend in this article to sleep successfully for those who have insomnia.  

The next stones are very powerful gems to empower your body and spirit and they would improve your life in general in a very positive way by keeping them close to your body.

This wonderful quartz is a natural tranquilizer, I have been using it to successfully sleep. I suffered insomnia for 15 years and by placing an amethyst in my forehead I can relax enormously and after 30 minutes, normally I am able to sleep. Having insomnia is a very heavy issue and many times having an amethyst on my forehead did not help me sleep but I have other techniques that I am sharing in this other article.

Amethyst is a crystal that you can use to clean other crystals, If you have a big geode, leave your other crystals there for some hours or during the night for cleaning. Its high frequency purifies the aura of any negative energy as well. It initiates wisdom and greater understanding by developing the ability to think more clearly in decision making. It has a great positive effect on creativity and imaginative power as well by enhancing intuition. This quartz also helps in the assimilation of new ideas and putting thoughts into action.

Amethyst strengthens the cleansing and eliminating organs and circulatory system. It boosts the production of hormones and tunes the endocrine system and metabolism. It strengthens the immune system. Amethyst is an excellent cleanser for the blood.​ ​

Recommended uses: Wearing jewelry with Amethyst helps balance the body with its energies. A large geode in your bedroom will maintain a good atmosphere, and you can use it to clean other crystals by placing them at the top of the cluster. I also recommend sleeping with a small polished piece. Keep in mind that the color of the crystal is very important, this must be a very intense purple and the stone must be crystalline.


It is one of the crystals that never needs cleaning as the Amethyst. It absorbs, changes, dissipates, and grounds negative energy. This stone drives out darkness and night fears and helps to protect against negative people. Citrine can help to keep your spirit lifted and your mood high because it has the power of the sun.

It is a good stone for clearing aura as well. The aura is like a magnet picking up vibrational energies that are all around you in an energy field. The light emitted by Citrine helps to infuse your aura with positivism, it is a perfect gem to create a positive, mentally clear attitude. The healing energy of the sun, as well as Vitamin D, and the qualities of rejuvenation are also found in Citrine. It is good for prosperity and for increasing intuition.

Citrine purifies the energy and helps us to keep our thoughts clear and clean, so we can make good decisions and put them into action immediately. Its energy is exceptionally joyful and happy, making it one of the most useful stones to treat depression and anxiety. Citrine can facilitate detoxification and stimulate circulation and it is often used for chronic fatigue; it has the reputation of being able to increase energy and drive, the gem holds energy for very long periods of time and doesn't need to be recharged often.

Recommended uses: Wearing jewelry with Citrine helps balance the body with its energies, if the pieces are with gold this metal will increase its power. A large geode will help to clean other crystals by placing them on the top of the cluster, it has the same purifying benefits of the Amethyst. I also recommend you to place a geode near the water you drink, if the stone and the liquid receive the sunlight is much better. The color of the crystal is important, it should be intense and crystalline.

These gems are very powerful, Diamonds are an amazing stone that will activate the crown chakra, bringing your awareness to being in alignment with the Divine. It opens up doorways to the spiritual realm and reaches deep down within our emotional and Etheric bodies. They bring your desires into reality and help you to achieve your dreams. Diamonds increase courage and strength whilst bringing abundance in all areas. They will also boost your imagination and creativity too.

Diamonds are very high-frequency stones that can open all chakra channels, giving out positive healing properties. You can place a diamond inside your water during the night and drink it the next day as an excellent elixir. Be aware that the size of the diamond should be at least 2 carats to be strong enough in its energy field. Diamonds with smaller sizes are basically useless according to Edgar Cayce. A variety of surprising healing properties were attributed to Diamonds.

The purifying properties of diamonds make it quite effective in healing those organs of the body that have to do with removing waste. This means you can use it for healing your kidneys, bladder, and intestines. Diamonds are believed to cure constipation, help in urine retention issues, and evacuate kidney stones. Diamonds also help improve eyesight, stimulate your endocrine glands, and balance your metabolism.

At the mental and emotional levels, diamonds can be used to relieve fear and anxiety. People with complaints of hallucinations, nightmares, and excessive imagination may find it useful to wear a diamond. Use a diamond to clear the bedroom at night before going to bed if you or someone in your family is prone to nightmares. It can also be used to enhance harmony and cooperation at your workplace.

Recommended uses: Wear jewelry with Diamonds in any part of the body, by using this link you can save between 50%-80% on Ladies Diamond Jewelry. Diamonds and gold are the most powerful gems for attracting prosperity as well as for increasing your income potential.

Ladies Diamond Jewelry

Gold has some serious magical and metaphysical properties, that are extremely powerful. By having gold you going to attract abundance by purifying your spirit with its high frequency. Gold and silver have the power to heal disease. Gold has a balancing and harmonizing effect on the body, mind, and spirit. It is good for improving our mental attitude and emotional states. Gold can also help promote an increase in energy, will power, and mental focus. Wearing it can bring you closer to your own goals.

Gold has been used to enhance mental faculties, and in the rejuvenation of the endocrine system. It helps in balancing the right and left brain and treats conditions associated with autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, and physical coordination. Gold is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce redness, help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and protect against free radicals.

Luxury spas offer rejuvenating gold facials to activate cell renewal, while products like gold-infused serums and sheet masks promise to keep skin glowing and hydrated. It can assist in the regeneration of tissues and the skeletal structure. It can also improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Recommended uses: Wear jewelry with Gold in any part of the body. Diamonds and gold are the most powerful gems for attracting prosperity as well as for increasing your income potential but the purity of Gold is very important, I recommend to use pure gold jewelry 24k. It helps to oxygenate the body, maintain good health, and a golden spirit. If you buy a coin or nugget keep it in your hand during your meditations.

This stone has strong metaphysical properties to lift your mood and to heal emotional problems, such as anxiety and stress. Kunzite will bring you inner peace and give you a high capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding. It assists you to balance your emotions and feel more open and trusting.

If you allow this vibration to help you, you may open yourself to love on all levels, including self-love because it stimulates love to flow within all manner of relationships, love of nature, and animals because it enhances your awareness of Divine love. Its energies will bring you great empathy for the people around you.

This stone is exceptional for panic attacks, it helps emotional balance, confidence, connection to higher self, and oneness. Kunzite may be used in the treatment of the lungs, circulatory functions, and stress-related disease. This crystal may be used to stimulate the secretion of hormones that will physically improve one’s well being. In healing, Kunzite is helpful for achieving a natural hormone balance. In part, the healing properties of Kunzite are due to the presence of lithium.

Recommended uses: Wearing jewelry with Kunzite helps balance the body with its energies if the gems are with silver or gold their frequencies going to be increased by those metals. It is a cleansing crystal that will clear negative implants from the aura. During meditation, also place a Kunzite in your hands, its energy encourages you to receive intuitive messages, and you may discover that you get information from your higher self more quickly.

If you don't wear jewelry, bring a little piece with you in your pocket, this will help attract nice and gentle people. The color of the gem is important, it must be an intense pink, green, or white and the stone should be crystalline.

It is a very powerful stone that I recommend to wear on the body and have it at the home, office, and any other space where you spend most of your time in. I maintain shungite close to the water I drink and I introduce in the water of the bathtub when I take a salt bath because it has the ability to clean water from almost of all organic compounds (including pesticides), metals, bacteria and harmful microorganisms.

I also introduce my Chi generator in the bathroom when I take a salt bath to create a wonderful environment because the water attracts the life force energy pulsed by the device and creates a really cool energy that enhances the experience.

Just as Carbon has been used within water filters for centuries, so, too, does Shungite possess this purifying property. In fact, that’s how the Shungite benefits received its first bit of notoriety. Although Shungite has been used for physical purification and detoxification, its healing properties go deeper into the emotional and spiritual realms, allowing anyone who works with Shungite to cleanse their energy field of harmful or unwanted energies.

Shungite will protect you from the people interested to bring you down by deflecting their negative energy away from you, keeping you safe, and your energy positive.

Scientific research and experiments have shown that placing Shungite close to your cell phone and other electronic devices significantly weaken the impact of electromagnetic radiation on the body. Whether you are at work or at home, when your cell phone is not in use, place it in the Shungite Cell Phone Holder to block out the EMFs.

As an initial step for integrating Shungite into your life, I recommend placing a Shungite in your pocket for EMF protection wherever you go. It will help to neutralize the harmful effects of the electromagnetic waves surrounding you that are detrimental to your energetic balance and health.

Recommended uses: Meditating with Shungite is an amazing way to boost your energy levels, dissolve stress and anxiety, relieve muscle ache and tension, increase your personal power, and raise your vibration. Place a Shungite in the water or next to the bottle and drink it because it balances, purifies, and charges the properties of the liquid.

I recommend you to buy some pyramid or a big sphere and keep it in your bedroom to reduce the negative effect of EMFs during the most important time of the day, the sleeping hours when your body heals and rejuvenates. Also, it is a good idea to introduce some plants in your bedroom that will clean the air, produce oxygen and reduce the negative impact of EMFs as well, in this article are very good specimens for home and the office.

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