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Teas that will prolong your life, improve your health, beauty, and mental performance

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

The following article is a summary of interesting information collected from many sources about the best teas to maintain a strong flow of Chi energy that will provide excellent health, lots of energy and high mental performance. All the herbs described below are powerful antioxidants that will help to maintain your body in perfect condition, young and beautiful.

They are cheaper than creams and they are 300% much better. Some of them reduce the stress and depression among other great benefits for the body and spirit. I am pretty sure that after reading this article you will be interested to drink them every day. All the teas described are completely safe, read about the side effects because some are not recommended for pregnant women. To know 100% if they are safe for you, first do a test and, if you have no reaction, continue consuming them.

I found many articles from people saying that is dangerous drinking those teas, and be aware that these people are very ignorant, you do not need to be a doctor to know what you need to drink but you need to read different sources. I will tell you what you should avoid drinking for your health: Sodas and alcohol ! Both are made with very addictive ingredients, sugar, and alcohol. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. So remember to sweeten the tea with honey, avoid boiling the water because will kill the nutrients of the herbs and place the tea before drink it in a water optimizer to clean the toxic frequencies stored in the water and charge the beverage with Chi energy.

If the containers with the herbs remain near a Water Optimizer they will continue charging with Chi energy. Everything around the Water Optimizer is loaded with Chi energy like fruits and vegetables nearby.

The article is divided into the following sections:

  • About the tea

  • Astragalus root tea

  • Cistanche tea

  • Codonopsis root tea

  • Eucommia bark tea

  • Goji Tea

  • Gynostemma tea

  • Hawthron tea

  • Mugwort tea

  • Reishi mushroom Tea


Most of people never get the sense of enjoyment and pleasurable experience of a good tea because most of the commercially available tea is low-quality mass-produced tea. Many of the biggest tea companies in the US sell so-called “Premium Teas” or "Organic Teas"; but when you compare them to real high-grade premium teas, you will realize that the teas labeled “Premium” on your grocery selves are actually of low quality.

“Tea is an extremely absorbent plant that constantly takes in energy from everywhere, even from many other dimensions. If a tea is grown next to fragrant flowers, it will take on that fragrance. If it is next to pine trees, it will have the scent and characteristics of the pine. This is on one dimension, but it goes deeper than this”

“Tea is also absorbing the energy of the universe. It even absorbs constellation energy,”

If a tea tree is surrounded by a rich bio- divers forest with a large variety of plants and living organisms, the Chi energy of the tea plant and of the surrounding environment is far more potent than the Chi energy of a neatly farmed plantation that has little or no mix of plant species.

It is why we recommend to our clients introduce plants and Chi generators because the generators not only create clean Chi energy but also rotate the Chi of the plants and the atmosphere gets much better and healthy. Increasing the performance, health and positive attitude of the people. When you walk into a wild forest, there is a marked feeling of vibrancy and energy. That is because the Chi of your own body is impacted by the living energy of the wild plants and trees.

Buddhists drink tea before and in between their meditations, the Taoists also drinking tea as part of their spiritual practice, especially before doing their Qigong. The Taoists believe that tea contains very important energetic properties that can boost their practices.

The Taoists pay great attention to what they eat and drink and subscribe to the belief that tea is a direct way to ingest a certain type of energy. Therefore, it is crucial for them to have their tea grown in an environment that has good energetic flow, like a biodiverse forest because through tea, they are ingesting energy of that particular environment.

Qigong is an ancient Taoist practice of moving energy in and around the body through breath and visualization. Many Taoist sects believe that we are constantly absorbing energy from nature and use breathing practices to absorb beneficial energies from the surrounding environment. In keeping with their philosophies, Taoist monks and practitioners prefer to live high up in the mountains, surrounded by beautiful, wild forests. By being in beautiful forests with fresh air and good energetic alignments, they can take their practices to a higher level.

This is the Yangsheng lifestyle. Yangsheng means to “nourish life”. Qigong is considered Yangsheng fa or a method of nourishing life. Tea is also considered Yangsheng fa as it is a means of nourishing life. A more contemporary definition of Yangsheng would be longevity, something that both the ancient Chinese and generations of today have sought and continue to seek. Any lifestyle or set of practices that nurture longevity is considered Yangsheng.

Tea is being increasingly consumed for its health properties. So now you can see how important the Chi relate with tea, and having a cup of high-quality tea from true natural biodiversity environment is the key to keep your Qi flow and nourish your life for longevity.

With the next herbs is possible to create powerful beverages that will increase the performance in all areas of life because they activate the flow of Chi energy. Most of them have antioxidants so they will help you to maintain youth and beauty also. It is more important to eat fruits, vegetables and drinking tea to be beautiful than buying creams or painting the nails. Also, meditation helps a lot to be beautiful, people with low energy levels and vibrating low looks ugly are not smart and they are judgmental. People with low energy is tired and people vibrating low are sad, dramatic or depressed. Meditation during mornings cures depression.

People are ugly because of their habits and nothing else, everyone with the right habits and beautiful thoughts could be so beautiful, everyone !

The next teas will help you to increase the energetic flow of Chi energy to be healthy, strong, energetic and high mental performance.


Astragalus is an herbal supplement that has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. It’s purported to enhance the immune system and reduce inflammation. It’s also used to help treat heart conditions, kidney disease and more. It contains three components that allow the plant to have such a positive impact on human health: saponins, flavonoids and polysaccharides.

Saponins are known for their ability to lower cholesterol, improve the immune system and prevent cancer.

Flavanoids, also found in astragalus, provide health benefits through cell signaling. They show antioxidative qualities, control and scavenge of free radicals, and can help prevent heart disease, cancer and immunodeficiency viruses.

Polysaccharides are known to have antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory capabilities, among other health benefits.

Slows or Prevents the Growth of Tumors

Many recent screenings have shown the success of astragalus saponins, flavonoids and polysaccharides in decreasing or eliminating tumors. In instances of chemoresistance treating liver cancer, astragalus has shown potential in reversing multidrug resistance and as an addition to conventional chemotherapy, according to a study published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology.

Contains Antioxidative and Anti-Aging Capabilities

It is a great help for maintaining young and beautiful because the root also contains abundant antioxidants, which help protect cells against damage. In general, its greatest strength is preventing and protecting cells against cell death and other harmful elements, such as free radicals and oxidation.


According to research from the University of Maryland Medical Center, Astragalus has been found to have several anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and is sometimes used on the skin for wound care. Astragalus is non-toxic in any dosage and can be used year-round to help ward off illness.

Improved symptoms of chronic fatigue

Some evidence shows Astragalus may help improve tiredness in people with chronic fatigue syndrome when combined with other herbal supplements.

Anticancer effects

In test-tube studies, Astragalus has promoted apoptosis, or programmed cell death, in various types of cancer cells.

Regulates and Prevents Diabetes

Studies show its ability to relieve insulin resistance and treat diabetes naturally. The herb’s collection of saponins, flavonoids and polysaccharides all are effective in treating and regulating type 1 and 2 diabetes. They’re able to increase insulin sensitivity, protect pancreatic beta cells (the cells in the pancreas that produce and release insulin) and also act as anti-inflammatories in areas related to diabetes symptoms.

Supports the immune system

Astragalus contains beneficial plant compounds that may enhance your immune system. The primary role of your immune system is to protect your body against harmful invaders, including bacteria, germs and viruses that can cause illness. Some evidence shows that Astragalus may increase your body’s production of white blood cells, which are the cells of your immune system responsible for preventing illness.

Possible Side Effects & Cautions of Astragalus Astragalus is generally safe to use with no serious side effects. Women who are pregnant and who are nursing should not use Astragalus, as some animal research indicates it may not be safe for pregnant moms.

Some specialists suggest only using a specific adaptogen for a few months and then move on to another.


Cistanche is a desert plant grown organically on the Tibetan plateau. When Cistanche started earning interest through research and studies, the plant’s antioxidant properties became its most recognizable asset. A potent antioxidant, able to promote healthy cellular function and protects against cellular degeneration in the muscles, thus reducing chances of damage to muscle and therefore allowing the more successful storage of energy there for long periods. Cistanche tea is not easy to get, so taking it in supplements is a good option.

Cistanche deserticola is heavily at risk of extinction, Drink only Cistanche Tubulosa tea !

The use of these plants has not been banned from trade, and therefore it means they are prone to misuse by individuals and manufacturers. The main problem contributing to the scarcity of this plant is the ever-increasing demand that outweighs the supply. With the increasing demand, the supply of cistanche deserticola has declined significantly for the past few years. Since it is parasitic, the plant takes quite some time to mature.

Memory Enhancer

Cistanche may help sharpen the memory. Cistanche extracts are traditionally used to improve brain health and enhance practiced learning abilities. A step-down test was used to evaluate the learning ability of mice in-vivo. From the study, it was reported that mice were able to acquire memory, referred to as learning ability. They were also able to keep the memory for a longer time, referred to as consolidation. And also they were able to recall the memorized information. The same module can be emulated for humans to achieve the same results.

May dispel depression

Cistanche may be able to improve issues like stress and depression. Because the plant appears to help with cognitive function and memory, it also seems that it exercises some sort of power over the nervous system in general including issues with mood. In a very recent 2017 study on mice, Cistanche was used for combating depression symptoms. Results showed that it did help the brain increase production of dopamine in response to depression-inducing conditions and stress.

Sexual Health

Cistanche is used to increase the sexual power and is responsible for good sexual health. It has the ability to increase a woman’s fertility. The major component of Cistanche tubulosa extract, echinacoside and acteoside is responsible for improving the sexual ability of both the genders. It increases the male hormone production by the action of enzymes, which are released due to the intake of Cistanche tubulosa.

Anti-Aging Properties

Cistanche extracts are traditionally used to fight aging and increase longevity. The phenylethanoid glycosides are reported to have immense antioxidant properties compared to that of any other plant. The radical hydroxyl present in the herb Cistanche has been found to have scavenging effects that help to protect the DNA molecules. Other radicals that are disease-causing and those that accelerate aging are scavenged out of the system.

Improved sexual activity

Phenylethanoid glycosides that are the essential ingredients of Cistanche tubulosa have been reported to induce increased sexual activity also known as the aphrodisiac effect.

The results from a study conducted on mice indicates that the active compounds were able to increase the sexual activity of a stress-induced libido loss.

Treating arthritis

Hyaluronidase is a type of fluid found in joints, ligaments, under the skin and vitreous bodies. Its main work is to distribute nutrients and keep cells in these regions hydrated and maintained their elasticity. The amount of this fluid diminishes as one ages, leading to flaky and poorly moisturized skin and poorly lubricated joints. Lack of enough of these lubricant results in painful joints that are described as arthritis. The dry and poorly moisturized skin accelerates aging. The active glycosides in herb cistanche herb increase to significant amounts levels of hyaluronidase are thereby reversing the effects of arthritis and premature aging.

Increased Metabolism

Metabolism is the process through which nutrients are absorbed and utilized by the body. Cistanche tubulosa has been shown to increase the rate of lipid metabolism that has a significant effect on reducing blood cholesterol in humans.

Blood Pressure

Cistanche has shown promising effects on lowering blood pressure.

Bone Health

Cistanche is used to prevent bone loss and strengthen bones.

Possible Side Effects & Cautions of Cistanche

Although there are no known reactions or side effects from usage, medical experts’ advice that Cistanche should not be taken by diarrhea patients or those suffering from other stomach problems. Due to its safety, Cistanche can be taken in combination with medicaments.


Codonopsis is one of the most famous and widely used Chinese tonic herbs. It is very mild and without any side effects, yet it is a superb and potent Qi tonic. Codonopsis is believed to have an action similar to that of Ginseng, but gentler. Codonopsis is extremely effective at boosting vitality and relieving a sense of general fatigue. It invigorates the Spleen and Lung functions so that Qi is replenished, and it promotes the production of body fluids. Codonopsis is also an excellent blood tonic and a major immune system tonic.

Many women use it to build blood. Codonopsis is an excellent herb for children. It has been used since antiquity to build strong muscles in children. Codonopsis is rich in polysaccharides that are beneficial to everyone. These immune boosting polysaccharides have been shown to be useful in supporting the immune systems of older people as well.

Memory Enhancer

Codonopsis root is helpful to improve the way the brain works, and helps you to think more clearly. Many people associate memory problems with aging, and are looking for a solution to stop it from advancing. Like most Chinese tonic herbs, remedies that contain this herb will slow the progression of aging in the body. 


Helps to improve your appetite and help to mend digestive problems, and is supportive of the kidneys and of the urinary function generally. It is also an anti-ulcerogenic agent, meaning that it protects you against ulcers. It has been shown in studies to help to prevent the formation of peptic ulcers that are a result of stress, or those related to diarrhea, vomiting or appetite loss. This herb is also been shown to be gastro-protective, and is a gentle tonic herb for the digestive tract.

Weight Control

This herb also has a role to aid management of your weight. This is also related to how it works in the body to enhance your digestive system. By regulating your blood sugar this helps you to better use food and aids the body to improve how it utilizes it. As tea, can be taken three times a day.

Fatigue and Stress Stress is becoming more common these days and ongoing stress can cause a number of health problems. Codonopsis is one of the adaptogenic herbs, which as a group strengthen your ability to defend against high levels of stress, anxiety, trauma and fatigue.

Possible Side Effects & Cautions of Codonopsis

It is completely safe.


Eucommia Tea comes from the bark of a tree that grows in Asia that’s used for making rubber, and has many great health benefits that are important in this day and age. Millions of people have found this tea important for long life, great health, plus increased sex drive.

Eucommia Tea has been used in Chinese Medicine as a powerful treatment for fatigue, stiffness, arthritis, stress, and impotence. Eucommia tea boosts up kidney energy or Yang and thus also creates power, drive, good health, powering up the endocrine system and promotes a clear mind. A popular herb among athletes, Eucommia is known to help improve flexibility and well as increase physical energy.

Strengthens muscles and bones

As the perfect dietary adjunct for joint injuries or bone fractures, the bark is especially suitable in such cases of damage, stress or trauma to these regions of the body. In a 2015 published study on Eucommia ulmoides in the Journal of Psychotherapy, research results showed that extracts "significantly increased longitudinal bone growth rate and growth plate height in adolescent female rats." In a study published in 2014 in The American Journal of Chinese Medicine, an extract of du zhong (eucommia) was shown to be a useful "alternative therapy for the prevention of disuse-induced osteoporosis" through its ability to regulate bone metabolism.

Improves athletic performance

The tea that is most popular among athletes is definitely eucommia. Drinking this tea can significantly improve our athletic performance by promoting the production of adrenalin and gives us an energy boost. And not just that, eucommia can actually help improve not only our drive and physical performance, but it also has the ability to help us recover. There is scientific evidence that shows that eucommia can speed up the recovery of broken bones and other degeneration from working out, so it helps our muscle tissue recover after we’ve finished our workout. So this is a great tea to drink if you’re an athlete or someone who is physically active in any way.

Helps to overcome Stress

This tea is very good for the proper function of our kidneys and it tonifies them. The kidneys are connected to adrenal glands which produce stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol which give us our drive to overcome stressful situations. So drinking this tea not only helps us to keep our kidneys healthy, it can also influence how we deal with stressful situations.

Lowers Blood pressure

Scientific studies show that eucommia can help lower blood pressure with patients with hypertension. So if you’re somebody who’s stressed out and you have high blood pressure, drinking this tea is something that can help bring down elevated blood pressure levels back to a normal range. The way that it does this is through a mild diuretic action. Typically, any sort of diuretic herb is good for people with elevated blood pressure.

Improves Sexual Health

Eucommia is famous in China for improving one’s sexual energy. It does so by promoting the health of two of the most important organs associated with our sexual energy, our liver and our kidneys. The liver is not just an organ, it’s a gland that produces hormones and it produces a lot of testosterone and helps to stimulate the prostate and testicles, if you’re a male, to produce more testosterone. So a healthier liver is going to actually mean a healthier sex drive. You’re going to have improvements in your libido, your fertility levels, and your ability to sustain and maintain an erection. It works for women as well, having a healthy liver will translate to more sexual energy and fertility by balancing hormones. Eucommia tea also has the ability to produce nitric oxide in the body which is basically going to help stimulate the blood flow to the genitalia which can help with erectile dysfunction.

Promotes Liver Health

Eucommia tea is probably most famous for promoting the health of the liver. The liver has over 500 different physiological functions and does many things. It produces natural germ killers, produces digestive enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, it also produces glucose and it is said to influence even our emotional strength. In Chinese medicine, the liver is known as the seed of passion because it produces a lot of hormones that give us our drive for life. It produces a lot of testosterone which gives us motivation and determination. So it is safe to say that the liver is one of the most important organs in our body and drinking Eucommia tea regularly will keep it healthy and thus influence our overall health.

Strengthens the Immune System

Eucommia tea helps our liver produce more interferon, natural germ killers and antioxidants so it protects our body from oxidative stress. It also protects our body from pathogens and even cancer cells by producing interferon and immune cells. So that way it prevents disease and promotes longevity.

Possible Side Effects & Cautions of Codonopsis There are no known side effects of eucommia bark, however, since the bark contains latex, people with latex allergies should proceed with caution. Although there are no known cases of a Eucommia allergy to someone sensitive to latex, the possibility may exist. It should be temporarily avoided in cases of extreme yin deficiency or weakness as it may be too drying.


Goji berries can also be eaten or drunk in juice. They contain amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, proteins and complex sugars. The Chinese, Mongolians and Tibetans have used Goji berries from the Himalayan Mountains for centuries as an herbal medication.

Proteins and Amino Acids Goji berries contain both essential and non-essential amino acids and some protein. According to the "Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine," the amino acids in goji berries have several purported health benefits including anti-fungal, ant-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. However, currently available scientific studies do not confirm these purported health benefits.

Protects the eyes

Goji berries are believed to protect against age-related eye diseases. Goji berries can help vision because they contain high levels of healthy antioxidants, especially zeaxanthin. The same antioxidants can also stop damage from: UV light free radicals oxidative stress.

Provides immune system support

Goji berries contain healthy antioxidants. Antioxidants are known for their immune-boosting qualities and their ability to fight harmful free radicals and inflammation.

Protects against cancer

High levels of antioxidants, including vitamin C, zeaxanthin, and carotenoids, are responsible for fighting cancer cells. Antioxidants slow tumor growth, reduce inflammation, and help to remove harmful substances from the body.

Promotes healthy skin

Goji berries contain beta-carotene, which is an essential plant phytochemical. Beta-carotene is known for its ability to promote healthy skin. Beta-carotene is an ingredient used in skin creams to: improve skin health reduce skin irritation manage the effects of the sun manage the impact of aging.

Stabilizes blood sugar

Goji berries may be helpful in controlling the release of sugar into the blood. Research from 2015 shows that goji berries balance insulin and glucose levels in the blood.

Improves depression, anxiety, and sleep

Research from 2016 that was done using rats shows goji berries can improve depression and anxiety-like behaviors. The study also showed improved quality of sleep in those who consumed the goji berry juice, and none experienced negative effects related to drinking the juice.

Prevents liver damage

Goji berries have been used to treat liver disease in traditional Chinese medicine. Research on animal models indicates goji berries can help with managing liver health and preventing the progression of alcohol-induced fatty liver disease.

Possible Side Effects & Cautions of Goji berry tea If you are taking blood pressure or blood sugar medication, you could experience negative interactions, since this tea can have similar effects on the body. The berries also contain betaine, a chemical that can induce miscarriage, so pregnant women should not consume this tea.


Gynostemma is popularly believed in Asia to be an anti-aging, longevity herb. Gynostemma is generally reinforcing to overall health, has a strong anti-fatigue effect. It is also used throughout the Orient as a virtual "cure-all." It is also called Jiaogulan and is also sold in capsules.


It became particularly famous as an "immortality tea" regularly consumed among inhabitants located near the Fanjing Mountain region of the Guizhou province who were alleged to have a longer lifespan.This was reportedly evidenced in 1970 after the results of a Chinese nationwide population census was conducted.

Most of the research was investigated by a team of scientists from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, who eventually attributed these abnormally long-living centenarian population groups to this one herb they all consumed daily.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Studies indicate that Gynostemma has a double-direction, regulating, adaptogenic influence of the central nervous system. It is calming when one is overexcited and stimulating when one is depressed. Japanese studies have shown that Gynostemma is clinically useful in a number of mental and neurological conditions, including simple depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Agent The gypenosides and polysaccharides in gynostemma leaf infusions or extracts exhibit potent antioxidant effects that can help prevent oxidative stress and free radical damage as well as protect against chronic inflammation.

Benefits Lipid Metabolism, Weight Loss and Diabetes Gynostemma is often now a commonly utilized herb in China for treatment of elevated cholesterol, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver as well as obesity and type 2 diabetes. Some of these effects are in part due to its high saponin glycoside content which gives the herb its sweet taste.

Anti-Cancer potential

In late 2016, Chinese researchers did a meta analysis of research to try and determine possible anti-cancer benefits of Gynostemma pentaphyllum and its components. The researchers found many gypenosides that had research showing anti-cancer effects ranging from preventing the spread to killing cancer cells directly. The research concluded noting many potential curative effects could be found from the “GpM formula” (Gynostemma pentaphyllum).

Increase energy

The Chinese have traditionally drunk tea made from Gynostema to give them the energy that they need throughout a hard day of labor. Now whether you are faced with the prospect of a day in the fields or the office or you simply feel a bit run down, there is evidence that Jiaogulan can help provide you with the energy boost you need to help you get through the day.

Improves respiratory conditions

Jiaogulan is an excellent natural remedy against a number of respiratory issues including coughs, asthma and bronchitis. One clinical study on its effects against chronic bronchitis revealed that it was effective in treating over 90% of the 86 subjects.

It has traditionally been used in China as an expectorant as it helps to clear a build-up of mucus from your airways meaning you can breathe much easier.

Promotes healthy skin

Jiaogulan is an excellent source of natural antioxidants which help prevent skin damage caused by free radical damage. Drinking Jiaogulan regularly may help reduce some of the signs of cellular damage as well as slowing down those unwanted signs that we are getting older.

In fact, several Chinese studies have demonstrated that Gynostema could help improve energy and endurance levels in athletes. One study published in 1993 showed that the subjects given an oral dose of the herb experienced improved cardiac output compared with other Chinese herbs.

Possible Side Effects & Cautions of Gynostemma It is recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women do not take Gynostemma.If you are taking any blood thinning medications please consult your health care professional before using Gynostemma. Do not use if you have an autoimmune condition or are taking immunosuppressant medications - Gynostemma stimulates and strengthens the immune system.


Hawthorn tea can boost your energy because it expands blood vessels and that way more blood is circulating through the body. You will feel more alert, energized, your cognitive skills will be better and your metabolism will function properly. Hawthorn contains chemicals which help produce serotonin and high serotonin levels significantly improve your mood. Due to their antioxidant activity, polyphenols have been associated with numerous health benefits, including a lower risk of : some cancers type 2 diabetes asthma some infections heart problems premature skin aging.

Fights Aging

Drinking Hawthorn tea can also slow down ageing because it’s rich in antioxidants. It also makes the skin more elastic which prevents the creation of wrinkles and old looking skin. Since it also helps with many different skin problems, you can have a youthful looking face that makes you look much younger.

Helps With Skin

Problems Hawthorn can also help with various skin problems like boils, sores, ulcers, itching, and frostbites. In addition to that, berry tea can be applied directly to the skin or you can soak the skin in hawthorn tea, using it as a wash. That’s not all thought as hawthorn has anti-inflammatory properties so it can also treat rashes from eczema and psoriasis.

High Blood Pressure

Studies with hawthorn are conflicting for its effectiveness in reducing high blood pressure. In a pilot study published in 2002, 38 mildly hypertensive volunteers were assigned to a daily supplement of 600 milligrams of magnesium, 500 milligrams of hawthorn extract, a combination of magnesium and hawthorn, or a placebo. After 10 weeks, the 19 subjects who took hawthorn extract showed a greater reduction in resting diastolic blood pressure than other study members. What's more, hawthorn-taking participants were found to have lower levels of anxiety.

Decrease blood fats

Some data indicates that hawthorn extract may improve blood fat levels. Cholesterol and triglycerides are two types of fats always present in your blood. At normal levels, they’re perfectly healthy and play a very important role in creating hormones and transporting nutrients throughout your body.However, imbalanced blood fat levels, particularly high triglycerides and low HDL (good) cholesterol, can lead to plaque buildup in your blood vessels.If the plaque continues to grow, it could completely block a blood vessel, leading to heart attack or stroke.

May reduce anxiety

Hawthorn has a very mild sedative effect, which may help decrease anxiety symptoms. In a study on hawthorn’s effect on blood pressure, people taking hawthorn extract also reported lower levels of anxiety. In another study in 264 people with anxiety, a combination of hawthorn, magnesium, and California poppy flower significantly reduced anxiety levels, compared to a placebo.

Digestive Health

Hawthorn Berries stimulate bile and gastric secretions, aiding in the digestion of stagnant food in the GI tract, especially that which is rich in fats or protein.They also contain various organic compounds that interact with gut flora to improve the digestion of nutrients.

Boost Metabolism

Hawthorn berries also help in burning body fat. They boost metabolism and help you break plateau. They also allow your body to burn more calories while working out. You should eat hawthorn berries more often if you want your body to improve quickly.

Possible Side Effects & Cautions of Hawthorn Berry tea

Hawthorn Berry side effects are uncommon and only a few cases of mild nausea, dizziness, sweating and skin rashes have been reported. Can interact with prescription medications. Hawthorn may affect blood pressure, and should not be taken with medications for high blood pressure, including beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers, medications for “male enhancement” (many of which are based on blood vessel dilation and increasing blood flow), and medications that increase blood flow to the heart. Additionally, people taking digoxin should not take Hawthorn. Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


The plant has been used in Chinese medicine to increase blood circulation to the pelvic area and uterus for centuries. It also works synergistically to strengthen the flow of Qi. Drinking Mugwort tea is highly recommended for people suffering from insomnia, anxiety, painful menstruations, digestive issues, obesity, weak immunity, diabetes, depression, inflammation, colds, coughs, flu, respiratory infections and kidney problems.

Attacking Cancerous Cells and Malaria

Completed and current ongoing studies on the possible uses of mugwort indicate that links to the fundamental component of the plant, artemisinins, as being toxic to certain cancer cells. Relatedly, Mugwort is a naturally occurring anti-malarial. As scientists have continued to study the components that effect malaria, they’ve found links to artemisinins targeting mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum and the lysosome. Cancer cells contain a higher level of iron then healthy cells do, which in turn, makes them more susceptible to the toxicity in artemisinin. In one study, scientists paired the iron heavy cancerous cells with the artemisinin. Once the combination was inside the cells, the result was enhanced toxicity — which means, more potential killing capacity towards the cancer. In the exact words of the hypothesis: “This tagged-compound could potentially develop into an effective chemotherapeutic agent for cancer treatment.”

Anxiety and Depression

With its powerful nervine qualities, Mugwort tea is very good for treating anxiety, depression and chronic stress levels. This can help relieve stress on your nervous and metabolic system, and improve your quality of life if anxiety is something you experience on a daily basis.

Weight Loss

With a range of B-family vitamins in this herbal tea, you can significantly boost your metabolism and increase passive fat-burning. This can help with weight loss efforts and help your body operate at a higher level of energy and efficiency.

Bone Mineral Density

Traditional beliefs hold that mugwort tea is an excellent mineralizer for the bones, helping to increase bone mineral density and preventing age-related bone disorders, such as osteoporosis. The high levels of potassium, iron, and calcium found in this tea certainly help support this benefit.

Vision Health

Vitamin A is found in mugwort tea and acts as a strong antioxidant for vision health. More specifically, this beta carotene-derived vitamin is able to prevent macular degeneration and slow the development of cataracts.

Vivid Dreams

For centuries, mugwort tea was praised for its “psychic” and even “hallucinogenic” properties and has long been used to stimulate vivid dreams. It is purportedly able to help you remember dreams as well, and experience those rare lucid dreams that are so few and far between.

Possible Side Effects & Cautions of Mugwort tea

Mugwort contains trace amounts of thujone, a toxic substance that can be very dangerous only in extremely high concentrations. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid this tea, as some of the active components, including thujone, can be passed into the breast milk and negatively affect the infant. It can cause miscarriages and pregnancy complications too.


Historically, it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for at least 2,000 years. In the original textbook of traditional Chinese medicine, it was the highest ranked of all plants and fungi for its benefits to the body.

Reishi mushrooms can improve immunity and reduce heart disease that it could potentially lengthen a lifespan. But what’s really interesting is how much it can boost longevity. In a 2011 study reishi was shown to extend the lifespan of mice by 9 to 20 percent (that would be seven to 16 years for humans!).

Antioxidant power that reduces oxidative stress

A 2005 studies shows reishi protect cellular DNA from oxidant damage that causes aging. A 2011 review shows that reishi has a high level of antioxidants that help fight aging. These antioxidants can reduce dermal and cellular oxidation. In simple terms, that means reducing signs of skin aging and internal signs of cellular aging!


This specific compound in Reishi is a type of terpenoid is known to improve circulation and help with everything from skin to mental focus. Below are some of the benefits of the reishi mushroom.

Boost the immune system

Historically, Reishi mushrooms have been used as an immune system enhancer—they’re even used in Asian cultures as an immunostimulant for patients with HIV and cancer. The Beta glucans(complex sugars) in the mushroom are believed to stimulate the immune system to prevent infection.

Can alleviate fatigue

Reishi mushrooms are adaptogens, plants that help the body combat stress. In one study of 132 patients suffering from neurasthenia (a condition characterized by physical and mental exhaustion), consumption of a compound found in Reishi mushrooms was shown to improve aches, pains, and feelings of irritability.

May be an ally against cancer

Numerous studies have been done on Reishi mushrooms’ effect on cancer cells. The results have been intriguing—one small study in the Journal of Oncology found that tumors shrunk in three cancer patients that were taking reishi mushrooms. Researchers believe beta glucans in the mushrooms may prevent new blood vessel growth, which is key as cancer cells need a steady blood supply to grow. The triterpenes (AKA essential oils) in the mushrooms may also inhibit the development and metastasis of tumors.

Could lower blood pressure

Compounds in reishi mushrooms may help keep high blood pressure at bay, according to a rat study carried out in 2014. But again, if you’re currently taking blood pressure medication, consult with your doctor before taking reishi mushrooms—the combination could lower your BP to dangerous levels.

Contains cholesterol-lowering compounds

Both triterpenes and beta glucans may reduce total cholesterol and LDL—commonly referred to as “bad cholesterol.” May be helpful for diabetics: Reishi mushrooms were found to decrease blood sugar in one small double-blind, placebo-controlled study—possibly by inhibiting an enzyme that produces glucose. Plus, after seeing noticeably reduced kidney stress and lower blood-sugar levels in test subjects, a different group of researchers concluded that reishi mushrooms may prevent or halt kidney complications in diabetes patients.

Could improve liver function

Reishi mushroom spores were found to promote liver cell regeneration promote liver cell regeneration in mice, improving the organ’s ability to shuttle toxins out of the body. A healthy liver can also be critical to supporting other health benefits mentioned above, including managing blood sugar and allergies.

Possible Side Effects & Cautions of Reishi Mushroom tea

Taking Reishi mushroom may be riskier if you have low blood pressure or are taking therapy to raise your blood pressure, are taking diabetes medications, or have immune system disorders or medications.

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