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TUTORIAL: How to arrive at Paradise in this life ?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Arriving at the paradise is becoming extraordinary by divine help. The next article is about personal development and not about beliefs or philosophy and everything described here could be perceptible for everyone, they are principles like the sky is blue. I will use some data from a course I found yesterday of Vishen Lakhiani talking about this topic because my source is the Kabbalah. And both are talking about the same but with different words. The Paradise for the Kabbalah is a connection with the source of light that maintains complete harmony in the Universe. This intelligence is 1,000,000,000,000,000,00,00,00,000 times superior than you and it is quite useful to put our lives on its hands. This intelligent force can manage your life perfectly in autopilot if you maintain a continuous flow of the light that flows in our spirits each second. A connection with a very strong flow of this light is what the real paradise is because when it happens you will conclude that is the same GOD who is helping you to have a wonderful magical life and the paradise is where GOD is, right ? But this state Vinshen Lakhiani describes as Becoming Extraordinary and in the next text we going to delve deep about how you can become extraordinary.

But first, let me share what Kabbalists “believe” going to happen to you afterlife... Life is a game and when you die you lose the game if you did not become extraordinary. Before life, you made a lot of plans and if you make them happen you win but If you did not make all those plans, when you no longer live your remember "that before deciding to live you made many plans that you did not realize" and you feel disappointed and then, you decide to play again by incarnating. This game is so addictive for most of the souls, that until they win they going to feel proud of their-selves and probably they will not choose to incarnate again or probably yes, but with more difficulties in life, Rey Charles came to my mind, for example, as a great winner of this game. But remember something, no one can know what will happen after life and sincerely it is not important, what is important is to arrive at the paradise on this life, to have an enjoyable experience, help a lot of people and achieve a magical connection with GOD. What Vishen Lakhiani describes as becoming extraordinary. The only cause of suffering in this world is this disconnection with a strong flow of light coming from the center of the Galaxy to our spirits. If we achieve to maintain a huge flow directly to you, will be GOD who will run your life. These are not my beliefs my friend, this is something you can perceive after managing to maintain an immense golden spirit. Having a huge spirit has a lot of benefits, for example, you could have access to information from people in a higher dimension where all the solutions to any problem exist, yes any problem, is GOD who send us the solution and for GOD everything is possible. After having a big Spirit you are able to see how ignorance is the root of all evil and ignorance is literally the lack of light in the Spirit, because this light has information and it is literally love as I described in my book The Most Powerful Meditation. For example, now exists a simple technology to make natural rains in less than an hour by scratching the Ether, which is a field of Orgone energy in the Sky and still people lose their homes and lives because of forest fires and there are economic problems in not rich countries and lack of food supply due to droughts that can be easily stooped and it is even really cheap. The real reason why this is happening is because this technology is part of a higher dimension where only a few people are, then for most of the population this technology just do not exist, it is out of their spectrum. Trust me, wonderful inventions are waiting for the right time to benefit all people in this world and those technologies will help people to become unimaginable abundant but even if they already exists are not in use until the people arrive to the dimension where they can know about them. They are visible only to people in a higher frequency, which is people with a huge shinny and healthy spirit.

Yesterday I watched this course of Bending Reality by Vishen Lakhiani and was astonishing because days ago I was writing about the Kabbalistic meditations which are the tools the bible gave us to arrive at the paradise by connecting with GOD, the source of light that maintains the existence of the Universe in perfect harmony. These meditations increase the size of your Spirit and make you able to store much more light which has an unimaginable benefit. Your body going to be able to constantly receive the gifts from GOD which are packages of light arriving in the Spirit and from there going to be manifested in your reality as wonderful events. This is because your reality is a mental projection and the mind is an area of the Spirt, this is why a Spiritual practice will upgrade your whole existence. Well, those packages of light sent by GOD are moments that will lead you to opportunities and life experiences that will expand you completely. What going to happen in your life is written constantly in the spirit and reproduced in your life throw movement. Action is important, my friend, to enjoy these everyday gifts, so, exploring the unknown is mandatory. Vishen Lakhiani in his course said the people are living in 4 states of consciousness and I have the same opinion, which are the next:  1 Living in the culture escape 2 Awakening 3 Recording your self 4 Becoming Extraordinary (What I call the Paradise) If you are using affirmations and visualizations you are in the second state, if you do not believe in the Law of attraction you are in the first step and if you are able to perceive that your reality is a mental projection you are in the 3rd state. This blog has information especially for people in the 3rd state, which is the state where people are reprogramming their selves. You arrived in this state after perceive how what touches your eyes and your attention is multiplied around you. Then, it is important that you focus laser in a few important things that you want to be surrounded of and ignore everything else. As result, it is multiplied on your life experience the stuff you are introducing on your mind by your thoughts, words, habits, actions, and the content you watch and the topics you talk with the people.

The Paradise

This is the state where you do not do anything to project a wonderful life experience, what Vishen described as Being Extraordinary. In this 4th state things happen to you in autopilot, there is like a divine force bringing you a lot of great opportunities and astonishing life experiences and the same the Kabbalist know will happen to any person who is able to connect with a widen flow of light by training the Spirit to expand their capacity of receiving. In The paradise, you are receiving great opportunities all the time in a way that you feel supported by a divine power what I called here GOD and I am describing this state as Paradise because it is in the paradise where GOD is. In this state, in autopilot opportunities are arriving to us.

Which is the path to paradise ? The path is training the Spirit until you maintain so much light of GOD inside your spirit, this will make able GOD to run your life in an unimaginable way. In other words, the path is accelerating your vibration, by increasing the size of your Spirit by doing a real spiritual practice. The purpose is to become more light than low vibrational energy (Matter). The habits of most of the people drain their energy and maintain their spirits dark and unhealthy and diseases appear naturally as a result, it could be any type of disease. These habits are for example normal things as taking drugs, eating canned or fast food, drinking dead water in plastic bottles, watching no peaceful content in TV, Movies and video games, drinking alcohol, living in stress, spending time in unhealthy environments, and so on. Eating green, organic fruits and vegetables increases your vibration as well as doing aerobic exercise, sleeping well, and meditating. But to make a real vibrational leap you need to store high amounts of light with the Kabbalistic Meditations using the 72 names of GOD that the sacred bible gave us. I am sharing articles about specific codes that improve specific areas of life, so subscribe here in order to receive notifications each time I publish something or follow me in Pinterest for the same purpose.

What differentiates us from animals is that we can manipulate reality with the light on the Spirit but only until you are able to understand it. This understanding is the key to create the moments you want by focusing your energy strategically, which is the 3rd state of consciousness described before, on the 4th state is GOD who rules your life in autopilot. Animals cannot achieve this understanding and they are influenced by the stars automatically but also people with a dark spirit are influenced by the stars, this is why astrology is used for many but the Kabbalists jump the influence of the stars and they become deliberate creators, as well as other people as Abraham Hicks. People with small dark spirits are not consistent that they are able to manifest the life experiences they want to live and probably they ignore that the spirit is an area of the body but this ignorance is lack of light. This is an important thing ! As I said in my book, this light that nurture the spirit is literally information, and there, are the answers to all questions and the information of everything that exists on the Universes. So, maintaining a strong flow of this light in us has a lot of benefits. People with a dark spirit have a very very very reduced flow of this light and people with a healthy big and shiny spirit have access to the knowledge that makes you understand that you create your events somehow.

To arrive to the paradise is essential working to maintain a very strong and constant flow of the light of GOD in the Spirit and for achieving this state the bible gave us the 72 names of GOD that you can meditate to increase your frequencies and be able to amplify your connection with this flow of light that nurtures everything around. The path is training the Spirit, What I am calling Spiritbuilding.

Which is the best method to arrive at paradise ?

There are 2 methods, the first one is very powerful, I will talk about it and then about the second. In my book the Most Powerful Meditation I described the fastest and easiest way to increase the size of your Spirit enough to be able to receive the blessing of GOD each day. Most of the people who I shared this secret are skeptical, something similar happens when I talk about the Life Force generators with some people, but all of them are on the first state of consciousness. Be aware that I am not the only one talking about it, everywhere are symbols that describe the process of alchemy as the union between a man and a woman. Alchemy is the process to convert your dark gray spirit in a huge golden one to connect with the source of energy that will bring you unimaginable situations that will expand yourself to become extraordinary. It is during the act of procreation when we literally become GOD and we are able to make life happen. During this event exaggerated amounts of light are attracted and only when a man and a woman become one is created a huge vessel that can store those amounts of light that going to be giving to the baby. Is not a secret for the Kabbalist that depending on How much light is gathered and transmitted to the baby is what will determine if the child will be an old or young soul. Old souls need a huge vessel and most of the problems in this world are because most of the people are young souls, people with very low vibration, on the first state where the individual acts much more like an animal, nothing huge emerges from that person normally. For the kabbalist, this world is very chaotic because people have not idea how to bring old souls to the planet and if you are planning a baby I recommend you to read more about the topic or check out my book.

When you make love if the man has not an orgasm the light accumulated during the act of procration is not wasted and it remains in the bodies of the couple. On the contrary, If the man wastes it with an orgasm the woman will supply her partner energy automatically even if she does not want, both have energy loss, the spirit loses brightness and both descend of vibration for 2 to 4 days approximately.When your spirit is dark, you are in a dimension where there is conflict and chaos, the people around you are in conflict naturally because this is naturally how a person with a dark spirit acts, and their actions can affect you, it is an insecure area of the Universe. This is a serious issue.

The second method to train your spirit for its expansion is by using the Kabbalistic Meditation with the sacred names of GOD hidden on the bible. On the psalms, King David of Israel hid the keys to paradise. Also on the text of Exodus are these codes that make you able to perform miracles. On this article are described the steps to meditate using these codes, so please read it. Also, I wrote another article about the 4 codes you can use to attract abundance to your life, so I invite you to read it as well here.

Maintaining the right habits and diet is important to keep a connection with GOD. If you are not feeling happy often is because you are disconnected, if this is your situation please read this post with 10 tips to cure the depression which is only a symptom from a dark spirit, something almost no one is talking about. These are not my beliefs, by meditating for months the spirit will be expanding and changing color from dark to gold; with a golden spirit, you will be able to understand the truth. A dark spirit makes you feel low emotions and sometimes it is because of electromagnetic pollution, so buy a Life force generator to solve this problem or if you are not able to sleep deeply. If you resonate with the information shared on this blog and you want to invited me a coffee or a Porsche Taycan blue color, or even the Castle home I am planning to buy feel free to send me a donation to I will appreciate your support, which I will mainly use to promote this blog because this knowledge should be digested with urgency for most of the people to establish the paradise on the whole planet as soon as possible. Also, if you want to meet me on Skype for 15 minutes because you are looking for a Life coach and you are curious to know how I will transform your life send me an email to telling me a bit about you.

Thank you for reading and sharing this content !




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