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Kabbalistic meditations for attracting abundance

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

The next text describes principles that you can prove by your own, I will not talk about my beliefs, I will talk about Kabbalah, the most advanced science on this planet. The science that helps us to perceive how reality is a projection from the spirit and helps us to manifest great circumstances and events in our lives. It is why is described as the revelation of secrets of Heaven this knowledge that will upgrade your life and your potential as well.

The next meditations are tools that the bible gave us to improve our lives by expanding the Spirit and they are very useful. By practicing them you will connect continuously with a source of light that has a very positive and magical impact on your life. Connecting with this strong flow of light is not easy you need a strong vessel, your spirit should be shaped otherwise is unable to store this powerful light. Only a huge spirit can maintain this energy. It is strategic to keep this light inside to find your own divine essence, your real potential, and be able to see with your own eyes something unimaginable for you right now.

The next, are powerful codes found in the Psalms written by King David of Israel. He introduced inside the verses three large letters that stand out, which are the spiritual part of the bible, and by visualizing them throw the Kabbalistic meditation you will improve the economical aspect of your life. But let´s be realistic abundance is expansion, then you need to expand yourself as well with new habits, new thoughts, new goals, new people, new places, and some action. The reality is a projection from the Spirit, then I am pretty sure you will find a lot of Magical events in your life if you maintain your spirit robust and shiny by cultivating the light with the next codes found on the Psalms.

You are the creator of your reality and from the light of GOD only good things come in life, GOD sends blessings every day but they are light packages that only can be stored in a healthy, strong, and shiny spirit, this is why it is strategic a spiritual practice with the exercises below. People who imagine that god is away, in the sky or somewhere they are just expressing unconsciously the disconnection they have with this flow. When you connect with this source of light, you will perceive how close is GOD to you and you will feel grateful, happy, guided, strong and the most important, you will be having a great life and GOD will be pleased to give you this great opportunity to live.

When a person has a skinny spirit those packages of light from GOD can not be stored and reflected on the reality, those are moments, events, circumstances, or people that will make a huge impact in your life. For example, GOD wants you to meet a specific person, for that you need to go to a seminar. Then, appears a poster in front of you but if you have a disconnection the poster will be ignored and you will never attend that seminar where a big surprise was waiting for you. When there is a connection with the source of light, the poster on the street somehow will catch your attention and you will decide to go to the seminar and you will meet this great person but a "distracted mind" will put you away from great opportunities, and the real power that brings you the next meditations is the control over the mind, who prints your reality. When you control your mind, you arrive at the kingdom, you become a king and you will be who will choose what your mind going to project around you, this is why training the Spirit is essential my friend.

The Kabbalistic meditations will bring you the victory over the mind, this tool is given by GOD to create what you wish. The reality is a mental projection and you will be able to notice it and then able to take strategic actions to mold the events you want to experience. Most the people are using this power against them because they can not perceive it and all this for lack of this light, for a change is need it to fortify the spirit with training. In my book the Most powerful meditation I reveal the easiest and fastest way to actually store a lot of this light that will fortify your spirit, improve your life, and make you manifest really fast.

When we have a huge Shinny spirit we are capable to follow GOD´s plan with easy and naturally, otherwise, there is no guidance and we project chaos. So, be ready to expand your spirit and money flow with the next codes that will connect you with a wide flow of the light that travels from the center of the Galaxy until here, Malkuth, the kingdom, your reality. You are the King of your kingdom until you take away the throne to your animal part, which is often just a bunch of habits and actions coming from a messy mind, full of unimportant thoughts draining your energy. That waste is projected outside in your reality with different shapes and affects other people and the environment. By purifying your spirit with the light coming from the next meditations, you going to elevate so high that you will be able to understand GOD´s guidance and your life will be in peace, harmony, and abundance. These are not my beliefs, do the next exercises often to increase the size of your spirit, and be able to discover the magic of life, my friend.

Are you ready for a great magical life ?

About my experiences

I already lived very interesting experiences related to abundance by meditating the next codes. One of these weird great experiences was hanging out with a friend to a random area of the city, there a lot of people were eating hamburgers on the street, it was an unusual situation. An hour later we decide to keep walking and we found out a restaurant that was giving away one hamburger to each person completely free. This was incredible, without reason this place was giving hamburgers to anyone ! I never ever saw something like that, this restaurant was not promoting anything or exchanging the hamburgers for a like on Instagram or TikTok. It was also not a holiday. Probably you were waiting for another type of experience with a beautiful Russian girl that invited me to live with her and her rich family in a castle, just because she is completely in love with me. Sorry, was not that type of experience but still amazing for me and there are others quite funny as well that I prefer to keep on myself, at least for now. That event for me was a proof of the power of these meditations I was practicing, and how they benefit to the whole people around you, this is because the reality is a mental projection from the spirit and everyone around you will be part of this enlightened reality that you creates each second as I described in my book the Most powerful Meditation. So, I hope you will be experiencing soon very magical events by using the next codes in your meditations. They will bring a lot of blessings to you and the people around if you meditate them often. Fridays night are the best days and also it is important to use other codes as well that I will publish soon, so, subscribe to my newsletter right now to be updated to the information I am sharing on this blog or following me on Pinterest to be updated as well.

I chose the next 4 names of GOD hidden in the psalms for cleaning your spirit, for expanding the vessel, and the last 2 are excellent for abundance. I see many sites suggesting you only visualize them, this is not true. It is essential to meditate them as it is described in this article, please read it. Also, if you are curious to know what the Kabbalists believe that going to happen to you after dying, check this other article. Please keep in mind how important is to meditate in a healthy environment. If you do it in your bedroom, it going to be a good idea to introduce some plants and if you can afford it, a Life Force generator. I encourage you to use the frequency 3.5Hz during the meditation because will relax your brainwaves. These devices are awesome and they create a very beneficial living water if you keep a glass jug with the liquid close to the generator. It creates the type of water everyone should drink every day, it cleans harmful frequencies stored on the beverage and it charges it with clean life force energy. By the way, by purchasing them you will be supporting this blog, Thank you :)

Clean your Spirit of Negativity with the next meditation

The first meditation is Yud Yud Yud, It is the name of God number 22 that it is hidden in verse number 11 from the psalm 147, this name cleanses the spirit with pressure energy. It is a great purifier of the spirit, that is why it going to be the first code you will use, and then you will use another one to expand your spirit and 2 more for attracting abundance. The energy created will be distributed in 3 important areas of the body called Dantians for the people practicing Qi gong. These are used as well on each kabbalistic meditation when you distribute the energy into the brain, heart, and liver and then, it explodes around you and becomes part of your aura as a strong field with sparkling light. Before each meditation, you need to have an intention, for example, on this name the intention going to be cleaning your self from the dark spots in the spirit, we need to wash our spirit as well. This meditation will increase your vibration and make you feel happy and grounded.

Expand your spirit with the next meditation

Now that your spirit is completely shiny and white with small sparks of light around, let´s expand it with the next name because GOD gives you only what you are able to receive, it is not that GOD sends you only a few blessings, it depends on the size of your vessel of what you are able to receive. So, it is important to increase the size of your spirit by meditating the next name that will make you able to receive much more. Lamed, Lamed, Hei is the following code and it is found in Psalm 86, third verse.

Good job ! After meditating these 2 codes your spirit going to be clean and huge, then the time arrives to meditate the next names that will help you to bring the energy of abundance directly from the Garden of Eden. They will come as packages of light but you need to move because on your reality will be printed as events. Then, move, move, move, and explore the unknown.

The next codes will boost your abundance

The best time to meditate them is at midnight but if you can not, any time is better than nothing. How do we know this ? because It was at midnight the departure of the Israelites from Egypt. In the text of Exodus, a very important secret is revealed that is the key to creating the events you want. Yes, you really have this power but you ignore it, ignorance is the root of all evil and ignorance is a lack of light in the spirit. Only by storing light in your spirit, you will be able to understand it, perceive it, and then you will create your own methods to mold your reality. In Kabbalah, Egypt is the mind and Israel is you, so this event tries to let you know how to escape from the control of the mind over your circumstances by meditating the 72 names of God at 12 am. All the 72 names of GOD are hidden in this text that describes how Moses was able to guide Israel to freedom from Egypt and able to perform miracles by using the 72 names of GOD, for this reason, all of them are hidden on this text. This text explains to you how to use a very powerful tool called the 72 names of GOD, and you are in front of a great opportunity if you never meditate them before. I wonder how many of you will take advantage of it :)

Samech, Aleph, Lamed, is the code of Money

Probably it is one of the most famous names of GOD because helps to create circumstances to bring you money. Please use it in the benefit of the people; bring peace, solutions, and love with it, and enjoy to use it :)

With this meditation, you will fortify the mind in a very positive way that will impact your external reality, the mind is a part of the spirit and by cultivating light in the spirit your mind and reality will change naturally in your own benefit. For example, you will have access to strategic knowledge as this article (lol) or what will receive your attention will be printed so frequently that you will be careful to keep the rotten minds of many away as well as the non-positive and peaceful content. Training the Spirit is so beneficial because the reality is a mental projection and the mind is the Spirit. Then, be ready for making money with the next meditation which is great to attract events that will bring you abundance but remember to have an intention before meditating them. When you include more people in your intention you have more benefit of this light, this is why the best is to have the intention to bring abundance to all the planet and when the meditation is finished, imagine the planet in front and send this light with your palms and heart.

The last meditation I chose for attracting abundance is Yud, Bet Men, which is excellent for achieving success in your profession or business. This name is hidden by King David inside the verse number 17 from the Psalm number 145. By meditating the next code the roads will open and opportunities will come in your way. Something really important for achieving abundance is the mindset, this is why I highly recommend you watch this video as well with the good advice of Abraham Hicks. Emotions and thoughts are strategic because the Universe is reflecting back to you as events all the energy you spread with your thoughts, emotions, words, actions, and attention. Most of the people their own energy against them by ignoring what I am sharing with you here, this is why I invite you to donate some money to this PayPal account to help me to promote this blog, as you see I am not using annoying ads because my priority is to spread this light. So I hope you enjoy this information and Please share it with the people you love.

Thank you for reading, Thank you for sharing, I am pleased that you are here :)

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