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What is Spiritbuilding ?

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

It is a term that Pranachy uses to motivate people to train their spirit, which is just an area of the body. It is a field of light around each person and by having a shiny spirit the person projects in the reality only great moments. It is what mystics denominate “the connection with the creator”.

This is because the reality is a type mirror and the light inside projects light outside, otherwise the darkness inside projects darkness outside in the reality with any shape and all the chaos in the world is darkness reflected by the community because of their lack of spiritual training. The best method to introduce light in the spirit is meditation with closed eyes because when thoughts stop we automatically absorb the light from the environment.

But there are also many things that drain the inner light and make the spirit darken, such as negative news, people on fear, fast food, sodas, an unhealthy home environment, and so on...

So, it is strategic for you to meet me on Skype to let you know the best way to give a sexy shape to your spirit right now. By having a shinny Spirit your life could change.

I am a Kabbalist, Spiritual coach, and the author of the e-book The most powerful meditation.

If you want to have access to a free session of 20 minutes, write me an email and tell me where are you living and the best day & time to meet you. Please, Keep in mind that you can have more advantages of this session if you have a goal to accomplish because we can work directly on it. Talk about this goal in your email so that I can help you as best as possible during the session and please maintain your first email extremely short :)

My email is

See you soon !




I am Cristian Jordan, author of this blog where I am sharing the best habits, products and nutrients, to promote the preservation of your body. 

In this blog is the knowledge you need to reverse and delay aging, extend your healthspan, and almost never get sick.

Join Pranachy to learn more about the lifestyle that allows you to look younger,  boost your beauty, shed excess weight, fortify against diseases, and elevate your vibration and consciousness.

If you are looking for personalized guidance contact me. I have a lot of fun coaching ambitious and committed people.

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