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Kabbalah: What really is the Holy Spirit ?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Most people do not care about the Holy Spirit because is something abstract but it is not and you can benefit from it. I am happy that you are here because next, I will delve into a topic that could really improve your life a lot. The next information is not based in my beliefs, whatever I going to talk below is something you can perceive by yourself and many people already perceive it and they are talking about since really time ago, this Law of attraction is nothing new, Neville Goddard was talking about it and even Jesus and Buddha.

The Holy Spirit is nothing related to religion, is something related to physics and biology because there is a light that nourishes everything alive and maintains the Universe in perfect harmony and this is what it is and you can upgrade your life by storing the Holy Spirit in your body. By cultivating this light in your body you will see that what I am describing here is not only true, it is very useful for everybody to have health, beauty, happiness, peace and success. Meditation is one of the methods that exists to cultivate of the Holy Spirit in you and this is why but become enlightened just by meditating. Enlightenment is a state when a person has a huge golden and shiny spirit. When it happens the person works in an unimaginable potential for 80% of the population of this planet because we are projecting the reality with the mind, the reality is influenced directly by the Spirit and people using visualizations to print moments on their lives are using the mind which is a part of the spirit. To print moments first you need to control the mind, and when happens just imagine clearly and surprises will arrive :)

Ignorance is the root of everything negative happening on this planet right now. Most of what is taught in school are junk information, it is not useful, it is a waste of time and only steals space in the mind. It is quite evident what I just said, otherwise the news would show pure great things happening everywhere right ? The important information to live in abundance, with health, fullness and beauty is ignored in the schools, knowledge as what is the Holy Spirit, the benefits of herbs or how money works, and this is what made me write this article for you my friend :)

Kabbalah: What really is the Holy Spirit ?

For the Kabbalist an ignorant is a person that can not perceive the roots of the events, who is unable to perceive with the eyes that everyone is molding their own reality somehow and the real reason why people are ignorant is for lack of light in the Spirit, this light is the Holy Spirit which is "literally" Love and Information. Something so hard to understand for the monkey scientists, who rule the mainstream science. Most of the people have the spirit at the same size of the spirit´s monkey, this is why I am describing them like this animal but I do not want to offend anyone. Science from people in a higher dimension is ignored not because someone wants to control the planet, it is just a reflection, it is something that is part of a higher realm. This is why there is not free WiFi electricity even if the technology exists, this is why there are droughts and forest fires even if the technology exists to make rains in less than an hour, or people is dying of Cancer even if it can be easily cured with THC oil.

Do you see how ignorance is the root of all evil ?

And ignorance is the lack of light in the Spirit. By increasing the size of the Spirit by the daily training the world will ascend and enjoy all the benefits of the great inventions that people in high frequencies inherited us.

This information is based on the knowledge of Kabbalah, the science that explains how reality is created from inside to outside as an energetic reflection from the human spirit, the part of our bodies that vibrates so high that becomes invisible. It is a field of light around our physical bodies. These are not my beliefs, scientist as Joe Dispenza are taking measures of the Spirit, and many other people who practice "the real science". The mainstream science is the science performed by the people with a dark spirit, they live in a different kingdom, away from the people with a shiny spirit, so they see a very reduce part of reality. It is urgent to make a change of frequencies ! Only until then, you will connect with nature and God´s essence, but...

What is God ?

God is something no one on this planet is able to even imagine, the size of God is out of our understanding. We are more than smaller to have an idea what really is, God is so big and is the light that governs the life on the Universe. Everything alive is nurtured by the light of God which is the Holy Spirit and next, I going to talk about how keeping this light inside will bring peace and a lot of great situations in your life. Until you keep enough light in your spirit you will feel protected by God, but really protected, that means you will safe in any situation and circumstance. Also in this state, you are wise and you have access to knowledge that maintains your whole being balanced because the higher science only arrives to people in a high frequency.

The Spirit is the area of the body where a person should store the Holy Spirit by a spiritual practice like meditation. If you practice a religion and it is not clear for you what is the Holy Spirit is because you ignore the benefits of having this light in the body, then in your institution are doing something to maintain you away from God, which is this light that you can accumulate in you. By accumulating this light your life will change in an unimaginable way. People keep this secret because this topic is something almost no one is interested to talk about. If you have questions that your religion can not answer is because they are just making you waste your time with philosophy and beliefs, there is nothing from them to use in your life right now and you can upgrade your life tremendously by storing the Holy Spirit in your spirit. When the Holy Spirit is flowing throw your body all the questions you have will find an answer, most of these answers will arrive at you because there thousands of Angels serving people but they going to be far if your spirit is dark because they are light beings. But you can come closer to them by storing the Holy Spirit in your body with meditation, only until then you will become more light than physical matter and you will understand their daily advice and the opportunities they bring into your life. Angels are the messengers of God, that means is from God that all these opportunities will come from. 

If you want to know what Kabbalists believe will happen to you after death, I recommend reading this article

All the light that exists in a huge dark space that encompasses everything is what God is and you can accumulate this light in your Spirit, which is the Chalice. The more you accumulate, the closer to God you are and you become compassionate, wise, and happy naturally. It is a method to access to Wisdom and your heart become sweet, then, you will become a Saint. Then, great situations will happen in your life and you will attract lovely people and the shitty ones will walk away from you. On this state you know that God is guiding you, it is so magical that you are unable to share it with most of society because they have a dark spirit and their perspective is very reduced.

Buddha got enlighten by cultivating the Holy spirit in his Chalice. When we stop thinking we attract the light from the cosmos naturally, which is literally love and information as I described in my book, The Most powerful Meditation. There I am talking about the act of procreation, which is the only way to really store a lot of light from the cosmos, the Holy Spirit. This is why religions see sex as something bad. They are afraid to lose clients because they can control you only if your spirit is dark. When your spirit has light, you are guided by God and God is Freedom, Love, and Wisdom.

The best meditation is the Kabbalistic meditation, which is a visualization technique that uses the secret codes that King David hid in the Psalms, these codes are revealed to those who are ready to enter the gates of heaven in this life of course, and as soon as possible. By the way, I am not describing my beliefs in this document, I share something that will benefit you in this life if you do it. It is necessary to practice any meditation in the right environment, that is why I recommend you to go to the forest or nature to meditate. And if it is not possible to do it every day they suggested that you introduce in the place some plants and a Life Force generator, These elements are essential to maintain a healthy environment with abundant flow of clean life force energy.

Please subscribe to my newsletter to be updated to all the content I publish on this blog or follow me on Pinterest. I am sharing information from a higher dimension, this is why you will find on my blog a different perspective of everything. From this dimension, you are healthy, beautiful, happy, and free. If you want to store the Holy Spirit in your self, I recommend you to read this article about meditation, which is a good method to store the Holy Spirit in the body. After some months your life will change, after some years you will become a Harry Potter, just kidding, but for sure it going to be hundreds of things you will be unable to share because of its magic.

If you want to know more about how to upgrade your life I can be your Spiritual Life coach. Sometimes it is difficult to share some goals with people or the things we perceive. In my coaching sessions, we will work to upgrade your life in all areas, health, love, abundance, and freedom. What makes me different from other coaches is my passion for the Kabbalah, which made me understand the origin of reality, which is a projection of ourselves. This is why health and wellness are important, so write me an email to if you want to meet me on Skype to know how I will transform your life.




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