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Did you know this powerful meditation based on the Bible?

Updated: May 6, 2021

Next, I going to reveal the best method to empower yourself tremendously and be able to connect with others, attract money energetically, create great relationships, and become part of the secret royal family living on this planet.

The following meditation is very powerful, it purifies the spirit, sweetens the heart, and upgrades a person's life. It helps to raises in a plane of consciousness that it is unimaginable for 90% of the population of this beautiful planet and if you are reading this article is because you are prepared to receive this blessing that not everyone has access to it.

On the bible are hidden codes that should be visualized throw meditation to empower your spirit and be able to perform miracles. God wants that you be happy right now and this tool inherited to all society demons took it away from people with success until now to maintain the population under their control because these entities are a type thought-form with life that will die if they do not receive anymore the energy from the person.

But with the next meditation, you will strengthen your spirit and you will maintain them away. Because they are creatures living in the darkness of your spirit and when it is with light they can not live there anymore and they work hard from their dimension to keep society with a dark spirit which is strategic for their survivance.

Mainstream religions do their best to make you believe that God sent his Son to be humiliated and killed by evil for people can have the luxury of being malevolent since their sins have been cleansed. This story is childish and ridiculous, it is incredible how many people believe it. Or what do you think ? This is a subconscious program from religions is unhealthy because maintains people on fear, which is a low vibration.

Most of the people have a dark spirit because they ignore this tool I will share next that you can use to upgrade your life and command the Universe and thousand of angels that are waiting for your orders. Otherwise, you will continue being a slave from these invisible entities that control most of the community of this world until their spirit is enlightened because a golden Spirit maintains them away because they simply died in contact with this light. 

The purpose of this blog, to liberate humanity from them this is why you can make a donation here that will be used to promote this content for more people can have access to this knowledge, So if you want to make a donation here that I will use to my SEO freelancers help me to rank this article on google to this knowledge be more accessible to everyone.

Many pray to God and they are screwed and suffering because they have not idea how to connect with God which is the light that nourishes all the life on the Universes. The Kabbalah explains deeply about how the light from the center of the Galaxy travels throw some planets until this realm and feeds us and by meditating the Kabbalistic meditation shown below, you will maintain a strong connection with this flow of light that going to be feeding your spirit.

Most people are disconnected from this light and their spirits are dark as a result their cells have a low voltage and they are vulnerable to tiny viruses, fears, imbalances in their bodies, and all types of diseases that can be easily avoided by connecting with this flow, something a regular person can not even imagine.

For doing the Kabbalistic meditation you will use the sacred codes hidden in the bible especially in the psalms wrote by King David. These are 72 codes and each one will help in some specific area of your life.

If you meditate the sacred names of God shown in the picture below you will arrive at a higher level of consciousness and you will arrive at the kingdom of God on this life. You will become a real Saint even if you are a normal guy working in a cafe and you will begin to be part of the royal family who is the people served by Angels and with your own eyes, you will see what almost no one is able to perceive even if it is in front of everyone about this and more I am talking on the book I wrote titled, The Most powerful meditation.

The Kabbalah is based on the Bible in Hebrew or Aramaic(not in other languages) and it explains how the reality of each of us is created from the human spirit as an energetic reflection something very similar we hear from people talking about the Law of attraction, a knowledge that helps people take control of their own destiny under any circumstance.

It teaches us our real potential and how to command the spirit of the stars to serve us by meditating these codes. What going to uplift your spirit and put you close to them by increasing your vibration throw the Kabbalistic meditation which I will explain how to perform, next. These codes were found by the Kabbalists in the sacred texts from the bible and by meditating them you will introduce yourself in a higher dimension where only a few are.

Each time you meditate you will use one of the 72 names of God which normally are codes of 3 Hebrew letters that work as tuning forks to repair you on the soul level. When you bring a vibrating tuning fork close to another tuning fork that is not vibrating, the second fork starts to vibrate by the phenomena called 'sympathetic transference'. 

The ancient Kabbalist Rav Shimon bar Yochai wrote in the Zohar that it was Moses, not God, who parted the Red Sea, allowing the Israelites to narrowly escape Pharaoh and the Egyptian army. In order to accomplish this miracle, Moses combined the power of certainty with a very powerful spiritual technology. He had possession of a formula that literally gave him access to the subatomic realm of nature, this technology is the Kabbalistic meditation described below. The text below is taken from my book The most powerful Meditation...

The Kabbalistic meditation

It is a method to cultivate packages of light in the spirit that will become blessings and miracles in life. In this meditation, the inter-dimensional body called Merkabah is activated with the imagination. It is a concentration exercise where are used the codes hidden in the psalms, known as the names of God. These are found in some psalms like those of King David and I will explain each step of this powerful meditation below...

· Sit with the back straight, your feet in parallel touching the ground and your hands on the knees with the palms facing up.

· Close your eyes, breathe 3 times deep, inflating the lungs, and deflating them as much as possible; then remain in silence until the mind is completely calm.

· Imagine a golden Merkabah 3 meters high around you, it is your body. Feel yourself inside this yellow star. Then with your imagination, submerge yourself in the empty dark space that surrounds you.

· Now visualize a golden Magen David in front of you, it's big. There you will place the letters from right to left and you light them with fire as if they were a candle.

· We will use in this example the name of God Yud Hei Vav Hei, each letter of this name represents one of the 4 elements. Everything in the creation is formed by 5 elements and with this name, you can gather energy to create any miracle.

You must put the right intention in each meditation and the miracle should be for someone else or just send the light to the whole planet. The miracle will be also manifested in your life because the energy flows through you so try to find a person with your problems to share the light from your meditation with this person with the intention to solve the problem that both have in common. By visualizing that person and then send the light from the meditation.

· Now place the letter "Yud" in white color inside the golden star in front of you. Place it on the right side, then light it with a flame of fire in the upper left corner of the letter as if it were a candle. On the left side of the letter place the next one "Hei" and turn it on, now the letter "Vav" and turn it on and finally the letter "Hei" and light it with a fire flame.

Hebrew words are read from right to left and most of the letters carry a single flame of fire in the upper left corner however the following letters carry 2 flames at the top: Chet, Aleph, Ayin & Tsadee, and the letter Shin should have 3 flames.

The fire of all the letters is enlarged and joins by the top of the star in front of us, then all that fire is shot to the sky, then that light descends to us and concentrates around the head for a few seconds. Visualize a golden sphere around your head that then descends into the heart area and remains there for a few seconds to then go down in the liver where remains for other seconds to then ascend to the heart and go up to the head and go down to the heart and then go up to the head with more speed. Then this light flows from head to heart constantly in a loop that increases the speed until it is shot through the head and explodes in white sparks that remain around, in your aura.

Because it is an exercise with the imagination, each meditator will see the light differently.

· The last step is to imagine the planet in front of the body of the size of a ball and raise the hands to send this light there, to all people. Stay a few minutes sending that light and visualizing how a field of golden, white or violet light surrounds the planet and it begins to shine like a star. Then open your eyes.

The Kabbalistic meditations amplify everything and if you are a woman and you meditate during menstruation you can witness an event with blood that can even endanger yourself, family, or friends. This is why this meditation is prohibited during those days. I have meditated inside a dirty room and projected unpleasant things later for that reason I understand this law and I beg you to follow it.

I wrote another article where I described Kabbalistic meditations to attract abundance in case you are interested in reading it and here is a detailed tutorial on how to destroy the ego, where I am also talking about what Kabbalists believe will happen afterlife.

Nowadays most of the content from this blog is related to help people extend their healthspan because we are in a golden era where life expectancy is around 200 years according to David Sinclair. But I will continue writing about spiritual topics so subscribe to my newsletter to be updated to all the information shared on this blog and if you are looking for a spiritual coach you can book a session with me by using this link.




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