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Why a radionic device is one of the most powerful spiritual tools?

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Because a radionic device maintains your spirit vibrating in harmony and expands it with life force energy. What amplifies the power of your mind and remember something, “thoughts become things”. So, these machines are useful to manifest faster with the law of attraction but also to maintain your home clean of toxic energies that imbalance your mind and spirit.

With them you can maintain a specific vibration in your place by selecting the frequency that you want to predominate in the area. Something that crystals cannot offer, I have a lot of them and even orgonites. They didn't enhance my bedroom environment like radionic does.

Because my place is infested with Electromagnetic pollution I brought a radionic device to improve the atmosphere of my bedroom. Something that my big crystals did not achieve.

But before my device arrived, the inventor of them, Karl Hans Welz sent me Life energy from a generator in Atlanta to Germany, and the environment changed tremendously in my place, it was surprising. He sent it through an image that I printed on paper and by placing the paper in my bedroom the atmosphere changed. It was created a very peaceful environment.

It was amazing and if you want to test the Life energy, just send me an email and I will send you a digital image that you should print where the life energy will arrive for 3 days for free.

The Chi energy can be sent by distance, which is something that I never experienced before. Since years ago I bought many crystals as Kunzite, Amethyst even Shungite, and I bring them with me often what helped me a lot but they do not create this wonderful environment.

Why a radionic device is one of the most powerful spiritual tools?

A powerful spiritual tool

The first reason why a Radionic device empowers your spirit is because it cleans the harmful energies that imbalance it. The spirit, the invisible area of your body is very susceptible to electromagnetic pollution, causing depression, fatigue, headaches, negativity, and insomnia.

To maintain your spirit shiny and healthy with a positive vibration it is important that you detox your body as well from toxins introduced from the environment, food, and beverages. Medications are some of the worst enemies of your spirit and people consume them as candies which are also toxic. Processed sugar is very harmful and no one is talking about it.

Sodas, candies, GMOs, canned food, and products from animals like cheese or milk lower your vibration, and cigarettes and alcohol make people stupid literally. So, if you want to boost the light in your spirit avoid them and detoxify your body by following the simple steps described in this article I wrote. And be aware that the right nutrition, aerobic exercise, and sleeping deeply are healthy for your spirit as well and boost your spiritual abilities.

On the other hand dietary supplementation of mushrooms, Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Astragalus, and all the herbs described in this article help your spirit to maintain the brightness that will improve your spiritual abilities and a higher vibration. As well a having your Radionic device pulsing the Life energy at the frequency 528 Hertz or 963 Hz which helps to connect to your higher self to download information during meditation and both frequencies you can tune in with radionic devices as the PFC2400 or the Performer 2400.

My favorite model is the PFC2400 that is shown in the image below, the design is beautiful and the size is ideal although the lights it has is a bit too noisy at night, but you can put it inside a drawer and still the energy will be flooding the room as long as the container where it is located is not made of metal. To get more information about it, click the image below.

With this device, the Electromagnetic pollution in an office with a lot of computers is removed easily maintaining a healthy vibration in the environment with abundant Life energy in movement as it is found in nature, like in the forest for example. And if you want to know more about which is the best frequency to choose on your radionic device to improve the activities you do check this article where I gathered a list of frequencies that various parties have claimed to affect the human body, mind, and spirit in a very positive way.

These machines are amazing and I already visit a lot of meditation centers infested with electromagnetic pollution. It is amazing that most people meditate in places with that stagnant energy that perturbs the spirit and difficult a deep meditation.

But the most amazing benefit of some radionic devices like the PFC2400 is that they have audio input where audio files can be converted into a pulse of life energy. This function is elemental to reprogram your subconscious mind during the night in complete silence.

I meditate for 6 years and I increased my vibration but my mind was infested of the disempowering believes introduced in my past, probably in my childhood and they were projecting not positive circumstances on my life. So, if your spirit is big but you have toxic beliefs they going to have more power, and they going to be more destructive. This is why is essential to reprogram your subconscious mind with positive and empowering affirmations.

But the best time to do it is during sleep. So you can convert audio in a pulse of Life energy and receive the information in complete silence by connecting your cellphone to the radionic device by the audio input available in some models as the PFC2400. To receive the audio in a wave of Life energy with the same information that will arrive at your body in complete silence during sleep. Which has a better impact because your conscious will not filter it.

For example, the affirmations from the video below can arrive at you but in complete silence, while you are sleeping deeply without noise. Also, you can use another type of affirmations, but this is the video I listened to for a couple of days and I wanted to share it with you.

Because many beliefs are introduced when you are a child by teachers, family members or circumstances, it is important that you clean them with affirmations. And the best time is during sleep because of your brain waves, so these devices are very useful for that and to connect visualizations to a certain frequency to manifest some goal faster as I explain in this tutorial where I am teaching you how to manifest by using a radionic device.

Also, creating a vision board with your goals or journaling with a generator at a low frequency going to empower the manifestation of those goals because it affects your mental state positively and influences your brain waves in a powerful way. But nothing better than connect 3 visualizations to a specific frequency as I described in this tutorial.

Also, you can make talismans with crystals or radionic operations for other people by using their pictures, their hair, or nails from them. And for more information about how to operate a radionic device, you can meet us on skype after you purchase a generator. We can teach you how to operate your new machine, but also there is a lot of information on-line and you will receive an operating manual with your device. Which you can use with drawings, symbols, pictures, tarot cards, crystals, and any other spiritual tool that you use for yourself.

I hope this information helps you to understand this technology that many people use to improve the quality of their life. My generator is in my bedroom and I mostly use it only for cleaning the electromagnetic pollution and maintain the water I drink saturated with Life energy. But sometimes I put some symbols and tarot cards with my picture to empower my mindset and habits because there is not Magik without action.

Life is about having fun by becoming the person you want to be, which requires massive action as Tony Robbins said. And I wish to add that I am writing this article at 1 am on Saturday, February 20 and after I finished it, I got a call from Troy, part of Tony Robin´s team. Just minutes after I wrote his name on this paragraph. Which is the perfect example of how radionics works by attracting circumstances produced by your thoughts. These devices amplify the energy of your thoughts, or whatever you write or talk about.

This paragraph with italic was not part of this text and I attached it to let you know how these devices work. Tonight I asked Karl Hans Welz to send me energy from his devices in Atlanta to make some sales and this call happened because of the energy I am receiving.

It is incredible to notice how reality is just a mental projection as I described in the book I wrote titled The Most powerful meditation. Everything you focus on is projected by your mind on your reality. And this is not the only event of this type happening to me if I talk about others going to be hard for you to believe me. But because this just happened to me, I decided to talk about it in this article.

To really empower your spirit, I highly recommend you as well to meditate and practicing aerobic exercise daily. Because when you breathe fast you introduce a lot of Life energy in a very short period what increases your vibration and uplifts your feelings. That going to help you to attract very good things and very positive people in your life as well.

So, check out these radionic devices available on this link and feel free to contact me by email if you need a spiritual coach to help you to manifest your goals faster. And subscribe to my newsletter to keep in touch with me and let´s be friends on Instagram or Pinterest.

Thank you to be here and for sharing this content with the people you love :)

You are amazing !




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